5 Free Music Download Sites Online to Download MP3

So you want to download music free online legally? If yes then you are on your way to best free music download sites to download MP3 music free and legally on your gadgets. Here at GadgetsWright.com, we make it an obligation to make sure you always get what you want at the right time without cutting ways.

Meanwhile, there are several MP3 sites to download music for free but most are not legal. However, the list of best free sites to download MP3 you will get to know in this article will be strictly best free music site to download MP3 legally.

Most importantly, after having gone through tons of online digital music libraries I have come up with the list of best sites to download music and here is the list for you. You can bookmark them so that you won’t have to spend another couple of days searching for where to download the best MP3 songs legally online.

Early on where to download MP3 free online we have shared similar sites like MP3 juices to download MP3 legally, list of best YouTube downloader for Android, free music download site in 2017 that you must check out and here to I will share with you the list of best free MP3 download sites to download music legally.

How We Choose Our Best Free Music Download Sites

While I set out to pick the best free download site we keep to heart the following highlighted point which makes it easy to say which one is better than the other.

i. How well it is to navigate the site
ii. How easy it is to search for any music using the music search database
iii. Is the site using auto-search music correction name
iv. Easy to download music tab or button
v. Free of excessive ads to distract users.

Best Free Music Download Sites Online

Below is the list of trusted and best free music download sites you can download any music from without privacy violation.

1. MadeLoud

Madeloud is well known free music download site for the latest music lover. Madeloud is for everyone to use. It lets any artist that so wishes to upload his or her music with a legal right for users or fans to download for free directly from Madeloud site without re-directing fans or users from the site to any other sites.

best free music download sites online

It’s is very easy to search and download music from Madeloud using the search box. In fact, on our list today Madeloud is one of our best free music download sites to download music legally.

2. Incompetech

Here is another popular one from the list of our best free music download sites to download any music legally without privacy violation. If you are a fan of music for presentation, lots of documentary or short movies then you need to go for incompetech.

If you are ready to give the owner of the music at incompetech the proper credit you can download music from incompetech for free and use it for commercial purpose.

Most importantly, you can serve as an agent for some organization who needs music to use and ready to give credit to the source and get paid for it. However, if you choose incompetech as your favorite music download site over the first one then visit incompetech.

3. Last.Fm

Last.Fm is 3rd on the list of our best free music download sites to download music legally. As a combo zone to get fresh tracks you can also use the same avenue to connect with like-minded music lover online around the world. Last.Fm is not just a music download site but a music social site where a like-minded fellow could meet and talk about music.

Last.Fm lets users download the available music with non-commercial terms and conditions and most importantly, as an upcoming artist you can show to the whole world the stuff you got in music.

4. Soundcloud

I’m a true fan of Soundcloud to search and download the latest music online for free. The first point of attraction on SoundCloud is the site simple design and navigation. However, if you can’t hold your breath about your favorite site to download music don’t try SoundCloud because you will be stocked to downloading music from it ever and ever.

Most importantly, you can listen to any music free on Soundcloud and as one of our best free music download sites to download music legally, you will fall for its specs with even premium service. In fact, it is another one of the best free music download sites available till date.

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5. Jamendo

Jamendo is another one of the popular best free music download sites to download music for free online and without registration. Jamendo is especially for music lovers, listens and artist with the same mind to meet.

Jamendo works under a certain agreement where the listener has the right to download music of their choice from the one uploaded by the artist.

Meanwhile, none of the songs found on Jamendo are legally protected. Meaning that listeners can download and listen to it at any time for free and it’s with a legal right.

So far you have seen the list of our best free music download sites to download music legally. Do have like it and do you have any suggestion? Kindly let us know in the comment section.

What do you think and what are your suggestions? Which of these sources do you frequently use to download music for free?

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