How to Change Android 7 Wallpaper

Android 7 features a new way to changed background wallpaper unlike Android Marshmallow or Android Lollipop which can easily be changed directly from phone gallery. Android has varieties of wallpapers, and most are in HD to give your Android phone a befitting look. But to change Android 7 wallpaper from default wallpaper to the one downloaded you may have to play around your Android settings.

In Android 6 or 5.0 +, you can easily click on pictures or image and click on the ellipsis to the right and set it as wall paper. But in Android Nougat, the case is different. Before you can change Android 7 Wallpaper you have to navigate to device settings, wallpaper, and then access your gallery from the option display to set your wallpaper.

You can either crop it or leave it that way and set it as either your background wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper or set as both wallpaper depending on your option.

But if you download Android launcher you may not go as far as this to set your Wallpaper either 3D or HD on your Android Nougat OS.

In the short tutorial below you will learn how to change Android 7 wallpaper and set a new one different from the default one.

Android 7 Wallpaper

How to Change Android 7 Wallpaper Background and Lock screen Picture

If you have had hard time changing your Android Nougat wallpaper here is how to change it from default wallpaper and set the favorite one you downloaded or you love to download and set it as your wallpaper.

Fire up your Android phone settings whether from app menu or by swiping down your phone drawer and click on display under device.

Android 7 wallpaper

A new window containing your phone display options will pops up. Then click on wallpaper from the list of options. Note that the position of this option may differ due to different in manufacturer but the same approach can be followed to set up Android 7 Wallpaper on all devices running Android Nougat OS.

Android 7 wallpaper

Both internal wallpaper which are in HD, live wallpaper and Gallery option will be displayed once you clicked on Wallpaper from above. If you want to set live wallpaper as your Android 7 Nougat wallpaper then click on it. But for the sake of this tutorial kindly click on Gallery!

Android 7 wallpaper

Then select the image or photo or anything you want to set as your wallpaper and click on SET WALLPAPER on the new window that pops up. No cropping is required and no additional settings. All you need to do is drag the wallpaper to your desired position and click on set wallpaper.

Android 7 wallpaper

This is the simple techniques used to set Android 7 wallpaper. Things may also appear different in Android 8 but we’ll soon bring to your Android set wallpaper on Android 8.0 Oero without cropping.

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