How to Fix “Web Page not Available” Error on Blackberry Hub +

Web page not available is trending on Blackberry hub+ inbox following the new update. The Blackberry hub+ web page not available will stop you from accessing some Google play store app on the Blackberry device. If you are using Chrome 75 and WebView 75 on your Blackberry, the new Blackberry Hub + update is causing the programs to crash.

The web page not available on Blackberry Hub + crashes followed by the URL  ‘The web page at data:text/html;charset=utf-8;charset=utf-8;base64, could not be loaded because: net::ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE’ in replies, new emails and more.Web page not available Blackberry hub +

Causes of Web Page not Available

So many things can cause the error to keep occurring on your Blackberry hub+ inbox. However, the most common reason why you are experiencing the web page not available error on your Blackberry include outdated apps on your Blackberry hub+ and keep too much app caches on your device.

Blackberry Hub+ Inbox “Web page not available”

If you are still facing this error on your Blackberry Hub+ following the new release on Chrome 75 and WebView 75 here is the procedures to fix the error.

  1. Open the Google play store
  2. Tap on “Apps”
  3. Click on the menu
  4. Tap on “My Apps & Games”
  5. Under Blackberry app update section update all apps that are due for an update in the section
  6. The “Web page not available” on the Blackberry hub + will be fixed.

Clear Blackberry app cache and data

  1. From the Blackberry Home screen
  2. Tap on Apps
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Tap on Apps.
  5. Tap on the app preferences and select the Google play store app
  6. Tap on the storage icon below the Google play store logo
  7. Tap on Clear cache to clear the cache only.
  8. Tap Clear data to clear the data and the cache together.

When you click on the clear caches only the app caches will be cleared. But, when you click on the clear data option you will be logged out of the play store. So, you will need to type your login information when next you open the Google play store app.

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