How to Apply for Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018 Business Model

If you have a business idea as an organisation or individual that will boost Nigeria economy in 2018 with a lack of fund to finance it, then Google impact challenge Nigeria 2018 is your best option to win a whopping $250,000 for the first 4 winners and  $125,000 for other 8 winners to start up their business plan after spending 8 months taking effective training and mentorship from Google Inc.

The Google impact challenge Nigeria 2018 is a nongovernmental organization program to start July and end November 2018. The Google impact challenge 2018 in Nigeria is a way forward to boost the economy of the country with the help of Google grants to futurist business ambition with an intent business idea to be funded by Google is voted for and qualified for the grant.

How to Apply for Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018

What is the Google Impact Challenge Nigeria?

The Google impact challenge Nigeria 2018 is an open invitation to nonprofit, businesses ideas and social to make Nigeria economic grow faster and better.

The idea behind the 2018 Google impact challenge for Nigerians is to help fund the best business idea with the highest number of votes from a different organization.

However, Only 12 successful candidates will be selected and funded, trained, and mentor to successfully utilized the fund to better the economy of the country.

Therefore, as an organization with good business intent and visibility, applying for Google impact challenge in Nigeria will help bring your dreams and focus on a reality.

How to Apply for Google impact challenge Nigeria 2018

If you want to be successful partaking in the Google impact challenge in Nigeria, you must submit the most appealing proposal to compete for other competitors who also have a good business idea and good strategy.

The Google challenge platform is an ecosystem in Nigeria whereby Google give grants to successful candidates, train them on how to run a successful business, and register them with Google organization.

Who can Participate in Google impact challenge Nigeria 2018

Everybody with a good business proposal or idea can participate including local business can take part in the first Google challenge program in Nigeria to share ideas that are feasible on how to take Nigeria economic to the next level under the Google.

Meanwhile, only a registered organization which are nongovernmental are allowed to participate and enjoy this Google grant benefits.

List of Google impact challenge Nigeria 2018

However, Google has selected some Nigeria icons from different industry as the panel of judges who are to scrutinize and weigh the gravity of all business proposal before taking to next step.

Some of the Google impact challenge in Nigeria panel of judges in 2018 includes MI Abaga, Rapper and CEO of Chocolate City Music Group, John Momoh, Chairman and CEO of Channels Media Group, Oluseyi Oyebisi, Philanthropist and Executive Director of Nigeria Network of NGOs, Kanu Nwankwo OON, Retired Footballer, Parminder Vir OBEChief Executive Officer, Tony Elumelu Foundation among others.

Google impact challenge Nigeria 2018 Closing Date

Google starts impact challenge campaign on the 22nd, May 2018 for a nonprofit organization to prepare for the application date. However, the challenge registration date starts from 23rd, May 2018 to July 4th, 2018. After successful application, between July 5th to November 5th all submitted applications are reviewed and scrutinized by the panel of judges. After which, voting commenced on the 25th, November 2018.

Luck winners will be announced shortly after the public voting.

How Google impact challenge Nigeria 2018 works

The under listed views are how the Google Impact challenge for Nigerians works.

1. Organisation submit a business proposal

2. Applications are reviewed by the panel of judges and 12 finalists and qualified proposals are selected

3. Google conducts public voting for top 4 out of the 12 finalists

4. List of top 4 finalists are announced alongside the other 8 finalists

5. Google give a grant of $250,000 to the first 4 finalists and technical training from Google and $125,000 to the other 8 finalists

Do you have a business idea that is burning on your bookshelf? Dive in and apply for Google impact challenge in Nigeria 2018 today.

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