Best & Cheapest Coffee Maker

Getting your coffee at espresso every morning might be pricey when you count the cost over 30 days. However, what if you can make quality coffee at home for 30 days? Isn’t that more cost-effective?

Probably you’ve thought of all these and you are looking to get a coffee maker but you are not sure about what brand to purchase or what to look out for before settling with one.

If that is the case? you are at the right place since I will be listing the top 10 best cheapest coffee makers.

That is not all, even better I will be reviewing them while also pointing out what you need to look out for without ignoring your budget.

That said, let’s start with what you need to know to get the best budget coffee maker in 2022.

Selecting the best Cheapest Coffee Maker

Merely purchasing a coffee maker based on how it looks might not be ideal. 

The brand of such a coffee maker coupled with its features might not be something you want.

But then, you have to consider the budget as it is always the starting point for most people when making a purchase decision on which kind of coffee maker to buy. 

However, focusing on the budget alone is not a safe decision.

That being said, let’s break down all the things you need to factor in before purchasing your next coffee maker

Brewing Strength and Speed

Depending on your lifestyle you might want to consider the brewing strength and speed of a coffee maker. If you are a worker under tight time constraints, a coffee maker that has a short brewing time would be preferable as long as it doesn’t affect the taste.

Also, the coffee maker should possess good brewing strength control to enable you to choose among various brewing strengths.

Compact Footprint

This depends particularly on your lifestyle and usage. 

Considering the compactness of your coffee maker could come as a result of your lifestyle maybe you are a traveler or you are living alone and you do not want a coffee maker that will take up much space on your kitchen counter.

If that is the case, factoring in the portability of the coffee maker is important but you shouldn’t ignore the number of cups it should be able to brew at a time.

Single-serve or Bulk

The single-serve and bulk coffee makers are different. If you stay alone and you are okay with something can brew one cup at a time, then you should go for the single brew if your budget is limited.

However, if you are getting a coffee maker for the family and you want to be able to brew more than one cup at a time, then the bulk coffee maker is a wise decision

A bulk coffee maker can brew 2 – 12 cups of coffee at once and they are included in the list below


Temperature is another factor you should consider since it affects the strength and flavor of the coffee you are brewing. 

If you are into this and are particular about brewing special flavors of coffee at the right temperature, you should consider whether the coffee maker you are purchasing has a temperature settings control option.

Thermal or Glass Carafe

Another important factor you have to factor in is the wall container of the Coffee maker. Most coffee makers are unusual made of glass carafes or thermal carafes and both of them have their pros and cons

The glass carafe is much cheaper, but your coffee might not stay hot for long inside it. Also, if you are not very careful. Your coffee could get burnt inside the glass carafe.

The thermal carafe, on the other hand, is more pricey, however, your coffee would retain its hot temperature for longer while keeping the flavor, however, it is heavy.

Ease of Use

Another feature you might want to consider is the ease of using a coffee maker. If you are a freelancer and you tend to forget food items while it is cooking, a coffee maker that comes with na automatic shutoff should be considered.

 Else you can simply go for one that you don’t have to turn off since they are usually on the low side in terms of the cost

Now that we’ve factored in a series of things you need to look out for the best cheapest coffee maker, here are the top 10 best cheapest coffee makers in 2022.

Best cheapest coffee maker 2022

After carrying out intense research while considering popular coffee makers, we have drawn a list of the top 10 best cheapest coffee makers you should consider buying when making your next coffee maker purchase.

Keurig’s K-Classic

Ranking: best budget coffee

best cheapest coffee maker

The Keurig K classic was chosen in this list since it comes with pretty decent features when compared with its price. However, it might not have a modern look. But who cares?

The Keurig classic is very compact and can easily fit into your kitchen. Couple with that, you can brew a variety of coffees with the Keurig k-Classic and depend on the cup size you are brewing into your coffee, you can brew it into 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz cup sizes

While it is not the best looking if you are hell-bent on the aesthetics, it is super easy to use due to its automatic brewing system which requires only basic interaction with the interface.

In addition to that, it brews coffee quickly.

You shouldn’t spend more than a minute brewing your coffee with it. Also, another great thing about it is the ease of maintaining the coffee maker.

Another nice feature of the Keurig K classic coffee maker is the auto shut-off feature that can automatically turn off the coffee maker when it is idle for two hours after brewing

With all these features, the Keurig K classic goes for $100.


Hamilton Beach 49976

best cheapest coffee maker

The Hamilton Beach Coffee maker comes with a Glass carafe or thermal carafes option depending on your budget but the glass carafe is cheaper. 

One of the interesting things about this Coffee maker is that you can brew a full pot using your favourite grounds on the thermal carafe side or make a cup for yourself using a Keurig k-cup pod or grounds on the single-serve side.

Coupled with that, the Hamilton beach coffee maker is programmable since it comes with a programmable timer, auto pause & serve and auto-shutoff.

Just like the Keurig coffee maker, the Hamilton Beach is also easy to clean and maintain and it also comes packed with a classic drip style system. Its the perfect coffee maker for all types of coffees drinkers


Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Ranking: best small coffee maker

best cheapest coffee maker

Another option you might want to consider is the mini version of the Keurig-K-classic. So why are we including this coffee maker on this list? 

