WPX Hosting Review: Best Managed Hosting For WordPress

I started using WPX hosting service some years back when I was experiencing downtime with my previous hosting. So, I decided to give WPX hosting a trial and I have since stuck with WPX since then. So in this WPX hosting review, you will have access to our down-to-earth opinion on the hosting rating, speed, customer service, cPanel accessibility, plans and prices, and other information that will benefit you before deciding whether to go with the hosting service.

A poor hosting service kills businesses faster than a lack of traffic. Traffic can be sorted out with new Google updates, analyzing your ranking pages via your Google analytics and optimizing them using SEO tools such as Semrush, ahref, and other search engine optimization tools.

If you want to boost your traffic with keywords with low competition kindly check out our article on how to find the best keywords you can easily rank for.

WPX hosting is one of the fastest hosting services I have ever used with a good rating and instant customer service response. If you are an online vendor, website owner, or blogger; you need to optimize your website to load faster.

You can increase your website visitors from search engines by increasing your website load speed. If your website is fast enough it will reduce your website bouncing rate and increase conversions.

However, there are limited hosting services that offer the credibility of loading your website within seconds.

That is where WPX hosting comes into the scene.

In this WPX hosting review; we will reveal what this fast WordPress web hosting service has to offer. This will cover existing website owner that is looking to change web hosting service or a starter that needs a WordPress web host that guarantees 99.9% uptime and fantastic website loading time under 2 seconds.

Good WordPress Web Hosting Service

Before you migrate to WordPress or start your website on the WordPress platform you need to decide on your web hosting service as this plays a paramount role in your blogging career or online business.

Let’s see some of the reasons why you need a good WordPress web host to host your website.

Studies show that a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load loses more than 57% of first-time visitors. This will increase your bounce rate. The result reveals that 80% of the 57% that left due to the slow website will never check back. And 50% of the 80% that came will give a negative review about your website.

This will reduce your conversion rate to more than 50%. So, if you are into digital products or online services and your website load time dropped from 1 second to 3-4 seconds you stand the chance to experience poor sales as most of your potential customers will never wait that long.

Research shows that if the reverse is the case. that is; if you improve your website speed from 4 seconds to 3 seconds you will increase your conversion rate by 2%.

If it increases from 4 seconds to 2 seconds your conversion rate will likely be increased by 4%. This result was verified when Firefox improved download by 15.4% by increasing its site load time by 2.2%.

If there is one thing you need to get the best out of with your online business it has to be the website load speed. You can only achieve this with good WordPress web hosting.

WPX Hosting Review

You now have a reason to make your website load faster by choosing the best web hosting service for your business. To fix this you need to choose a WordPress web host with high performance. ; you can enjoy the benefit of free visitors to your website.

With that; going through this WPX hosting review for WordPress will be of great benefit to your business.

We won’t just ask you to join the WPX hosting crew or team without giving you the reasons to…

Here we will start the WPX review with some of the features and benefits of one of the fastest web hosting services in 2022.

WPX Web Host Features

If you are on hosting services like WordPress.com or Blogger.com you may not need a web hosting service. You don’t have to worry about your website web host. You only need to worry about optimization. But if you are on a self-hosted WordPress host; you need to pay attention to how fast your websites should be.

It’s important to focus on your website speed and load time. However, this will help you to increase conversion and reduce bounce rate. With Managed WordPress host that is good with high performance and good rating; a lot should be expected.

If your site performance is poor your conversion will be worse. This, however, is the reason why most website owners always go for a premium hosting service to get the best out of their website.

WPX Host Speed Test

This website is on WPX web hosting. So; we will show you our speed test result. We installed the GeneratePress theme with over 15 plugins including the Rankmath SEO plugin, WP-Rocket, and Jetpacks, among others.

We also run another website on Intersever with the same theme and plugins. The only difference between the two websites is the number of contents and how often we update them.

This site is our main website; it’s updated regularly and the latter got updated when we have reasons to.

From our result, we find out that the site hosted on the WPX web host has a total blocking time of 0ms.WPX Hosting Review

The second website that we hosted on another web host server has a total blocking time of 2ms.WPX Web Host Review

That is a huge difference.

