5 Private Cloud Provider Comparison

5 Private cloud provider comparison to choose from. Choosing the best cloud private hosting service to solve the issue of ups and downs of public cloud is not an easy task. It requires heavy duties to choose from the list of private cloud service on the internet.

Their a public cloud hosting provider and private cloud hosting provider. Private Cloud is seen as a particular model of cloud computing that involves a distinct and secure cloud-based environment in which only the specified client can operate according to Interoute.

Also, a public cloud is seen as a one based on the standard cloud computing model, in which a service provider makes resources, such as virtual machines (VMs), applications or storage, available to the general public over the internet. Public cloud services may be free or offered on a pay-per-usage model.

The private cloud and public cloud constitute a perfect array to search and find the best private cloud provider comparison to choose from. However, here in this private cloud guide, I’ll share with you some private cloud solution to end your search for other none private or less hybrid cloud that provides less expected service in place of a public cloud hosting.

5 Private Cloud Provider Comparison In 2018

5 Private Cloud Provider Comparison In 2018

Our top private cloud provider includes Microsoft, VMware vCloud suite, OpenStack, Platform9 OpenStack, and Apache CloudStack.

1. Microsoft Private Cloud

2. VMware vCloud Suite Private Cloud

3. OpenStack Private Cloud

4. Platform9 OpenStack Private Cloud

5. Apache CloudStack Private Cloud

There is another private cloud provider comparison that provides solutions to solve online cloud provider problems, however, based on our knowledge, above list private cloud are the best private cloud provider we’ll compare in this article.

Microsoft Private Cloud

Microsoft Private cloud joins the league of best private cloud late but it has since become one of the most viable and reliable private cloud hosting for quite a very long time.

Microsoft private cloud became popular when it was all supported in the  System Center 2012 R2 offering. Microsoft private cloud helps to end the ups and downs of public cloud as open sources.

If you are searching for the best private cloud to provide a solution to an irresponsible public cloud provider, Microsoft private cloud is a best private cloud provider you can give a try.

VMware vCloud Suite Private Cloud

VMware vCloud Suite private cloud is another popular private cloud provider and VMware vCloud suite is referred to as the oldest private cloud provider.

VMware vCloud provides a reliable private hosting to solve the problem of heavy workload on the heavy public cloud provider and ease the stress of how to choose the best private cloud provider.

VMware has different private cloud service to choose from depending on your hosting load. However, few of VMware vCloud suite private cloud service include Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise hosting with each product having different features.

OpenStack Private Cloud

OpenStack Private Cloud is a popular open source that replaces most private cloud in the recent time. OpenStack has the enabling feature to manage to compute and storage and networking deploy in a way a new private cloud user can simply understand with less and easy to understand backend.

Private Cloud like Microsoft and VMware private cloud have hypervisor which makes them stand out and a bit better than OpenStack. OpenStack private cloud does not have hypervisor but offer a reliable and a competing private cloud hosting service

4. Platform9 OpenStack Private Cloud

Platform9 OpenStack Private cloud hosting service is based on OpenStack Private Cloud to manage and organizes their hosting service from an external server rather than using private cloud onsite service like OpenStack or Microsoft itself.

While most people that are about to start with platform9 OpenCloud private cloud does not find this funny, yet Platform9 offers service to access all your private cloud service in your dashboard data center.

5. Apache CloudStack Private Cloud

Apache CloudStack is an open source private cloud solution with similar private cloud services like Microsoft private cloud, VMware vCloud suite private cloud service, OpenStack private cloud service.

The Apache CloudStack Private Cloud offers a complete private cloud solution without hypervisor which grants the company to have a vaster private cloud solution network.

They are few other private cloud provider comparison but based on our research and experience with both public and private cloud solution and hosting services, these are the best private cloud with first-class features.

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