How To Set Up Parental Control On Xbox

Don’t feel embarrassed but did you know kids can play Xbox One games on the console and on a Windows computer, but as a parent, you can make use of the parental control feature control on the Xbox console to limit what your kids have access to?

The Xbox One parental control settings work across Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 devices and can be enabled either on Xbox or in your browser with your Microsoft account. What you need to do first is to link your Microsoft account to your child’s account (the account they use to sign in to Xbox or a Windows computer.) For Family Settings to work, you and your child need to use individual accounts.  Here’s a quick guide to key settings to enable parental controls on Xbox One.

Parental controls let you restrict kids’ accounts on Xbox One. With parental control, you can restrict access to games, media, and applications by age rating, web filtering, control of privacy features, and online chatting.  This works similar to parental controls in Windows 10.

How to set up parental control on Xbox

Xbox 360 parental controls can be set from the console itself or on Xbox Live from your computer.  Parental controls are divided into two groups: console controls, online security, and privacy settings, according to online support.

Set Up Parental Controls on your Xbox 360 Console

  • Go to settings, then select family.
  • Select the Gamertag for the child whose settings you want to adjust.
  • Under Privacy and Internet Settings, select Change settings.
  • Update the settings and exit the screen to save.
  • From the console’s main menu, click Games and Applications, scroll to Settings, and select Online Privacy and Security. This page will provide you with a variety of options to customize your Xbox One experience, including controlling your privacy settings and restricting games or inappropriate features.
  • Go to the Menu >> Settings. The “Menu button” is represented by three horizontal lines on the console.

 Xbox Restriction Privacy Settings

Three default options – Child, Teenager, and Adult – are available to control privacy settings. The default settings allow children to play and download games, music, videos, and applications for free, in addition to creating video game clips.  This setting also allows kids to see other profiles and communicate with friends, but a parent is required to add a new friend.  Other players can also know when the child is online and available to play.

In addition to the children’s default settings, teenagers can watch and share Kinect content, add friends, socialize multiplayer games, and share on social networks.

The adult settings allow everyone to see your friends, game clips, and any music, apps, and games you enjoy.  The setting also allows others to see your full profile, as well as notify you when online. All three default settings can be used as a rule and can be customized to your liking.

By default, Microsoft uses the Video Application History to improve your experience.  The company also stores your exercise information with your profile online.  We are yet to find a walkaround to disable this, Microsoft notes that the information is kept private and not shared with others.

Content Restrictions

The content restrictions settings is located on the right side of the online privacy and security menu.  Once you are on the privacy and security settings, you can restrict access to content, features, and more.  The menu consists of four options: content access, web filtering, OneGuide descriptions, and contact preferences.

Restrictions on games, music, movies, and applications can be found in the “Access to content” option.  Unlike Sony, which uses a confusing number scale to block certain features, Microsoft allows the restriction of content based on age.  The Xbox console can be configured to only allow appropriate content from ages 3 to 18; there is also an unrestricted option for older audiences.

The web browser can be filtered to only allow previously approved sites, websites designed for children, public interest pages, access to social networks and mail services, or simply warning on adult sites.

To block “sexual, violent, or explicitly disapproved” descriptions while browsing channels, click the “OneGuide Descriptions” option. Within your contact preferences, you can unsubscribe from promotions from Microsoft, Xbox, and their partners.

 Xbox Passkey

You need a passkey to take over your kids’ Xbox parent control. The passkey is necessary to do this. “Log in >>Security & Password >> create a new 6-digit passkey.

Once completed, you will have the option to order a login key to order and when purchasing items from the Xbox Store.  The console will also require entering the Microsoft Xbox One key to allow your children to add friends or play certain games, depending on the parental settings you have chosen.

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