Jodie Sweetin Net Worth, Age, Daughters, Spouse, and Bio

Jodie Sweetin whose complete name is Jodie Lee Ann Sweetin is an American Film and Television Actress. When she was 5 years she made her first appearance as Full House’s Stephanie Tanner, the middle sister of three in the ABC Comedy series and its Netflix aftermath series Fuller House.

As of now she still shows up in popular releases such as Small Bits of Happiness (2008), Redefining Love (2009) and Port City (2009).

Apart from being an entertainer, Jodie also has a podcast and has made numerous appearances in commercials. Presently, Jodie Sweetin net worth is estimated at $2million.


Jodie Sweetin was born on 19 January 1982. But she wasn’t raised by her real parents since her parents were both in prison and couldn’t take care of her. So she was adopted by her uncle Sam Sweetin and his Second Wife Janice Sweetin when she was only 9 months old. 

Her adoption took a while because her blood father was fourth native American.

Two years later, after the adoption was settled. Sam Sweetin and his second wife Janice Sweetin took complete responsibility for Jodie since Jodie was their first child. 

Jodie grew up in a Christian home and she is of the Capricorn zodiac sign. Following her rough childhood, Jodie once said, she was told not to reveal the details of her adoption publicly so that people won’t think involvement in acting was forced. 

Early Life 

Jodie Sweetin

While she was young Jodie expressed great interest in dancing from a very young age since it was reported that she took dance illustrations, concentrating on ballet dancing and tap dancing.

However, that wasn’t all as it was discovered by Sam and Janice that she had some talent in acting while she was still very young. This discovery made family and friends give Janice different advice concerning her daughter

Janice took a step due to the concerns regarding Jodie by bringing her to meet with a talent agent.

Luckily for them, it resulted in a win for her, since Jodie was cast in a guest spot on the popular series, Valerie. 

Following that incident, her intelligence and attractive smile got the eyes of Thomas Miller and Robert Boyett who were the producers assembling the framework of the sitcom Full House.


Following her early introduction to the show industry, Jodie didn’t withhold her education as she did her early schooling at Los Alamitos High School in Los Alamitos, California, the United States.

Due to her early interest in acting, she performed along with Matthew Morrison who was an actor in the musical theatre while in high school.

After she graduated she went to Chapman University in Orange, California, the United States and graduated.


Jodie Sweetin
Jodie Sweetin Full house

Jodie Sweetin appeared in the well-known sitcom Valerie in 1987 when she was just 5 years of age. She assumed the character Pamela, the niece of Mrs Poole. From that point onward, she stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime in the TV series Full House. During the series, she was given the role of Stephanie Tanner till the show finished in 1995.

After that, she moved on from Los Alamitos High School in Los Alamitos in 1999. Then, at that point, she went to the Chapman University in Orange, California

Unfortunately for Jodie, her drug issue caused her to take a long break from the entertainment industry for a while but she made her comeback in the second season of the Fuse TV show: Pants-Off Dance-Off.

Following that appearance, she also showed up in TV dark comedy Small Bits of Happiness which was a comedy that went on to win the Best Comedy at the 3rd Annual Independent Television Festival, in Los Angeles.

Later on, Jodie explored different avenues regarding some self-made film work and she also made a couple of appearances in two movies Port City and Redefining Love.

That wasn’t all as she did a few episodes in the internet show Can’t Get Arrested in 2011 and another TV film Singled Out in 2012. In 2015, it was declared that Jodie Sweetin would repeat her role as Stephanie Tanner on the Netflix spin-off series Fuller House.

Jodie Sweetin showed up in the big name unscripted television show Dancing with the Stars – season 22 on March 2, 2016, with her expert dance accomplice Keo Motsepe.

Jodie Sweetin Movies and TVshows

YearTitleCharacter Played
1987The Hogan FamilyPamela Poole
1987–1995Full HouseStephanie Tanner
1989The All-New Mickey Mouse ClubStephanie Tanner
1996Brotherly LoveLydia Lump
1999Party of FiveRhiannon Marcus
2003Yes, DearMaryanne
2006Farce of the Penguins“He’s so gross” penguin
2007Pants-Off Dance-OffHost
2009Redefining LoveAlly
2009Port CityNancy
2011Can’t Get ArrestedJodie
2012Singled OutLeia
2013Defending SantaBeth
2013The Eric Andre ShowHerself
2015Walt Before MickeyCharlotte Disney
2016–2020Fuller HouseStephanie Tanner
2016Dancing with the StarsHerself
2016Hollywood Medium with Tyler HenryHerself
2017–2018Hollywood DarlingsHerself
2018Drop the MicHerself
2017Finding SantaGrace Long
2018My Perfect RomanceMichelle Blair
2018Entertaining ChristmasCandace
2018The TalkHerself
2019Love Under the RainbowLucy Taylor
2019Merry & BrightCate
2019The TalkHerself
2021Just SwipeVanessa
2022Beyond the EdgeHerself
2022Worst Cooks in AmericaHerself
2022Name That TuneHerself
Jodie Sweetin movies and tv shows

Jodie Sweetin Adult image 

Despite her completely flawless life in the Full House film, Jodie has a rough life. Coming from parents who were in prison to being adopted by her uncle to becoming a famous actress. it hasn’t been a walk in the park.

