How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

Getting the necessary information about potential threats and malware attacks that constitute a nuisance with the McAfee Chrome extension cannot be overemphasized.

In case you get McAfee popups regularly like every 15 minutes, you should read this post to the end as we will consider how to get rid of McAfee pop-ups to prevent interruptions and disruptions while browsing.

If you don’t have the McAfee app or the browser extension installed on Chrome or your system, then probably they are fake McAfee pop-ups.

Therefore, without further ado, you can get rid of McAfee pop-ups on Chrome and also learn to detect and stop fake ones.How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

What is McAfee Pop-Ups?

McAfee antivirus software is known to be one of the best in the industry. The company verifies that its virus databases have updated information about all the most recent computer viruses crouching around by cautiously scanning the internet.

There are different types of pop-ups that include; alerts and notification pop-ups, renewal pop-ups, threat detection pop-ups, etc. Getting rid of these pop-ups may lead to trouble, however, you can try to limit or modify alert settings.

The McAfee virus pop-up is a type of online scam that misleads users into opening a phishing webpage and entering their details. Note that the McAfee pop-up is not related to the authorized McAfee antivirus, it only uses this name to deceive its victims.

You can come across the McAfee pop-up on any browser, operating system, and device. You may see it on Android smartphones, iPhones, Macs, or even Windows computers. The way the scam functions and its end goal remain the same irrespective of the specific device it’s targeting. You will get to know how to get rid of McAfee Pop-Ups via several media.How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

How do I Get Exposed to McAfee Pop-Ups?

There are several ways you can get vulnerable to the McAfee virus pop-up scam. The most common way people get exposed to this scam is via questionable and deceptive websites.

McAfee can also be meticulous about establishing popup notifications. This can be very annoying. In case you prefer McAfee to protect your computer privately, we will walk you through how to reduce the pop-ups since McAfee does not allow turning all pop-ups off. You will still need to be notified once you need to install something very important.

Why does McAfee keep Popping Up?

The main reason why you get pop-ups from Mcafee even after uninstalling is because of the Mcafee web extension and leftover files. Once the program is removed but has specific leftover files or web extensions it may affect the web browser or system and as a result, it may give you annoying pop-ups.How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

I Don’t have McAfee but Still get Pop-ups?

If you are getting pop-ups and malware alerts and you don’t have McAfee, the program that generates them is most likely malware. Don’t trust fake McAfee pop-ups like this, instead check your computer for malware and clean it from any villain programs.

Avoid trusting any McAfee warning pop-ups that appear frequently and prompt you to download some security app that is needed to keep your computer safe, since they may be a part of the widespread McAfee fake alert scam.

The people behind this online scam deceptively use the name of the authorized McAfee cybersecurity vendor as a way of gaining the trust of their victims and deceiving them into interacting with potentially unsafe web content and downloading irrelevant outright hazardous software.

Therefore, it is recommended that you scan your computer with a recognized anti-malware tool if you are getting bothered by such fake alerts. Follow the remaining sections of this article to manually remove any fraudulent software that may presently be hiding in your system.How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

To reduce McAfee pop-up notifications you keep getting from time to time, you can follow the steps below:

  • Locate the McAfee dashboard.
  • Choose Navigation from the top-right corner.
  • Select General Settings and Alerts from the Next tab.
  • Choose the Informational Alerts and Protection Alerts options to manually turn off pop-ups.
  • Uncheck the boxes so you can stop receiving pop-up alerts.
  • Tap OK to save your changes.

That’s it! This is how to get rid of McAfee Pop-ups.

How to Stop McAfee Expired Pop-Ups

These pop-ups were not created by them according to McAfee, they are the works of scammers who deceive people to allow push notifications.

You can stop McAfee expired pop-ups by entering your browser’s settings and going to the notification section. Search for the names of the sites and block any of them that you don’t trust or recognize.How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

How to Stop McAfee Pop-Ups on Chrome

You can get rid of McAfee Pop-ups on Chrome by opening and using the Incognito mode to temporarily avoid notification pop-ups from McAfee.

