What is Feed Chunk App?

In case you are wondering what is Feed Chunk app on your Mac and how you can remove this supposed malware on your macOS device? Well, with this article you will be getting direct answers to various questions regarding the Feed Chunk app such as What is Feed Chunk, how to protect your macOS device against the hijacker, and other relevant information.

What is Feed Chunk App

What is Feed Chunk App?

Feed Chunk is an old adware that recently experienced a re-occurrence in terms of corrupting Macs. By extension, the majority of adware is browser hijackers and this is accurate in this case as well.

The Feed chunk malware can display itself as a web search enhancement tool or the latest digest tool to deceive innocent users into downloading it on their devices.

Once it’s been successfully downloaded on the target computer, it can create a satiric device profile that will modify your web browser preferences such as changing the default search engine in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or whichever your default browser may be to either feed.chunckapp.com or search.chunckapp.com

It’s also capable of changing your browser’s new tab page. In some cases, it can even extract sensitive information, your browser cookies inclusive, and send them back to the attacker.

What Feed Chunk App on Mac Does

After knowing what is Feed Chunk App, the next thing is to know what it does. Feed Chunk app on Mac is popularly known as a browser hijacker redirect.

Here are some of the functions of the Feed Chunk App on Mac:

  • The website redirects you to its own search engine and pushes advertisements.
  • While using its services, you may be directed to unfamiliar pages with several pop-ups and sponsored content that go through this hijacker.
  • The hijacker can modify the start home page, new tab, and search settings for the browser apps you have on your computer system.
  • Note that even though the browser hijackers are not necessarily malicious, they are capable of opening the door to more harmful online threats. This is certainly, especially if you relate to any of the content that feed chunk App Virus offers.

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How Did I Get Feed Chunk App Virus?

In case you are wondering how you got the Feed Chunk App virus, well, it may have been delivered in several ways, they include:

  • Through third-party installations: The installer setups usually come from bundled apps and freeware that could be set to install extra content by default on your computer system. This could usually occur without any notification.
  • You may be trying to install a media player or free software and get your browser settings changed by the hijacker.
  • You may have gotten the feed chunk app virus while using its service or interacting with Web links, advertisements, and other content from its search pages.
  • Note that all searches you do on its pages will send information to servers connected to this virus app on Mac.
  • The website is also capable of pushing advertisements and lots of redirects that can place browser cookies on your Mac system, and they can as well track your online activity.

How to Avoid the Feed Chunk App Virus

You can avoid the Feed Chunk app virus, by following the precautions below:

  • You can make use of more advanced tracking technologies too.
  • Be careful of the information you provide on such platforms such as search pages, especially the ones associated with the Feed Chunk App virus.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious advertisements and links that may pop up while on the page.

Is Feed Chunk a Virus?

In case you are wondering if Feed Chunk is a virus or not. What is Feed Chunk App exactly? It will amaze you that Feed Chunk is not a virus. It doesn’t ’t spread across the entire network.

However, this program may be just as harmful as a malicious program. Some of the advertisements it shows could open websites that can put your device at risk. Below is a list of sites that could appear as a result of active adware:

  • Phishing pages.
  • Redirects to dangerous sites through multiple pay-per-click redirects.
  • Rogue software sites.
  • Survey sites that are fraud.
  • Tech support fraud pages.
  • URLs, containing a virus infection file or script.
  • Web pages that contain scams.

These are the primary issues that make the software indirectly dangerous for your Mac and removing is strongly recommended.

What is Feed Chunk App

How to remove Feed Chunk from your Mac?

Since Feed Chunk is known to attack Mac, here are five ways to remove Feed Chunk from your Mac. Follow the steps below:

Perform an Antivirus Scan

Most times, running an antivirus scan will delete most if not all malware on your PC. However, you can as well use a third-party antivirus or anti-malware such as Malwarebytes to scan your PC and delete any suspicious software.

Delete suspicious Programs and Profiles

At times malware could broaden itself and install other payloads or generate rogue profiles on your Mac. Always check the Applications tab in your macOS settings to ensure that there are no suspicious programs on your Mac and in case there are, you may go ahead to uninstall them immediately. The same process applies to any profile on your computer that you did not create.

You can also navigate to the Activity Monitor and close all suspicious processes that you think might be related to Feed Chunk before you finally delete any suspicious program since the adware is capable of installing itself again from memory once the existing installation is removed.What is Feed Chunk App

Verify your Extensions

Dubious extensions are one of the most common infection vectors for browser-hijacking malware. In case you recently installed any new extensions, they may be responsible for this issue.

If you are using Chrome, navigate to chrome://extensions/ and try to disable any suspicious extensions one after the other until you get your audio working again.

If you are using Safari, disable all extensions from the Preferences Menu and then enable them again one at a time till the browser begins to work as expected again. However, it’s an effective way of differentiating any extension that may be causing an issue.

You can go ahead to restart your browser and Mac once you are done removing all shady extensions and you should be rid of all appearances of malware.

Utilize Chrome to scan for malware

Since Chrome has an inbuilt malware scanner that is quite effective at fishing out browser-hijacking malware. Follow the steps below to run a scan:

  • Go to chrome://settings/reset.
  • Tap on Clean unwanted Software.
  • Click on the Find button and wait for Chrome to automatically search out and delete unwanted apps or software that might be causing this issue.
  • Finally, restart your Mac and you will be good to go.

That’s it! What is Feed Chunk app will be known.What is Feed Chunk App

Reset Safari

In case none of the above worked, then you might have to reset Safari and begin from the scratch. All you have to do is:

  • Go to the Preferences Menu and choose the Reset Safari option.
  • This will delete all the data stored in your browser and fix the issue.

In case you are using a different browser as your default browser, you can try resetting that browser instead.

This is all about what is Feed Chunk App. Feel free to drop your questions and opinions in the section below.

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