The majority will recognize Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner on the sitcom Full House show and its aftermath show called Fuller House. Her body shape compared to when she was young has changed. Currently, she looks hotter. But there are presently no nudes of her plus she’s also free of any wardrobe malfunction.

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth

Jodie Sweetin

The Estimated net worth of Jodie sweeten comes from the numerous film roles, Acting gigs and other business ventures that she is into. Presently Jodie Sweetin net worth as of 2022 is $2million 

Jodie Sweetin Adult content

Jodie Sweetin is an American actress who has taken part in different movies however she hasn’t engaged herself in any adult based movie which sums up who she is.

How much did Jodie Sweetin make on Full House?

On the full housewife show where Jodie acted as Stephanie Tanner from 1987 to 1995 and on the fuller housewife show which took place from 2016to 2020. It was reported that Jodie made $26,000 per episode of the fuller housewife based on reports.

In total, the money, how much did Jodie Sweetin make on full house yearly from the show alone amounted to around $700,000 – This figure was determined based on the number of episodes that she acted in.


Jodie Sweetin’s dad’s name is Sam Sweetin. he owns a business and her mom’s name is Janice Sweetin who is a housewife. Additionally, they are not her genuine parents as it was reported that she was adopted by her uncle and his second spouse (Janice Sweetin) when she was just 9 months old. Jodie’s real parents were in prison when she was conceived.

However, Sam and Janice have taken Jodie as their own and have been supportive of her decisions too. 


Jodie’s relationship has been a rough patch for her. Plus she has been through a series of divorces due to either making a wrong spouse decision or her involvement with drugs. But she is clean of her drug addiction and she’s working towards getting better.

Below are the full details of Jordi Sweetin’s past relationship…

When Sweetin was 20 years old she got married to her first love named Shaun Holguin. Shaun Holguin was a police officer.

Unfortunately, her relationship with him didn’t last as they both parted ways in 2006.

Following her recent divorce, Jodie met Cody Herpin, who was a film transportation coordinator. She was opportune to meet him through some of her friends. 

Both Cody and Jordie started courting themselves in MAy 2007 and they eventually got married in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 14, 2007. Things went well for her as she was opportune to have her first daughter with Cody. Her name was Zoie and she was born in 2008.

Unfortunately, their relationship eventually came to a halt and was finalized on April 20 2010.

Following the incident, she wasn’t motivated to go into another marriage but she had a boyfriend whom she courted for a year following her divorce from Cody Herpin

The name of her boyfriend was Morty Coyle. The one-year relationship she had with her boyfriend resulted in a baby which she later confirmed was owned by Morty Coyle. 

Close to the end of 2010, Sweetin gave birth to a baby girl who was named Beatrix. And after her birth, Sweetin and Monty Coyle got married on March 15 2012 in Beverly hills.

Unfortunately, the relationship was super short as Sweetin filed for a legal separation from him in June 2013.

Moving on, She went ahead to engage in a new relationship with Justin Hodak, who used to be a drug addict but recovered. Unfortunately, their say didn’t last as they both parted ways the next year.

Presently, she announced her engagement to Mescal Wasilewski.


Jodie Sweetin didn’t have any siblings as she was adopted by her uncle Sam Sweetin and his second wife Janice. Her real parents were not known and there isn’t any report if her real parent had other children

Stephanie Tanner

Stephanie Tanner is a fictional character in the movie the Full House and the fuller housewife. They were both acted by Jodie Sweetin. The character Stephine tanner was the middle daughter of Pam and Danny Tanner.

The full house took place from 1987-to 1995 while the fuller house took place from 2016 – 2020.

Jodie Sweetin Kids

Jodie Sweetin

Does Jodie Sweetin have any kids? Well, Jodie might not have had the best of relationships however, she has been fortunate enough to have two kids both of them come from different men. 

The first child she had was from her second relationship which was with Cordy Herpin. The name of the child was Zoie. Zoie was born in 2008

While her second child came from her relationship with Morty Coyle. The name of her second child is Beatrix, Beatrix was born in 2010.

