How to Change Your Facebook Phone Number

A few weeks ago I lost my Facebook primary phone number which I used to create my main Facebook account. So, instead of leaving the old phone number as a primary means of Facebook contacts since I didn’t use email to open the Facebook account I then decided to change the phone number. So, what you are going to learn basically here in this post today is how to change your Facebook phone number if you have changed your SIM or misplaced your phone and still want your friends to be able to find you on Facebook.

They are so many reasons why you may want to change your Facebook phone number. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait until your phone is lost or change your SIM card. You may choose to even delete your phone number from Facebook to avoid impersonation by a fraudster and as a girl, you can even remove your phone number if you think that guys are disturbing you too much.

Meanwhile, you can hide your phone number on Facebook from your friends and make it visible to your alone or make it only visible to your friends on Facebook alone while you hide it from the public.

Whichever way below is how to change Facebook phone number and replace the old phone number with the new one.

How to Change Your Facebook Phone Number

This is all about how to remove old Facebook phone number and replace it with a new phone number. So, if you would like to change your Facebook username from phone number to email read out next article.

1. Log into your Facebook account from any browser or Facebook mobile app

2. Click on the “More” icon to the upper right and click on settings from the drop menu

Change Facebook phone number

3. Click on “Mobile” under “Notification”

Change Facebook phone number

4. Click on “Remove” to remove “Old” phone number and “Add another mobile number” to add a new one

Change Facebook phone number

5. Enter the “new phone number” and click “continue”

How to Change Facebook mobile number

6. Enter the “Confirmation code” to confirm your phone number

Chnage Facebook phone number

Once you have entered the confirmation code you will be able to change your primary Facebook phone number from the old one to the new old. This is exactly how to change Facebook phone number on your profile.

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