You see how the WPX web host impacts the site’s total blocking time and helps to improve the site’s speed.

With a WordPress web host that has a high performance and improves the site’s loading times, you can increase your conversion rate by a reasonable percentage.

So, if you ever want to increase your traffic, improve conversion rate, build your email list, and retain most visitors that come to your website for the first time, you need to reduce your site’s loading times and keep it below 3 seconds.

Is it website load speed that you enjoy with WPX? No… Below is another feature you need to watch out for when buying a web hosting account.

Website Backup

If you need to back up your site daily you need to start considering the WPX web host. WPX back up all websites every day automatically. So, you don’t have to back up your site yourself.

For each of your website’s backups, it will be kept on a separate server in other not to overload the server and all backups will be available for 28 days before the first one is replaced.

So, you can download your website backup to your local machine or restore the last update backup if anything goes wrong with your website.WPX backup

However, if you make a crucial change to your website and want to do a backup instantly you just need to use your WPX web host manual back feature to back up your site manually before the automated backup time.

All WPX backups are marked in orange. So, you can easily restore, download, and delete your backup.

With the WPX site backup, you don’t need to use a plugin to back up your site from your backend.

Website Migration

WPX Hosting Review

WPX team did my site migration for me when I joined the team of the fastest WordPress web hosting with the WPX migration feature.

WPX experts can complete any website migration within 24 hours from your previous web hosting to WPX without losing your traffic.

For your WPX web host website migration you need to complete a form via your hosting account providing all your previous hosting information and the new website’s domain on WPX you want to move to.

Once you complete the form scroll down and click on the submit button to submit your form. You can clear the form by clicking on the reset form and start over.

Note: You must provide the exact information to avoid mistakes. Also, do not delete the previous hosting account until the migration is completed and the propagation [if you change the domain name] is confirmed.

WPX site migration service is completely free. So you don’t have to pay a dime.

Free Customize Business Email

WPX Email

If you need a business email such as contact@gadgetswright.com you can get it for free from the WPX web host.  The free business email will give your business a brand and let you choose what you think is the best fit for your business.

So, instead of using the usual email address such as Gmail or Yahoo!, you will have a customized email address. The fun part is that; the WPX team are always online 24/7 to help you solve any problems.

The basic information you need includes the incoming/outgoing server, SMTP server IP address, IMAP port, POP3 port, SMTP port and your customized email.

You can always access the email using the webmail client from WPX on mobile and PC.

Support Team

WPX Customer care

WPX web hosting has the best and fastest customer service I have ever seen in the last 9 years. This is something you can verify within seconds.

The moment you click on the online icon to the bottom right of WPX.net web hosting site and you sign a representative will be ready to respond to all your queries.

In most cases, WPX customer representatives respond before you type your first message. They don’t waste time and they don’t want to keep their potential customers waiting.

So, I can say this because I have been with these guys for three years and we don’t plan to leave anytime soon.

Simple User Dashboard

You don’t want a complicated dashboard? This is one thing you enjoy with WPX. The user dashboard is simple and direct. Once you logged into your WPX account the first thing you will see is your WPX plan and from there you can access your hosting service and others.

WPX Hosting Review

Right on the dashboard, you will have access to your primary domain, web host cost price, migration service, WordPress control panel, and support information.

WPX Web Hosting Price

WPX offers three different plans starting from:

WPX Business, Professional, Elite plan

WPX web host cost $24.99 monthly for the business plan, $49.99 per month for the professional plan, and $99.00 per month for the elite plan.

However, you can enjoy a huge discount if you go for the yearly plan. With WPX yearly plan you will save two months on all plans. So, it will cost $20.83 per month which is equivalent to $249.99 per year for a business plane.

The professional yearly plan cost $41.58 per month which is equivalent to $499.00 per year and the elite plan goes for $83.25 per month and which cost $999.00 per month.

One each for the year plans you will enjoy around 16 per cent per year.

With these WPX web hosting reviews you should decide the future of your website and see how you can improve the ranking, site speed, and conversion rate.

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