How to Activate Paramount Plus On Xfinity TV

Do you want to learn how to activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity TV? This article will be answerable to that as we consider the steps to take to install and use the Paramount Plus app on the Xfinity smart TV.

Paramount Plus has been widely known for on-demand video subscriptions around the world. If you wanted to enjoy exclusive interesting programs, films, iconic stars, movies, sports, news, kids and family programs, and many others, Paramount plus has all need to get yourself relaxed. Paramount plus has a lot of videos and video episodes in their catalog for all their numerous customers for their consumption.

And Paramount plus has been trying to satisfy their valued customers by releasing their big-screen films for streaming between 29 to 43 days in the theatres. There are various informative, enjoyable, and educative video content from different TV stations such as CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, etc.

With just a premium subscription, you can stream all kinds of videos of your choice at any time, any day, anywhere, and everywhere on Paramount plus. I thought we also need to digress a little bit to consider what Xfinity TV has for us.

Therefore, if you are on the look out on how to activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity TV here is a guide you need to consider.

Xfinity Service Provider

Xfinity is a TV service provider that enables you to have access to all kinds of favorite live programs, films, sports, news, etc. Xfinity TV makes available the different kinds of subscription plans, o0f which you can choose anyone suitable for you. Every plan has different features, the higher the plan the more features you can enjoy. 

Xfinity TV Remote App

You can also decide to enjoy Xfinity TV content or programs on your phone with Xfinity TV Remote App. And if you do not use a television service or have a television, you can also download and install Xfinity TV Remote App to your Ipad, iPhone, Android, tablet. Let us now proceed to guides on how to Activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity TV.

Activate Paramount Plus On Xfinity TV

How to Activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity TV

To Activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity TV is so easy like you are taking a cup of coffee. So, let’s move now.

Guide 1: Pick your remote control and press the MENU.

Guide 2: Navigate your path to APPS MENU on the F 1 or Flex, and you will find different apps there, just select Paramount(+) or Paramount Plus. Alternatively, you can say paramount(+) to Xfinity Voice Remote, and the Xfinity Voice Remote,  will help you to locate the Paramount(+) app. And note, if you are using the Paramount(+) appfor the first time, you will need to select Sign-in. And register to get Paramount(+) login details. Choose a username and password you can easily remember.

Guide 3: Open the Paramount(+) app now, and select your TV service provider, which is Xfinity TV.

Guide 4: You will see an Activation Code on your Xfinity TV screen, copy the code and go to, on your phone browser.

Guide 5: Enter the activation code there and select your TV service provider, that is, Xfinity TV. Now, Paramount plus is activated on your Xfinity TV. Bingo! Slide on now, to stream your choicest TV content. If you thoroughly follow the guide, I thought there should be no obstacles in activating Paramount(+) on your Xfinity TV.

How to activate Paramount(+) on your smartphone

As you can Activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity TV, in the same manner, you can activate Paramount(+) on your phone, whether android, iPhone, etc. By now, we need to explore how to get this done in a few minutes.

Guide 1: Visit Google Playstore and download and install the Paramount(+) App or as you finished downloading the app, it will install by itself.

Guide 2: Open the Paramount(+) App, and click on sign up or log in, if you have login details before. If you will sign up, then enter your full name, email address and pick a password you can easily remember. And your email address and password will be your Paramount(+) login details.

Guide 3: Try to choose a plan of your choice, then, subscribe and you will be informed to confirm your subscription. it is so pretty simple as that, what is next now? Nothing but to enjoy yourself.

NB: If you are iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, tablet user, you can download your Paramount(+) App from Apple Store. And follow the guides, as stated above. If you carefully follow the guides, there would be no problems in activating the Paramount(+) on your device.

Activate Paramount(+) on smartphone (Existing Paramount+ subscriber)

Take the guides below to download the Paramount(+)app to your smartphone

Guide 1: Visit the Google Playstore or Apple Store and search for the Paramount(+) app, then download it and allow it to install.

Guide 2: Open the Paramount(+) app and click on Sign-in, and put in your Paramount(+) login details you had before.

Friend, I believe this article must a blessing to you? Please kindly reach for any further help, in case you need one.

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