How to Delete All Google History

When you use the Google search engine it keeps your search history in the form of caches which will last for as long as you failed to delete them whether on PC or Smartphone (iPhone or Android). However, if you don’t want Google to keep your search history you have to delete them either manually or automatically. For this, we will share with new tricks on how to delete all Google history on Android, iPhone, and PC manually and automatically.

The queries you enter into the Google search in the form of a keyword or the search term is called the Google search history. This search queries will remain in your search history forever unless you format your PC or delete the browser you are using from your device.

However, if you want to get rid of your search history from Google to keep your privacy intact without using a VPN you can delete them manually or automatically.

Google let users delete their search history manually. Which implies that you have to go to the search history section in your search engine to delete all your search histories. 

You can also set your browser to delete your search history automatically once you close your browser or shut down your PC or mobile phone.

Meanwhile when you clear Google search history from your browser all your search queries will go.

What is Google Search History?

Google search has to do with your Google account or all your Google activities. When you enter a search or query into the Google search engine or Omnibox or Google Chrome, the search query will be saved into your logged Google account and you can access it anywhere.

You search history could include a saved password or username or the site URL you previously visited. However, while you can clear this search history, you can also view it before you delete it.

Before will take a look at how to delete all Google search history let quickly consider how to view all Google search history.

How to View Google Search History

You can delete your Google search history before without viewing it.  However, there is no specific approach to view all your Google history in one place. You have to view your search history on your the browser you are using.

Therefore, we’ll consider some popular browsers and view their search history as well as reveal how to delete the search histories manually and automatically.

View Google Chrome Search History

Here is how to view Google Chrome search history on a Windows computer.

  1. Click on the menu (3 dots to the upper right) tab
  2. Click on History or Press Ctrl + H
  3. All your search history will popup

When you see all your search history like that you can delete them manually but if the list is much you can delete all. Just still to this, we’ll walk you through how to simply delete all your search history on Chrome and other browsers.

View Internet Explorer Search History

If you are a fan of Internet Explorer browser here is how to view your search history.

  1. Click on the start icon to the top right (Internet Explorer 11)
  2. Click on History
  3. Your search history will popup

Internet Explorer let users sort their search histories. So, you can sort your search history by date or time or even most visited site.

View Opera Google Search History

You can also view all your search history on the Opera mini browser. To do this just follow this guide.

  1. Click on the Opera logo to the top left
  2. Click on History or press Ctrl + H
  3. All your search history will popup

Opera mini browser allows users to delete or view their search history in three ways; today, yesterday, and older. If you don’t want to delete all your search history, you can delete it based on preference.

View Mozilla Firefox Search History

With Mozilla Firefox browser you can also view your search history before you delete them. This is how to view your search history on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

  1. Click on the 3-horizontal line on your Mozilla to the top right
  2. Click on history or Press Ctrl + H to view
  3. All your Mozilla search history will appear
  4. Scroll down and click on Show all history

After the steps above you will see all your Mozilla search history and you will be able to delete them or leave them after you are viewed them.

How to Delete All Google History on PC

Here is a step by step approach to delete all your Google search history manually using a PC. You can use a Windows computer and you can also do the same on a Mac computer.

  1. Go to my Google activity on your computer. If you scroll down you will see all your Google activities by day and date.
  2. Whether you select bundle view or item view just click on Delete activity by:Delete all Google History
  3. Under Delete by date select the date you want to delete its search history and select all time to delete all your search history. In the date section, select before and after year. Go to the product section and select the search history to delete. Now, click on the delete button.Google search history
  4. A new window will pop up to confirm that you want to delete your search history. Just click on the OK button.Delete all Google history

With the above steps, your search history will be deleted completely from the Google account database.

The new feature let users delete their search history automatically instead of the manual approach shared above.

How to Delete all Google History Automatically

This is a new feature and it let users protect their online activity totally from being traced. When you set my Google activity to delete all your Google search history, all your search history will be deleted automatically in a particular interface until you choose to turn it to a manual delete.

  1. Go to My Google Activity on your computer
  2. Click on go to web & app activity
  3. Now, click on “Choose to delete automatically”App & web activity
  4. Select how long you want Google to keep your Google search history. You can select 3 months or 18 months and then click on Next.
  5. To keep your Google history for the period selected and delete automatically click on the confirm button. You can also delete all search history at the moment to let Google take care of the future search history by clicking on delete now.Confirm search history delete all settings
  6. Done. Once it’s 3 months which is 90 days or 18 months which a year and 180 days, Google will automatically delete all your Google search history in your Google history timeline.

How to Delete Google History on Mobile

There is no need to delete your Google history again on mobile once you have done that on PC. This will delete all history across all your devices if it is the same Google account you linked to all your devices.

However, if you don’t have access to your PC at the moment you can follow this procedure to scrape Google History to delete all at once.

  1. Go to in your mobile
  2. Click on the horizontal line to the upper-left
  3. Click on Search activity
  4. Click on: Delete by activity
  5. Select when to delete your search history and click delete
  6. To delete your Google search history automatically click on choose to delete automatically under  search activityDelete all Google history
  7. Choose how long you want Google to keep your web & app activity and click on next.Configure Google search history
  8. Confirm your search history preference and click on the confirm buttonDelete Google History

This will delete all your Google search history across all your device where your log in the same Gmail account on your phone.

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