How to Auto Change Wallpapers on Android

Wallpapers give a befitting background to Android phones. It makes the phone looks stunning and dynamic. However, if you are the type that changes your phone wallpaper manually always here is a post to address how to auto change Wallpapers on Android phones.

Auto change wallpapers on Android phones work on schedule. If you set to change your phone background wallpaper at noon, another background wallpaper to replace the noonday by evening, or to rotate your predefined wallpapers hourly you will be able to achieve that after reading this article on Android wallpaper autorotation.

What Does Auto Change Wallpapers Means?

When you set up your Android wallpapers to change automatically it means that you have some predefined wallpapers on you want to use as your phone wallpaper without going through the entire process to set up the wallpaper manually.

Manually in the sense that you go to the phone settings to choose a new wallpaper to be used on your phone. What auto wallpapers do to your phone is to change the wallpaper of your phone at an appointed time following a predefined configuration.

It’s more like rotating your phone background wallpaper when you click on the Android wallpapers rotation feature. This rotation feature can be done manually and can as well be made auto.

That being said, let now take a look at how to make an Android phone wallpaper change automatically.

Auto Change Wallpapers Using Wallpaper Changer

The easiest way to change wallpapers on an Android phone is using a special Android app to do the job at an appointed time. The best app that is suitable for changing wallpapers on an Android phone is still no other app than “wallpaper changer“. Firstly, download the wallpaper change app and install it on your Android phone.

To auto change wallpapers on an Android phone open the “Wallpaper Changer” app and click on “App settings”. Choose the time interval to change background wallpaper either by minutes or hours or even daily. In the “Image position” choose fit screen for best design, select change wallpaper every time you unlock your phone, tick auto rescan, and then save your settings.

How to Auto Change Wallpapers on Android

The free version is enough to fulfill your mission of changing your phone background wallpaper every hour. With the premium version, you can create an album to be used as your phone background wallpaper.

Auto Change Wallpapers Using IFTTT

IFTTT is another Android tool to work on how your phone display wallpapers. The IFTTT app gives room to wallpaper changer on Android phones based on predefined configuration.

The full flesh of using IFTTT to change wallpaper on Android phones automatically is that feature to use Instagram pictures, recently like pictures on Instagram, amazing images from Flickr, images from your RSS feed, etc as your background wallpaper and rotates it according to your will.

How to Auto Change Wallpapers on Android

To change Android phones wallpaper automatically, download, install, and the login to IFTTT app for Android phone. Navigate to app settings and link all your social media app to the app. Doing this grant the IFTTT app to access your social media account and use the recent picture or recipe you like, share, upload etc as your wallpaper.

How do you change your Android phone wallpaper? Manually or automatically? Let’s have a discussion in the comment section.

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