Wanda Hutchins Net worth, Age, Career, and Family

Who is Wanda Hutchins? In Wanda's case, she became known to the public when she got married to Michael Strahan who was an Elite level Professional American Footballer. 

Unfortunately, her marriage didn't last with Michael Strahan since they felt parenting responsibility was too much of a burden for them to bear at a young age. At the time Wanda was 24.

But currently, she is an interior home designer by profession and Wanda Hutchins's net worth is estimated to be around $2million.

Anyway, let's delve deeper to know more about Wanda, who she is, and where she comes from.

Wanda Hutchins was born on January 1, 1973, in Germany, However not long after she was born her family migrated to Houston texas. Unfortunately, there are no details online as to what the names of her parents or siblings are since she rarely makes mention of them since she became a bit popular.

Also, Wanda belongs to a mixed ethnic group and is a Christian. Currently, Wanda is 49 years Old while her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Early Life & Education

Wanda Hutchins

After Wanda was born in Germany she migrated to The united states where she was going to spend the bigger chunk of her life.

From her childhood, some sources reported that she was always interested in drawings, this made it easier to conclude that Wanda has an artistic mind, Probably her parents were able to notice this and were supportive of her decision to study architecture and interior design while she was in college.

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There haven’t been enough reports on any architectural project which Wanda has executed or any she partook in, probably there is, but what we recognize about her is: that she creates good-looking interiors which she usually displays on her Instagram page nowadays.


Wanda Hitchings knew she could draw and had an artistic mind from a young age. Which was why she specialized in it. But, the unfortunate thing is, there hasn’t been any report talking about where she was, or what she was doing to step up while she was still young.

What we know is, Wanda is quite good at interior designs, looking at the picture of simple and beautiful looking wooden pieces of furniture on her Instagram page which you can find here.

About Michael Strahan

What is Michael Strahan famous for? Michael Strahan used to be a Professional Footballer. His tenure as a pro footballer lasted for 15 years and during that tenure, he had a series of achievements very few people can attain such as the NFL defensive player of the year award which he won in 2001, and the super bowl championship which he won together with his team in 2007.

To cap it all, Michael has been inducted into the pro football hall of fame and while he was a bit younger Michael Strahan has a record of 15 sacks in a season, the most by any defender in the all-time category.

However, he currently does none of those again and now he is a TV show Host, Media personality, and Journalist. Surprisingly enough, he has been able to rack up an award for being a tv personality with his co-host after he transitioned from sports.

Michael Strahan together with his Co-host (kelly Ripa) won an Emmy for Outstanding Talk-Show Hosts. 

Michael Strahan Relationships: Wanda Hutchins

Wanda Hutchins

Wanda Hutchins started dating Michael Strahan at a very young age. It all began the first time they met since they attended the same school and knew each other while they were still in Germany.

Wanda Hutchins spent the better part of her childhood in Germany and also schooled there while being friends with Michael.

However, Wanda later moved to Houston texas with her family due to unknown reasons. During that period some reports stated that Michael and Wanda still maintained a long-distance relationship before they met while they were a bit older. Luckily for her, Michael Strahan.

 whom she knew from school in Germany usually joggle between Houston Texas and Germany to play football. But things changed when Michel received a scholarship to play at Texas Southern University.

This development strengthened their relationship, but lead to an early pregnancy which Wanda announced while Michael was only 20 years old.

All these happened in 1992, which was later followed by their marriage and two beautiful children, a boy(Michael Strahan Jr) and a girl(Tanita Strahan)

Unluckily for them, probably because they were young and inexperienced they had to dissolve the marriage after 4 years. They however separated without criticizing one another.

According to some reports. Michael mentioned he felt they were too young to handle parenting and he felt the divorce was best for them.

The divorce ensured that Wanda revised some amount of money from Michel every month for the upkeep o the wife and children.

Three years after, Michael married another lady which he met at a spa. her name is Jean Muggli. Their union gave birth to a pair of twin daughters named Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan.

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last as Michael and Jean in 2006

Wanda Hutchins Children

Wanda Hutchins

Michael has a total of four children, however, Wanda Hutchins shares just two children with Michael. She was pregnant for the first child just before they got married and the second one came a few years after

Currently, Tanita Strahan (the daughter) and Michael Strahan Jr (the son). are grown-ups and they stay with their mom after they separated from their father

However, that hasn’t soured the relationship between them, since Michael still stays in touch with his kids.

Currently, Michael has remarried and divorced again while Wanda remains unmarried, instead, she is focusing on her interior design business

She lives with her kids in Houston, Texas, USA.

Wanda Hutchins Net Worth

After parting ways with Michael she left the role in Michaels’s foundation and she started her own Home design business which earns her income as an interior designer and decorator.

Her main source of income comes from managing her Home designs, and business, however, she also earns some money from Michael based on the divorce agreement between them.

Currently, Wanda Hutchins has a net worth of approximately $2 million as of 2022. While her ex-husband who has now transitioned into a Tv personality has a net worth of $65 million approximately.

Wanda Hutchins Age

Wanda Married Michael while she was still very young and inexperienced. But right now, she has been able to regain herself after parting ways with Michael 4 years after their marriage.

She currently nurtures and takes care of her kids while he runs her interior décor business at the age of 49.

Height & Weight

Wanda Hutchins looks pretty short when she stands beside Michael, However, that doesn’t generally classify her as short, instead, she has an average height of 5ft 5 tall, which also equates to 165cm.

She weighs around 55kg and she has blonde hair and pretty dark eyes.

Wanda Hutchins Instagram

Luckily after gaining some level of fame being the wife of Michael Strahan, Wanda has been able to rake close to

Wanda has an Instagram account where she posts different pictures of her interior décor products, She rarely posts details of her personal life there. Probably she feels there is no need to do so. You can check out her page over here.

What does Wanda Hutchins Do for a living

After the fallout between Wanda and Michael Strahan, she received $15 million after her divorce with Michael plus she also gets $18,000 per month as a divorce settlement alimony.

That’s not all, she also makes money from here as a businesswoman, decorator, and interior designer of her company named Wanda Decors.

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