How to Block a Website Permanently on Chrome for Parental Control

This post is for parental control on how to block a website on Chrome  permanently.  As a parent if you have sites you want to block on your computer so that you kids will not have access to them you will definitely find this post interesting.

As parent we should be able to control what the internet put before our kids. And not only that, you need site blockers to block some sites so that those websites will not transfer virus into our computer system and still our personal information.

The main reason while we consider how to block websites on Google Chrome is that there are lots of plugins or extension that can be used to block websites permanently on Google Chrome.

So, with this you will be able to use site blocker to block any website that can affect your kids ways of thinking, that can harm your computer system in one way or the other. With the parental control feature in Avast internet security you can as well block a website permanently without extension or plugin or any software.

Meanwhile, here in this article we’d share series of ways to block websites permanently using Google chrome manually, using Google chrome extension and finally using Avast internet security parent control feature.

How to Block a Website: Why do I need to Block a Website?

There are so many reasons why you may want to block certain websites on your computer either permanently or temporarily. The use of site blocker is not only peculiar to parents alone. Adult can also use it once they decided they don’t want to have anything doing with the website again. However, below are few of the reasons to block a website on your computer.

You can a block website on your Google chrome browser because;

1. Adult content

Adult contents are found to litter the internet without measure. As one of the parental control measure adult contents site should be blocked.

2. Virus

You may want to block some suspected sites that can install harmful and malicious code on your computer. This is called privacy protection else, such malicious code can easily steal your information and harm your computer

3. Improve Performance

Another reason to block some suspected websites is to improve your computer performance. Some viruses slow down computer performance and even if you have the best antivirus in the whole you will still find it difficult to scan and remove them.

To avoid being a victim of this dangerous circumstance some of these websites needs to be blocked either with site blocker or Google chrome site blocker. And if you are using Avast internet security, you can use the parental control feature to block series of unwanted websites once and for all.

How to Block a Website on Google Chrome

There are two different method to block a website or block websites on Google chrome permanently on your computer for free and without stress or installing additional software.

Note: The first two method work with Google Chrome browser perfectly.

Method 1: How to Block a Website on Google Chrome Permanently

Under this method 1, we’d use a Google chrome extension to automatically block a website with just a click. Block chrome website plugin is a free website and easy to use. Below is a complete guide to block web site on Chrome using Block Chrome site blocker.

1. Download and install Google Chrome site blocker “Plugin” on your Chrome browser

2. Open a new tab and visit the website you want to block on Google Chrome browser, say ‘’.

3. Right click on any part of the web site and select add current site to blacklist list as shown below.

How to block a website on Chrome

4. Chrome site block will add the site to blacklisted website on your Chrome and the website will not be accessible on Chrome browser again.

how to block websites on chrome

With this trick you can block a website on Chrome browser without third-parties knowledge. This method is recommended for parental control to take charge of some activities going on your computer and to outsmart kids who we can’t stop from using our various computers.

Method 2: How to Block a Website on Google Chrome with Extension

This method is less active compared to the method shared above. The reason being that a geeky person can easily see that such a website has been blocked with Chrome site blocker. However, it is still an efficient and effective way to block websites on Google Chrome browser permanently.

1. Launch your Google Chrome browser and go to settings. Click on show advance settings and click on change proxy settings under network.

Web site blocker

2. You will be taken to program page, softly click on security option and and click on restricted site and finally click on site.

site blocker

3. Enter the list of websites you want to block on your Chrome and keep adding. The number of websites you can add to this page is not limited. So, just keep adding and keep blocking websites using Chrome manually.

Chrome site blockerAs simple as that… You can use this method to block tons of websites on Chrome permanently. This Chrome feature is a core feature of Chrome user to use as a parental control measure on kind of websites our kids access.

Method 3: How to Block a Website Using Avast Internet Security

I have been using avast internet security for over a year now to block websites on my computer. And it’s been so effective to the extent that I don’t have to worry about who use my laptop. Literally, I’d have blocked websites I don’t want third party to access on my computer without their knowledge.

If you already have Avast internet security installed on your computer system here is a trick to use the security block web site control parental feature to block websites.

1. Download and install avast internet security from a trusted retailer or walk into a retailer shop to purchase your avast internet security.

2. Launch the installed Avast internet security from the icon on desktop and navigate to settings–>active protection–>web shield–> customize.

Block a website using avast internet security

3. In the shield settings hover your mouse pointer to site blocking to use the site blocker feature and click on it. A box will pops up, enter the site URL, keyword you want to block from search using the avast internet security parental control, and then click on OK button to effect the change.

Avast internet security site blocker for parental control

Note that, this method of blocking websites on avast was first seen in avast 2014 but this method is currently in avast 2016.

Final word:

With these tricks you should be able to block a website of your choice by now either with Chrome plugin or using Chrome built-in feature or with the help on avast internet security parental control feature. However, we recommend you use this post for educational purpose only.

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