How to Block a Website on Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers by netizens with the developers rolling out different features every day including parental control and password manager.

However, with the browser’s built-in feature you can control the type of websites your kids visit at a very tender age. With that; you can beckon on the Chome feature to block unwanted websites such as adult websites and a lot more. Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to block a website on Chrome

Meanwhile, you have to outsmart your kids when you are blocking websites on their Chrome so that it will not open that the addresses were blocked by you.

But pending when your kids will be old enough to know what is good for them it’s advisable to control what they are exposed it. With that, we will consider six different ways you can adopt to block a website on your Chrome browser and also reveal how to unblock the blocked websites when you change your mind.

How to Block a Website on Google Chrome

We will discuss six different methods on how to block a website on Chrome browser in this post. However, the simplest of all the approaches is using a Chrome extension because the extension only does the job for you without any technical approach.

Without wasting your time; the following headlines reveal how to block a website on a Chrome browser using different approaches.

How to Block a Website on Google Chrome using Extension

The use of a Chrome extension is by far the easiest way to block a website on your Chrome browser. Therefore, following the steps below will put you through how to use the website’s address blocker extension to block any website on your Chrome.

  • Download and install the Google Chrome site blocker “Plugin” on your Chrome browser
  • Open a new tab and visit the website you want to block on Google Chrome browser, say ‘’.
  • Right-click on any part of the website and select “Blocksite: Block Website Stay Focused.
  • Select “Block the Site”

How to block a website on Chrome

  • The blocked website will refresh itself and add it to your block list on the website.

Chrome site blocker will add the site to blacklisted website on your Chrome and the website will not be accessible on Chrome browser again.

how to block websites on chrome

How to Block a Website on Chrome without an Extension

If you love to keep your browser fast and clean you have to limit the number of extensions in use.

Also, if you can block a website on your Chrome using a 3rd-party extension, chances are that you can block any websites on the same Chrome without using an extension.

So, here in this headline I will walk you through how to block a website on Chrome without an extension.

  • Launch your Google Chrome browser.
  • Click on the menu options (3 horizontal dots at the top right.
  •  Scroll down and click on the “Settings” tab.
  • Click on show advance settings and click on change proxy settings under network.

Web site blocker

  • You will be taken to program page, softly click on security option and click on restricted site and finally click on site.

site blocker

  • Enter the list of websites you want to block on your Chrome and keep adding. The number of websites you can add to this page is not limited.
  • So, just keep adding and keep blocking websites using Chrome manually.

Chrome site blockerAs simple as that… You can use this method to block tons of websites on Chrome browser.

This Chrome feature is a core feature of Chrome user to use as a parental control measure on kind of websites our kids access.

How to Block a Website Using Avast Internet Security

I have been using avast internet security for over a year now to block websites on my computer. And it’s been so effective to the extent that I don’t have to worry about who use my laptop.

Literally, I’d have blocked websites I don’t want third party to access on my computer without their knowledge.

If you already have Avast internet security installed on your computer system here is a trick to use the security block web site control parental feature to block websites.

  • Download and install the avast internet security from a trusted retailer or walk into a retailer shop to purchase your avast internet security.
  • Launch the installed Avast internet security from the icon on desktop
  • Go to settings–>active protection–>web shield–> customize.

Block a website using avast internet security

  • In the shield settings hover your mouse pointer to site blocking to use the site blocker feature and click on it.
  • A box will pops up, enter the site URL, keyword you want to block from search using the avast internet security parental control, and then click on OK button to effect the change.

Avast internet security site blocker for parental control

How to Block a Webiste on Chrome on Android & iPhone

You can block websites on your Chrome browser with the BlockSite mobile app for Android and iPhone. The BlockSite app works just like the extension for browsers. with just a simple click and the steps below you can block any website on your Android and iPhone using the BlockSite app on your device.

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Android.
  • Search for “BlockSite” and install the sites blocker app on your phone.
  • Go to your phone app menu and launch the newly installed app.
  • Click on the “Green +” icon to the bottom right.
  • Enter the website address or keyword/search term you want to block or click on the app to block on your phone from the apps option beneath.
  • Tap “Done” to save all the changes you made.

That is all you have to do. All the websites you entered will be blocked and the apps will be blocked as well. However, to confirm this try to visit the website and you will see “website is blocked by BlockSite.”

How to Block a Website on Google Chrome on Windows 11

You can create a child account on your Windows 11 computer to block all unwanted websites. With this, you can manage how your child interact with your PC and it’s one of the best free parent control features on Windows.

  • Press the “Windows” button on your keyboard.
  • Search for “Settings” and select the “Settings App” from the search result.
  • Select “Accounts.”
  • Click on “Family & Other Users” under “Accounts.”
  • Select “Add a Family Member.”
  • Click on “Add Account.”
  • Select “Create on for a Child.”
  • Create a Microsft account for your child.
  • Go to the “Child Account” via the Microsoft page.
  • Choose “Content Filters.”
  • Select “Blocked Sites.”
  • Enter the website address of the domain name you want to block on your child account.
  • Click on the “+” button to add the URL to the list.
  • Repeat the process to keep adding multiple websites to the list.

With this you can block any website on your child Microsoft account. However, if you can remember all the list of websites you’d love to blacklist or block on your child account then use the allow websites feature to enter only the list of website the account can access and toggle on the “Only use Allowed Websites.”

How to Block a Website on Chrome using Safesearch

The Google search engine safesearch allow users to block unwanted websites for the sake of parental control. When this feature is turned on it filter adult content automatically.

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Click on “Settings” at the bottm left.
  • Choose “Search Settings” from the popup.
  • Check “Turn on SafeSearch” under “Safe Search Filter.”
  • Scroll down and click “Save.”

That is it. It’s obvious that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist before you can block a website on your Chrome browser. With this guide, you should be able to learn how to block a website on Chrome browser using these various approaches.

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