How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Android

YouTube is more than just a platform where you can watch videos. It’s the second most popular search engine in the world. The platform has turned millions of people into millionaires by giving them a platform to start their careers.

However, if you are a YouTube or you want to follow your favourite YouTube channel or program on your Android but unfortunately, you can’t. It could mean that the platform is down or the app is not working for a reason you can think about.

In this article, you will learn how to fix YouTube not working on Android using different approaches.

Meanwhile, if this has to do with the YouTube server then you need to wait until the server is restored and YouTube is back online.

How to Fix YouTube not Working on Android

If the YouTube app is not working on your Android phone or iOS here is how to fix it. If the YouTube app is not down globally, you can fix the app’s internal error with this post. But, if it’s a server problem, you have to wait until the server is up and running.

Note: Make sure your internet connection is active and working fine before you conclude that the YouTube app isn’t working.

Restart your Phone

I always recommend to people around me to at least, restart their smartphone once every week to help reset most misbehaving apps.

If you have some apps that are hanging or not working fine, the restart option will reset the app if not affected by the configuration (personal).

  1. Press your Android phone power button
  2. Tap on the reboot option or swipe to reboot
  3. Your phone will restart

If you choose to power off the phone it is also nice advice. But, do not forget to power on the phone after some minutes to confirm whether the app is now working fine.

Update the YouTube App

If you are running an outdated YouTube app the app would probably be misbehaving and won’t respond in time. So, the first thing to do is upgrade the YouTube app.

YouTube not working on Android

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • Tap on your “Profile” icon at the top right
  • Hit “Manage apps & device.”
  • Tap “Manage” and check “Update Available.”
  • Scroll down and tap on the “YouTube” app.
  • Hit the “Update” button.

Clear YouTube App Caches

You should consider clearing the YouTube app caches on your device if the App isn’t working fine.

YouTube not working

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Navigate to apps or applications manager
  • Click on the YouTube app icon
  • Click on the storage option below the app name
  • Tap on clear caches
  • Click OK from the popup.

Do not click on clear data so that you will not delete all your YouTube information such as your YouTube search history, username and password, downloaded videos, etc.

Note: When you clear the YouTube app caches it should return to the normal settings and fix the YouTube not working error message. However, if this still does not fix it, you may have to resolve to use the clear data option. But first, clear the app caches, and try the app whether it works before you use the clear data option.

Update your Android OS

Here are the steps to take to check and update your Android OS to the latest version.

  • Open your Android phone’s “Setting” app.
  • Hit “About Phone.”
  • Tap on your “OS.”
  • Wait a couple of seconds for your phone to check whether there is an update available.

If there is an update available kindly download and install the update on your phone.

Set your Phone Time to Automatic Update

All my phones’ time are set to automatic update to avoid stress from apps that need the exact location time to work perfectly. A good example of these apps in WhatsApp.

So, if after several attempts your YouTube app is still not working you may want to check whether the time is set correctly. If not, choose automatic time update to save yourself from the stress.

  • Go to your phone’s “Settings” app.
  • Hit “Additional Settings.”
  • Tap “Date & Time.”
  • Choose “Set Time Automatically.”

The approach above varies depending on your phone configuration. However, what you only need to do is set the time to automatic to allow your phone to use your network carrier time.

YouTube Server is Down

The YouTube server can be down. If the YouTube server is down there is nothing you can do to revive it. You only have to wait until the server is up and running. However, in most when the YouTube server is down it only takes a few minutes or hours to resolve it and Google will communicate via their X handle about the current challenge.

All you need to do when the YouTube app is not working on your phone due to server problem is to wait until the server issue is resolve and the YouTube platform is back online.

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