5 Facts Why Companies Use Cloud Computing Server

A cloud server is one reason you are able to use software and hardware on your computer and phone. A cloud server providers offer 3 types of cloud computing service: infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) and three ways to deploy the cloud computing services which include: private cloud server, public cloud server, and hybrid cloud server.

Over times, some companies have dropped a dedicated IP for a cloud computing server [private cloud or hybrid cloud server] for effective communication between the company’s service, customers, and cloud server providers.

The reason why companies use cloud computing servers are diverse and different from company to company.

However, after a properly scaling of the reasons why companies use cloud computing server over a dedicated IP, we are here with the top 6 reasons why cloud computing server is a must for companies.

So, whether you are a developer or a programmer, you and your organization need a cloud computing service to help hold your businesses to the standard.

Meanwhile, a public cloud server is not recommended for an organization who want to manage and control its own cloud computing service.

Rather, private or hybrid is preferable to be able to switch between public and private cloud to offload private cloud when the workload is much.

 Companies Use Cloud Computing

5 Facts Why Companies Use Cloud Computing Server

1. Cost Effectiveness

2. Integration

4. Scaleable

5. Customization

6. Security

Detailed Explanation of Companies Use Cloud Computing Server

Let’s take a look at the detailed reasons why most companies you know out there use cloud computing server for their service rather than a dedicated IP from a hosting company.

Cost Effectiveness

As a company, we all want to cut cost and boost income. However, maintaining a hosting as a company will incur more charges but with cloud computing servers you will only be charged for what you consume without maintaining the system hardware.


Fast server deployment is one of the reasons most companies use cloud computing service. Cloud computing servers deploy server faster and secure with uninterrupted server communication. No downtime and no server or system upgrading down-time.


Scaleable in the sense that users will be able to account for the resources and storage usages which is most important for companies with fluctuating needs.


Cloud computing server offers an added advantage for an organization to be able to customize their server based on company’s need. Physical server has numerous options to play around with to have the desired look which includes processing power, additional RAM, and backup power.


Security is another main reason why most companies use cloud computing server to ensure a maximum security and maintain a self-reliable firewalls, anti-virus software, monitoring and host intrusion protection.

Before you spend a dime on cloud computing server as a company, always make sure the cloud server has what you want in computing server. It is better to know about the service you will eneded up enjoy from the start rather than complaining poor cloud server service after you have purchased one.

Meanwhile, from our research the facts above are why companies use cloud computing server to stay healthy in the industry.

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