Facebook Face Recognition Has More Benefits Than Harm

Face recognition is not a new technology, it was first introduced back in 2010 when their little known about the technology to make life simple for so many.

But recently, when Facebook finally unleashed Facial recognition and the previous auto tag, a lot complained about their privacy being infringed and how Facebook got their photos pixels information from their database without prior notification.

Some even said the Facial recognition used on the Facebook platform is race sentiment whey some fought and some are fighting against it.

When most people think no good of this technology, there has been some general benefits for using this new development in a real world other than on Facebook when it comes to using it.

However, Facebook deduced some benefits from the facial recognition technology and the reason to bring to the community what is used in real world, idealized it and make the community a great one. However, some physical benefits Facebook analyzed before jumping into bringing it into the community includes.

Facebook Face Recognition

Face Recognition Benefits in Real World

Like I said earlier, Facebook found out that the new Facial recognition does more good than the harm.

1. Helping People Securely Unlock Their Mobile Devices

2. Log into Their Bank Accounts and Make Digital Payments

3. It Can Help People Organize Their Photos and Share Them With Friends

4.  It’s Used to Find Missing and Kidnapped Children

5. To Officials Confirm Whether Travelers Have Authentic Passports.

These are few of the reasons why Facebook facial recognition plays more role in the community. All these features cannot be underestimated and it makes human community fully monitored and controlled by the learning machine. Having understudied these benefits, Facebook has more than enough reason to, however, introduced the facial recognition technology into the community to maximum enough security and build up a world-class privacy.

Facebook Adopt Facial Recognition But Why

In advance countries like in the US, Facebook has to prove why the use of Face recognition suddenly became part of the growing community. The US having over 200 million total population has proven to be part of the world leading countries in all ramification and as a result, everything is done according to the law under the nose of the government. However, the benefits Facebook discovered to introduce face recognition in photos and videos to the platform includes:

1. Facebook face recognition helps people tag photos with the names of their friends

2. Facebook face recognition helps to identify fake profile picture

3. The face recognition feature helps to identify people who are in a group picture and in a video shot when the feature is enabled.

4. It helps users to find themselves in a photo they are not tagged

5. Facebook users with vision impairments can now hear aloud who’s in the photos they come across on Facebook.

The benefits of the new technology are all round far greater than the demerit which can be curb but the benefits cannot be overlooked even in the area of using the new feature to find and identify one who impersonates with your photos.

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