Night Mode Enabler on Android Nougat [Android N]

Android Nouget has a lot of hidden features include night mode enabler. The Android N night mode feature eases a feature to reduce phone screen brightness at night. This Nought N night mode feature regulates Android phone running Android N screen light at night.

Aside from automatic phone brightness regulation, you can also manually reduce the phone screen light swiping the phone brightness. But with the night mode feature, your Android Nougat will automatic regulate your phone screen backlight at night.

Apart from using a night mode app to help reduce your eyeball strain, fatigue, headache, and probably insomnia which can cause some damages to your eye-retina you can use the default Android night mode feature called “Night mode enabler”.

Night Mode Enabler: How to Enable it on Android Nougat [Android N]

If you are behind the scene and don’t know how to go about setting up Android N night mode enabler here is a trick for you. This post contains everything you need to know to unhidden Android 7 night mode feature.

1. Swipe down your phone >>> Settings >>> System UI tuner

Night Mode Enabler

2. To unlock Android N’s night mode enabler download and install ” Night Mode App” on your Android N device.

3. Launch the night mode app and enable “night mode” feature

Night mode enabler

Note: With the night mode app you will be able to fully activate night mode feature in Android N which is hidden.

Meanwhile, the default night mode app settings require that you enable the app manually each time you want to use your phone at night. While setting up your night mode enabler app for Android N make sure you tick do not ask this again so you will be able to enable the feature with a single click.

Night Mode Enabler Video Tutorial

Below is a video tutorial on how to enable night mode on Android N

Were you able to reveal the hidden “night mode” feature on your Android Nougat? How helpful is the night mode app on your phone? I have been using the “night mode enabler” on my Infinix phone for a while now and I have no single reason to regret using it.

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