How to Use Mozilla Firefox Adblock to Block Annoying Ads on Web Pages

The only way to stop annoying ads while browsing using Firefox is installing Adblock for Firefox browser. Mozilla Firefox as one of the most popular browser for smartphone and computer has a way of blocking ads displaying while browsing with the Mozilla browser using its own ad-on called ‘Mozilla Firefox adblock’ to block annoying ads.

This adblock for Firefox keep web pages clean from all sort of ads when activated to have a smooth ride on the page you are reading through. Although, there are some developers who can bypass the Firefox extension on their site writing their line of codes to either prompting users to disable the use of adblock on their site or pay certain amount and continue using adblock.

Ad block for Firefox is free to download and install without any registration. Mozilla Firefox isn’t the only browser with adblock, Google Chrome also has it own Google Chrome adblock plugin to block all sort of annoying ads including pops and pop under. However, advertisers like propeller ads were able to integrate their own code and bypass all form of ads blocker on their publisher websites including Mozilla Firefox adblocker.

There are some free adblockers that blocks YouTube ads while streaming videos. These adblockers reduce the rate of data consumption of your internet connection. If you are however looking for best adblocker for Firefox you should consider using Mozilla Firefox adblock to enjoy smooth internet surfing.

Irrespective of your understanding on how adblock works and how to integrate it to your browser, either Firefox or Google here we’d share with you how to download and install Mozilla Firefox adblock.

How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox Adblock

If you are reading this post I’d assumed that you have Mozilla Firefor browser installed on your computer already. And, if you don’t have the direct link to download Mozilla Firefox you should head straight to Mozilla homepage and download the latest version of Mozilla browser for your operating system.

Once you have successfully installed Mozilla Firefox the next step is to install the Mozilla adblocker and say farewell to annoying ads on any web page you visit.

There are two ways to install ad block for Firefox browser. You can install it directly from Mozilla Firefox extension section or download it directly from search engine. Whichever of the ways work perfect for installing and downloading adblock for Firefox.

Launch Mozilla Firefox browser and click on add-ons to the bottom of the browser. You will be taken to Firefox add-ons manager. Or better still access it directly from about:addons on your Mozilla.

Mozilla Firefox Adblock

Click on add-ons or extensions or plugin and search for Mozilla Firefox adblock using the search box to the upper right of the page. A list of adblockers will be displayed, like tens of them. Just click on adblock plus or your favorite adblock from the list.

Mozilla Firefox Adblock

The adblock will start downloading and installed afterward. If the app is successfully downloaded you should see ABP on your Firefox icon bar.

Mozilla Firefox Adblock

Congratulations you have successfully blocked all the annoying ads on your Mozilla web pages while browsing. Meanwhile, you can toggle around the ad block for Firefox to white-list some of your favorite websites while you left others on your blacklist.

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How to Use Mozilla Firefox Andblock on Android Phone

Mozilla Firefox browser for Android phone offer support for blocking annoying ads on your device installing only Firefox for Android or iOS browser. Here in this section we’d share with you how to stop annoying ads on mobile Firefox browser.

There are two ways to enable adblock for Firefox on smartphone. The first way is installing adblocker for Android phone and secondly, enabling adblock on Mozilla Firefox browser for Android phone

Download and Installed Mozilla Firefox browser on your smartphone. You can download the latest update directly from Google play store or install from this link: Download Firefox app for Android phones and for iOS devices.

Launch your Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the ellipsis, that is the three dots to the upper right and hits the tools option.

Mozilla firefox adblock

Another window will populates then click on add-ons and click  on ‘browse all Firefox add-ons’. You will be taken to a new page and then search for ‘Mozilla Firefox adblock and hits the search button.

Mozilla firefox adblock

A list of Mozilla Firefox adblock will be displayed. Click on the first one Adblock and click on the toggle button to enable adblock on your mobile browser.

Mozilla firefox adblock

Wait for a couple of minute for the adblock you downloaded be enabled the toggle button. And once done it will turn from grey to light green and you are good.

Mozilla firefox adblock

This is exactly and the easiest way to enable adblock on Mozilla Firefox. To widen this post we’d provide additional way to block ads on Mozilla browser using Mozilla Firefox adblock apps which you downloaded from the link above.

Launch the apps once you are done installing it and follow the onscreen installation to enable the adblock and you are good.

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