How to Delete Photos From Facebook Album

How to delete photos from Facebook album. Facebook has a wide range of benefits other than searching, chatting, and meeting new people. Facebook is a platform for entrepreneurs and marketers to make sales and take in new customers. The benefits of using Facebook is virtually unlimited and the platform is growing fast every day.

With much anticipation to help users secure their only activities, Facebook introduced end-to-end encryption to all their platforms including WhatsApp, and recently, Facebook launched a service called “Facebook Face Recognition“, a Facebook privacy report to seek Facebook administrative right to take down and violated pictures, you can also create a table on Facebook without using a third-party tool like photoshop.

Meanwhile, if you love to upload photos and videos to Facebook often and you have a created an album your photos, whether a single Facebook photo album or different Facebook photo album for different event and you probably want to delete a photo from within an album without deleting the entire album here is exactly what to do.

How to Delete Photos From Facebook Album

Right now I will first share with you the process to delete photos from Facebook photos album on PC if you have any already, but if you don’t have after this section you will get to know how to create Facebook photos album.

1. Open any browser and log into your Facebook account

2. Click on your “Facebook Profile” to access your Facebook timeline where pictures are uploaded

How to delete photos from Facebook Album

3. Click on the photos album you want to delete photos from on your Facebook profile

How to Delete photos from Facebook album

3. Click to “Open” the photo you want to delete from your Facebook album and click  “Option” below the “Photo” and click “Delete this photo

How to delete Photo from Facebook album

4. Click on “Delete”  from the pop-pop to delete the photo.

How to delete photo from Facebook album

Note that once you delete a picture from Facebook you cannot revive it again. Facebook does not have a recycle bin where you can restore a deleted photo from your pages, groups, and timeline.

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