Here are 5 Free Cloud Server Computing Provide

Free cloud server, a free cloud server is a logical server that is built, hosted and delivered through a cloud computing platform over the Internet for free mostly for the first year. Free Cloud servers possess and exhibit similar capabilities and functionality to a typical server but are accessed remotely from the cloud service provider.

When you opt-in for a free cloud server it means that you want to enjoy the full feature of a cloud computing server without paying for the hosting service. Although cost is one of the benefits of cloud server and integration with customization. All these are reasons to use cloud computing service and they are all available on a free cloud server for the time being.

Some free cloud server lasts for a year while some last for more and most last for less. But whichever way, they are a lot of free cloud server but the service to enjoy with a cloud server which is free cannot be compared to a paid cloud server.

A good comparison between cloud computing companies and server shows that the price of cloud computing server is still affordable for a start-up company to put in place all the necessary requirement to start running their company and manage everything from their own very end.

Most free cloud server does not require a credit card for a start upon free access while some required a credit card or to link an account either an online account with funds or without fund so as to be able to charge you after the first free plan expires.

Here in this article, I will share with you based on my knowledge best free cloud server for cloud computing without credit cards.

Free Cloud Server

Here are 5 Free Cloud Server Computing Provider

The selection of the free cloud computing service is based on public survey and what users have used and had good experience with. While I may fail to mention your favorite free cloud computing provider you can do us a favor using our contact page to include it in the list if it really worth it.

Before you sign up for any of this free cloud server make sure to take a close look whether they require a credit card or not as most of them require credit card details when you register for a free account and will charge you when your free account is transferred to a normal customer mode.

1. Amazon Free Tier

To start with the free cloud server, Amazon is one of the biggest goons in the service. Amazon offers free cloud computing service with almost the entire services and infrastructure you enjoyed with Amazon paid cloud server all for free.

2. GoGrid’s Cloud Hosting

Instead of GoGrid’s cloud hosting to request a pay when you register for a cloud host for the first time they credit you free $100. However, while the request for a free cloud hosting on GoGrid’s is rather not easy but is achievable because the cloud hosting support is handled by human and not bots like most other cloud computing support program does.

3. HP Public Cloud Test Flight

HP public cloud test flight goes for free for only 90 days but with that, you will enjoy all HP cloud server infrastructure and all normal customers benefit. HP public cloud test flight is one of the few free cloud server that requires a credit card during registration.

4. Microsoft’s Windows Azure 

You should actually expect Windows Azure to be one of the popular cloud server that offers a free trial for new customers before they make their final decision to join the thousands of people that use their cloud hosting. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Windows Azure free cloud hosting trial only last for 30 days with $200 free credit within the period of this free period.

5. ProfitBricks Cloud Computing 2.0

ProfitBricks cloud computing 2.0 offers the least free trial period of all the cloud hosting service. The company offers a 7-days free computing service after which you will be charged if you enter your credit cards detail at the point of registration.

The free time offered by these company is not enough for a developer to get to know what their servers constitute rather it uses mainly for question and answer period between a developer and the company. With the free trial period, you can actually tell whether it is the type of cloud hosting server you want to enjoy and whether they would be able to provide a solution to your cloud hosting movement.

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