To block them totally, you need to change the notification settings on Chrome. In addition, you can restore Chrome settings to default or even uninstall the app as a last resort.

You can block the push notifications you receive from any site on Chrome, including the McAfee site. Once you enable it, you allow Chrome to hide all the McAfee notifications from popping up. This is how to get rid of McAfee Pop-ups. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots and click on Settings.
  • Select Privacy and Security >> Site Settings.
  • Scroll to the Permissions section, and choose the Notifications option.
  • Enable the Don’t Allow to send notifications.
  • Now, tap on the Add button below next to the Not allowed to send notifications section.
  • On the Add, close to a site window, enter the URL of the site for which you want to stop receiving notifications, and tap the Add button. In this case, it’s the McAfee site.
  • Finally, tap the More actions button (three vertical dots) close to a particular site and tap Remove.

This is how to get rid of McAfee Pop-Ups on Chrome.How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

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How to get rid of McAfee Pop-Ups on Windows 10

You can stop the McAfee notifications on Windows 10 by following the steps below:

  • Tap on the Navigation link on the right side of the McAfee window.
  • Click on General Settings and Alerts under Settings
  • Select Informational Alerts and Protection Alerts categories here and choose the type of alert messages you don’t want to see. 
  • Finally, click on McAfee and disable its alerts.

That’s it!

Uninstalling McAfee software will allow McAfee to make changes to your system and allow you to follow the instructions on the uninstallation wizard (if there is one) to complete uninstalling McAfee.

To uninstall McAfee software in Windows 10, follow the steps below:

  • Enter “Settings” in the Windows search box.
  • Choose Settings from the results.
  • Click on Apps under Windows Settings.
  • Input “McAfee” into the search box, then select the product you wish to remove.
  • Tap Uninstall.
  • Tap Uninstall again for verification.
  • Once it has been completed, close the Settings window.

Immediately after your computer has restarted you will see that the program has been uninstalled.How to Get Rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

How to Uninstall McAfee using the McAfee removal tool in Windows

Follow the simple steps below on how to uninstall McAfee using the McAfee removal tool in Windows:

  • Go to the McAfee website to download the MCPR tool.
  • Once it has been downloaded, double-click the MCPR.exe file.
  • Tap YesContinue.
  • Once you receive a security warning, tap on Run and then click Next.
  • Go through the license agreement and tap Agree to continue.
  • Enter the characters displayed on the Security Validation screen, and select Next.
  • Wait for a few minutes while the software is been removed.
  • Once you see the Removal Complete message being displayed, click on Restart.

This is all about how to uninstall McAfee using the removal tool in Windows.

How to Uninstall McAfee on your Mac

To get rid of McAfee on Mac, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Terminal app.
  • Input any of the following commands: for versions 4.8 and earlier:
  • sudo/Library/McAfee/sma/scripts/
  • For versions 5.0 and later: sudo/Library/McAfee/cma/scripts/
  • On your keyboard click on the Return or Enter keys.

This is the simple method how uninstalling McAfee on your Mac.

What to Do if you can’t get rid of McAfee Pop-Ups

In case after trying all the above steps and you still receive notifications, then, here are some additional options that you can try out:

Uninstall the Program 

You can choose to remove the McAfee antivirus from the system completely. Use the Control Panel to locate the product and tap Uninstall on Windows OS.

Use the McAfee Removal Tool 

To completely remove all McAfee products and their remains from your PC, you can start by following the steps below:

  • Download the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool (MCPR) from here.
  • Double-click on your downloaded file (MCPR.exe) and tap on Continue on the security warning. Click on Next once the file opens.
  • After that, tap on Agree to accept the End User License Agreement.
  • At the Security Validation window, enter the exact characters shown because they are case-sensitive and click Next.
  • Once the Removal Complete window appears, you will have to restart your computer to complete the removal of the McAfee products.

You can try out the alternatives before uninstalling the product completely from your system. Hiding all of these annoying constant pop-ups means that you will lose out on the important updates. Ensure that you adjust or modify the settings to receive important notifications and alerts.

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