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Best YouTube-MP3 Converter Alternatives

Following the agreement that www.youtube-mp3.org management has agreed to shut down due to a court order for infringement pirated contents, here we have compiled best YouTube-MP3 alternatives to rip YouTube video from MP4 to MP3.

YouTube-MP3, a popular MP3 mining website from converting both pirated and non-pirated YouTube video from MP4 to MP3 has met its Waterloo following its appearance before the court of law for allowing users to rip paid version of YouTube music via copying and pasting the music URL.

The YouTube to MP3 video converter download was ordered to shut down on 1st, Sept. 2017 according to TorrentFreak.

For those of us using this free MP3 song download, we definitely need alternatives to continuing ripping YouTube music since the popular YouTube-MP3.org and the domain name will be transferred to the Recording Industry Association Of America for safe-keeping.

If you check through YouTube-MP3 website site you will notice that site is still up and running. But not to all location as at this time. This website has started showing to North American users that say “sorry, this service is not available from your jurisdiction.”

Before www.youtube-mp3.org finally shut down and stop giving access to some location to rip music from YouTube link, here we have compiled some popular and widely used YouTube to MP3 songs free download alternatives.

Best YouTube-MP3 Converter Alternatives

Below are the best YouTube-MP3 download. Don’t be left out, check out this list and pick from the top notch MP4 to MP3 music download site below.

1. Convert2MP3


To start with, our favorite www.youtube-mp3.org converter alternative is convert2mp3. Convert2MP3 is a standalone website for converting YouTube MP4 to MP3 just like YouTube-MP3 website.

This site is easy to navigate and it is advertisements free website. No popup or pup-under to hinder converting your favorite YouTube video to MP3 song.

All you need to do converting YouTube MP4 to MP3 is go to YouTube.com and search for the video you want to convert to MP3 and paste the link into www.convert2mp3.com and click on Convert tab to start converting.


2. YouTube MP3


YouTube MP3 is another fast growing YouTube-MP3 alternative to convert YouTube videos to MP3 with just a single click.

YouTube MP3 works exactly like convert2MP3 to convert Mp4 to MP3 with just a click. The light weight convert2mp3 website support copy and paste YouTube video link and paste it in YouTube MP3 official website and click Convert tab to start converting the YouTube video to MP3.

YouTube MP3 has been in existence for years and a good competitor to www.youtube-mp3.com website for YouTube MP3 free music download.

For desire conversion output on YouTube MP3, hover your mouse pointer to more option and click on it and then select your desired output.

3. YouTubeInMP3


For the past years, I have been using YouTubeinMP3 as an alternative to YouTube-MP3 music download. YouTubeinMP3 is also a standalone website for converting YouTube to MP3 with just a single click.

To ease how to convert YouTube video to MP3 using YouTube in MP3, there is a Google Chrome plugin to quicken your MP3 conversion.

YouTubeInMP3 provide a better option for users over YouTube-MP3 to convert YouTube MP3 to MP3 directly from YouTube.com website.

All you need to do to convert YouTube MP4 to MP3 is to go to YouTube video search engine and search for the video you will love to download and copy the video URL, open a new tab and paste the link into the YouTube link provided on the stand alone website and click on download MP3.


YouTube-MP3 converter

FLVTO is more than just converting MP4 to MP3. If you are YouTube crawler, you would probably know of trending YouTube videos or most watched YouTube video, this same feature also available in FLVTO YouTube to MP3 website.

FLVTO also have a desktop software which is free to download to operate and convert YouTube videos from one to another output. FLVTO as an alternative to www.youtube-mp3.org, you, you can as well convert to AVI, AVI HD, and MP4 HD.

However, the benefits of FLVTO over most YouTube MP3 free download website brought down to using the desktop software all for free to search for YouTube videos and convert to MP3 straight without necessarily copying the video URL.

In addition, you will have access to 100 most converted YouTube MP4 to MP3 on FLVTO website without rocking YouTube itself. In addition to that, you can as well install FLVTO extension for Google Chrome as MP3 downloader on your browser.

5. YouZik


YouZik, MP3 converter has more feature more than the one mentioned above. In fact, more than YouTube-MP3, MP4 to MP3 music download website.

It has support for Android, iPhone and Windows device. In addition, it also supports Chrome browser to search and convert YouTube MP4 to MP 3 straight.

While using YouZik, you don’t need to sign up for an account before using. All you just need to do is fire up YouTube on your browser and search for the MP4 to convert to MP3. Highlight the MP4 link, and paste it in YouZik conversion column and hit convert tab.

If you know the name of the MP4 to convert to MP3 just key it into YouZik column and search for it. YouZik will populate the YouTube link and gives the option to download as MP3 or 3GP.

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