Firstly the Keurig K-min Coffeemaker is energy efficient travel friendly and it is perfect for small spaces. 

With the Keurig K-classic, you can brew between 6-12oz cup size.

Since it is 5 feet wide, you can only brew one cup at a time. and it brews your coffee in less than a minute just like the Keurig classic. 

However, there are some downsides to using this mini coffee maker

One of them is the fact that it doesn’t come with brew volume control settings and you can’t brew more than one cup at a time

In addition to that, this coffee machine only brews one cup of coffee at a time; that’s why it is a good choice for those who live alone.

It doesn’t have brew-strength control settings however it is easy to maintain. 

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Cuisinart DCC-3200P1

best cheapest coffee maker

The Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 coffee maker is one of the best cheapest coffee makers that has a competitive price point.

 It is not only cheap, but it also comes with some impressive features such as its 24-hour programmability with 1–4 cup settings.

It doesn’t make a noise like other cheap counterparts.

Coupled with that, it also comes with a 60-second reset function, its control is easy to use and it is programmable. 

Also, another remarkable feature is the fact that you can choose from a variety of temperature selections.

All these make it super easy to use


BLACK+DECKER Thermal Coffee Maker

best cheapest coffee maker

Coming at just $90, the Black Decker coffee maker comes at a steal. Now, most users don’t need to complain about spill-out due to the way the 12-cup thermal carafe is structured

While the brewing time seems to be a bit long, the Black decker boasts of some turnaround impressive features such as being able to program it at any time of the day and have a fresh coffee in the morning before going to work

In addition to that, it comes with several brew options such as regular, strong, or bold, depending on your taste

Also, since the carafe is thermal, your coffee will stay hot in the container for longer than a glass carafe. 

After listing all the features, it comes with some unpleasurable’s such as the long brewing time which I earlier spoke about. Also, its durability is not above par since it is made of a plastic base but it’s worth a mention in among the best cheapest coffee maker due to its price value comparison.


Ninja CE251

best cheapest coffee maker

The ninja CE251 comes among the best cheapest coffee maker on our list since it comes with competitive pricing and some pretty decent features.

Firstly the look is modern and appealing and it is quite durable. 

That being said, the Ninja CE251 comes with an advanced boiler to ensure your coffee is brewed at the perfect temperature. 

That is not all, you also get a 24-hour programmable delay brew that allows you to prepare your brew up to a day in advance. 

While it is made with a glass carafe which might mean your coffee might not stay hot for long. But it is very cheap since it cost only $79

Coupled with all that, it is pretty easy to use since it comes with an inbuilt filtration system and user-friendly controls and you also get to enjoy the fact that it isn’t too bulky.


Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

best cheapest coffee maker

The Muller Ultra is one of the cheapest coffee makers on the list as it only goes for $49. But then, what makes it on the list of the best cheapest coffee maker?

Firstly, it standouts as a durable and easy maintain coffee maker. However, that is not all. You can also program the coffee maker just like most of the coffee makers earlier mentioned on this list and it has a variety of brew strengths you can choose from.

If your budget is under $50 and you need a 12 cups coffee maker that does a decent job in brewing your coffee, you should go for the muller coffee maker


AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Ranking: best coffee maker under $50

best cheapest coffee maker

The AeroPress coffee maker is perfect for a coffee snob. 

The reason why I said that is because, it might be stressful having to grind your coffee, but this equipment reduces the bitterness and high acidity created by the long steep time.

The state might not be good at first since you will be filtering through paper unless you get the wire mesh.

But then, the brewing time is pretty short and its very compact and travel friendly

With the AeroPress coffee maker, you can make 1 to 3 cups of coffee. and it is very compact and affordable.

With all these nice features the AeroPress coffee maker comes with some downsides such as its Small capacity and the fact that you have to hand wash it when after usage


BLACK DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

BLACK DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

This might not be your best option if you are a coffee snob as you are limited to one control button which makes its operation easier. 

You don’t have soo many options when adjusting its temperature or adjusting its settings. However, it seems perfect for someone who just wants to have a coffee without having to go through any stress.

In addition to all that, another thing you would love about this coffee maker is you can pause the coffee maker while brewing to help reduce spills.

Aside from that, you don’t need to get a paper filter as it comes with a removable filter. This reduces the cost of always getting a paper filter after one use.

Besides all that, the black decker coffee maker comes with some displeasing features like the lack of automatic shutoff, the fact that it breaks easily and its lack of adjustable controls.

That said, if your budget is under $30 this is the best cheapest coffee maker for that budget category


Braun KF7150BK

best cheapest coffee maker

The Braun KF7150BK is one of the most decent-looking coffee makers out there which contains all the features required of a coffee maker at its price. 

It’s not the cheapest on the list but it is certainly worth mentioning among the best cheapest coffee maker and here is why?

Firstly, it lasts very long. There are reviews of customers that have mentioned using it for 5-10 years. But that is not all.

The Braun KF&150BK comes with a unique design that prevents spillage and it has a compact look which makes it less bulky. However, it might not be the lightest out there.

Besides all that, It comes with a programable control and a pause-to-serve control which makes it safer to pour the coffee while it is still brewing



By now you should be well informed on the best cheapest coffee maker and that should guide you better on your next purchase. If you feel this article has been helpful kindly share it with your close friends who also intends on getting a coffee maker.

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