How To Speed Up Windows 10

How To Speed Up Windows 10

Really want to Speed Up Windows 10? You can think of Windows 10 as The Flash in Microsoft OS (Operating System). Just like The Flash has weaknesses that limit his…

Windows Task Manager For Beginners

Windows Task Manager For Beginners

Windows Task Manager, now simply known as Task Manager, is a super bundle of goodies System Monitor, Startup Manager usually found in the Windows operating system. It displays loads of…

Windows Media Player Issues

How To Troubleshoot Windows Media Player Issues

While many Windows users rarely use the Windows Media Player, a few others do, and just like every application, you are bound to experience a few issues. In this post,…

Shows Windows 10 safe mode booting option

How to Boot into Windows 10 Safe Mode

One of the significant upgrades in Microsoft history is the emergence of Windows 10. With significant features and a brilliant operating mechanism, some conventional changes were made – like the…

Dual Monitor setup

Dual Monitor Setup In Windows 10

Just in case you need a guide on dual monitor setup, we have got you covered. A system with dual monitor can help you multitask easily, thereby improving your productivity….

make phone calls on windows 10

How To Make Phone Calls On Windows 10

Good news! You can now make phone calls on your Windows 10. This is possible because Microsoft recently rolled out a new update to the “Your Phone app on Windows…

Chrome Dark Mode

How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode

The dark mode was secretly released in the Android version of Google Chrome as part of the latest app updates. Finally, we can look at all of our phones a…

Set a Password Expiration Date in Windows

Four Ways To Factory Reset Your Windows PC

One of the ways to solve any PC related issue once it goes outside software update is to perform a factory reset on your Windows PC. Factory resetting your PC…

Screen Mirror iPhone To Windows PC

How To Mirror iPhone Screen To Your Windows PC

Ever wondered if you can mirror iPhone screen to Windows PC, well, there are a lot of great ways to do this, and in this post, we will be exploring…

How to install Droid VPN Premium for PC

How to install Droid VPN Premium for PC

Droid VPN is as you may already know, is an application built to run on premium Android devices.  But this post focuses on how you can install Droid VPN Premium…