Jodie Sweetin Spouse

Jodie Sweetin has spent the better part of her lifetime juggling from spouse to spouse. 

  • Her first husband/spouse was Shaun Holguin who was a Los Angeles Police officer – (2002 – 2006)
  • Her second husband/Spouse was Cody Herpin, a film transportation coordinator – (2007 – 2010)
  • Her third husband/Spouse was Morty Coyle  – (2010 – 2016)
  • Her fourth spouse was Justin Hodak who was a recovering drug addict – (2016 – 2017)
  • Presently, she’s engaged to Mescal Wasilewski which she did on January 17, 2022

Jodie Sweetin Age

Following a rough childhood, while being born to parents who are in prison, she was adopted by her uncle when she was just 9 months old. She has been pretty lucky to come out as a successful actress.

Presently Jodie Sweetin age is currently 40 years old since she was born on the 19th of January 1982

Jodie Sweetin Height

Jodie Sweetin
Jodie Sweetin Height

Jodie Sweetin is a popular American actress best known for her role in the full house as Stephanie Tanner and its spin-off Fuller House has an average height of 5.6ft which is equivalent to 168 cm. In meters, Jodie is 1.7m tall.

Jodie Sweetin Weight

Her weight might have changed over the years since was cast in the movie called Full house. After her two kids, she looks a bit plum. Presently she weighs 126lbs which is equivalent to 57 kg

Jodie Sweetin Bikini

Jodie Sweetin is one of the few actresses who was adopted. However, her early life has been filled with different ups and downs such as her early introduction into the show business and her early addiction to drugs, and her numerous failed relationship. Luckily for her, she is putting in the work to get better. And she puts more focus on her role as a mother since she presently has two kids.

Sometimes she shares some moments with her daughters online however, she doesn’t withhold sharing her hot bikini picture with her fans too

Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Presently Jodie has been able to amass a huge following on her social media channels, She is only active on her Instagram and Twitter pages where she posts about her life, her movies and family.

You can check out her Twitter page here or her Instagram page over here

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding Jodie Sweetin.

How old is Jodie Sweetin

Since Jodie Sweetin was born on 19th January 1982, her present age as of May 18th 2022 will be 40 years old. She celebrates her birthdays on the 19th of January every year

Does Jodie Sweetin have kids?

Yeah, She has two kids from two different relationships. One was from a man called Cordy Herpin while the second kid came from another man called Morty Coyle. The name of her kid is Zoie and Beatrix and they are both 14 and 16 years respectively.

Is Jodie Sweetin married?

well, she has married a few times before now, but what we do know is that she recently announced her engagement with a man named Mescal Wasilewski on the 17th of January 2022.

Who is Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin is an American actress that is best known for the roles she performed in the film full house and fuller house where she acted as Stephanie Tanner 

How tall is Jodie Sweetin?

For a lady, Jodie looks pretty tall with a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is equivalent to 168 cm or 1.69m.

Was Jodie Sweetin born in jail?

It was reported that her parents were both in prison when they gave birth to her, so we can’t ascertain if she was specifically given birth to in the prison or if her mom was rushed to a hospital, while she was in prison to deliver her.

Did Jodie Sweetin do Adult film?

There are no reports revealing that Jodie had partaken in an adult based film at any particular time. 

Who is Jodie Sweetin married to

On the 17th of January 2022, Jodie announced that she is getting engaged to a man called Mescal Wasilewski. However, Jodie hasn’t announced in any way that she has tied the knot with him 

How much did Jodie Sweetin make on Full House?

It was reported that Jodie Sweetin made $26,000 per episode on the fuller housewife show. But looking at the total number of episodes she acted in the estimate of what she earned was around $700,000

How much is Jodie Sweetin worth

Presently Jodie still partakes in acting gigs. She has a cloth collection which she posted a link to on her Instagram page as similar to the American actress named Maddie Ziegler who also has a fashion line which you can check out over here.

Apart from Jodie Sweetin’s acting gigs and her cloth collection, she makes money from her various business ventures. And her estimated net worth in 2022 is $2million.

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth, Age, Height, and Profile

NameJodie Sweetin
Full NameJodie Lee Ann Sweetin
Date of Birth19 January 1982
Age40 as of 2022
Weight57kg or 125.6lbs
Net Worth$2 million
Jodie’s kidsZoie Laurel May Herpin
Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle
HusbandMorty Coyle (m. 2012–2016)
Cody Herpin (m. 2007–2010)
Shaun Holguin (m. 2002–2006)
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
FatherSam Sweetin
MotherJanice Sweetin
Parents Sam Sweetin and Janice Sweetin
Profession Actress and Television Personality
DaughterZoie Laurel May Herpin
Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle
Zodiac signCapricorn

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