How to Enable Chrome Night Mode Feature

Previously, I shared with you how to enable night mode on an Android phone running Android Nougat using night mode enabler app. If you missed that, check out how to enable night mode on Android reading the complete guide. And here today, I’ll share with you how to enable Google Chrome night mode feature using “night mode pro” Chrome extension.

Before we dive into settings your Chrome night mode features below are the core feature of the night mode pro for Chrome browser.

Chrome Night Mode Extension Features

1. Protect your eyes with Night Mode extension by dimming the light when the environment is dark or vise-versa.
2. Easily change the screen brightness on either Day or Night modes.
3. In Night Mode, the entire page will be fading to dark and all text colors will be adjusted to the dark color as well.
4. In Day Mode, the page and all text colors will be switched to normal.

5. Reduce YouTube screen light at night

6. It helps to reduce a headache, insomnia, and eyestrain

The list of the Chrome night mode pro extension goes on and on like that. If you are used to Google Chrome browser other than using other browsers to surf the internet I’d advise you to follow this tutorial to enable night mode on your Chrome browser once and for all.

How to Enable Chrome Night Mode

The guide below contains the step by step procedure needed to enable night mode on Chrome browser. Meanwhile, before we proceed, download and install Chrome night mode plugin called “night mode pro” here.

1. Chrome browser>>> three dots>>>more tools>> extensions

2. Locate “night mode pro” to enable “allow in incognito mode” and “allow access in URL” under developer’s mode

Chrome night mode

3. Locate night mode pro on the upper part of your browser and click on it

Chrome night mode

4. Click on the dark icon indicator on the right to reduce Chrome browser brightness

Chrome night mode

The extension will switch you Chrome brightness to night mode. On the contrary, if you don’t want to use the extension night mode you can manually reduce the browsers’ brightness using the drag and drop option that indicates brightness on the plugin.

Note: You can whitelist certain URL to automatically switch from day mode to night mode due to the option we opted in for under the developer mode above. You can also use a shortcut to enable night mode on your Chrome browser. A combination of Ctrl + Shift + U  will enable you to whitelist some pages and Ctrl + Shift + Z will enable you to remove whitelisted URL.

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