Yes Movies Movie Streaming Site Legal or Not?

We all known Yes Movies as a popular free movie streaming site with a range of indie, old, and brand new films for streaming. Recently many users are concerned about whether or not YesMovies is legal and even safe to use all because it has risen to a popular streaming site.

The users are vividly concerned with this as you can be actively prosecuted for illegally streaming or downloading movies.

All legal free movie sites pay for licensing by using advertising or have a combination of the two. In some cases, what raises a red flag is the addition of a newly released movie, cam rips, and content with product logos from the premium sites as an indicator that the site is pirate.

Yes Movies

Is Yes Movies Safe?

This site is a movies streaming site which offers movies, television shows, and other content free of charge. More so, their content did not appear to be legally licensed or paid for. Watching movies on Yes Movies could result in a legal case such as legally distributed and pirated movies which include cam rips, pirated films, and any other stolen media because streaming movies illegally are the same as downloading from another site.

Cam Rips

YesMovies offer cam rips, which are recorded outside the theater law by a person sitting in a theater room. While there is some risk for the spectator, MPAA has charged to court individuals in the past.

Disney also charged some people to the court of law, so, they might face the case for watching cam-rip content through the illegal site. It is usually a risk from the site’s logs, which we will get to within a minute.

Netflix and Amazon Pirated Content

Pirating YesMovies and stream content be in sight from subscription media site including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. It is an illegal site and the sites who own the content have the right to a legal action against people watching it illegally.

Indie and B Movies

Yes Movies streams with indie movies with some movies are not commercially successful due to anti-piracy law against an unlawful use of pirated contents. In other cases, these movies are not copyrighted and are legal to watch. Though determining the case is not straightforward.

Potential Pornographic Content of YesMovies

In the past, the YesMovies had been associated the website and pornographic contents. While the porn contents do not currently list on the site and it could change. The adult contents movies on the site have either being pulled down or move to another URL. A case of Chaturbate.

Yes Movies New Site

YesMovies site was launched and registered in the year 2016; i.e January 31st, 2016. YesMovies was launched to replace MovieFlix when the name MovieFlix was down and mostly to have the same site by same owners.

MovieFlix was an illegally free movies site hosting content and was charged $9.99 per month per account for streaming, and it was shut down for violating regulation of copyright.

Browser Add-On

A browser is being offered by Yes Movies on add-on through the MuckyDucky which is available on best of Kodi. This add-on allows you to access all of YesMovies content right from your browser.

Add-ons are software that should be remembered and should be installed on your computer. If you really want to trust a pirate movie site with having total access to your computer all you need do is just ask yourself do I or don’t do this. If you answer to the question is YES! Then, you should install the Kodi Add-on.

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