Best Cheapest Hearing Aid Under $500

When you are looking to get the best cheapest hearing aid, you should be very concerned about what you need in a hearing hear and what fits your style notwithstanding how much it cost.

But then, Hearing Aids can be pricey and spending $5000 upward might not be in your budget.

Also, it is understandable that, Without hearing aids, you could feel isolated especially if you are older as you might not be able to communicate efficiently with others.

While these do seem like a big deal. You might have to come up with a considerable budget when getting one.

You don’t need to come up with $5000 if your doctor has told you to get that as there are pretty good ones for way below that.

But merely going for a cheap hearing aid might be risky if you don’t have an idea of what to look out for and what you should avoid

But, since you’re here, we will be breaking down some of the widely accepted criteria you should look out for when looking to get the best cheapest hearing Aid

NB: if you have an extreme hearing loss you should strictly follow your Otolaryngologists advice

Before Selecting a hearing Aid

The price of hearing aids usually depends on factors such as the manufacturer of the Hearing aid, the particular model you are going for and the features that comes packed with.

While all these might sound like a basic checkbox to look out for when selecting the best cheapest hearing aids. You cannot bank on them.

Hearing Aids are not fashion accessories, that is why we have taken our time to go through tons of hearings aids to ensure that most we will be listed here are widely accepted and are under the regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

That being said, below are the criteria a decent hearing aid should meet before deciding to purchase it.

Clear Sound

If you are going for less sophisticated and cheap hearing aids, you might have to sacrifice some features. But having a cheap hearing Aid that doesn’t give out a clear sound is a no-no.

While noise cancellation is usually absent in cheap hearing aids, it is non-negotiable for a hearing aid to have a poor audio quality

Should be Affordable

Hearing Aids are non-fancy products they are health-based products. And due to that, it shouldn’t be too expensive to purchase a decent one. 

But then, some brands create some of these things to make profits while raking in high-profit margins, which is okay.

However, there are some well-priced hearing aids out there that cost far lesser without compromising on their quality

Solid customer support

Hearing aid, might not be easy for everyone to pick up and use as they might require a steep learning curve. So it is quite beneficial if a manufacturer offers good customer support during the purchase and after the purchase.

Type of Hearing Aid

Basically, there are two types of hearing Aids.

We have the ITE(Inside the Ear) hearing Aids and the BTE(Behind the ear) Hearing Aids. 

Both of them work fine, but the main difference between them is that one is more conspicuous than the other.

ITE hearing Aids are usually Half shell or full shell while BTE usually fit behind the ear just the way some single wireless Bluetooth earbuds might look like

Long-lasting batteries

Another important factor you should prioritize is how long the juice in your hearing aid can last. 

If you have to keep charging it every hour or it doesn’t have a long standby time then it is a red flag.

You can get cheap hearing aids with a pretty decent standby time such that it lasts longer than 24 hours. So you shouldn’t negotiate this feature if it is not there.

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Best cheapest Hearing Aid

Now that we’ve gone through some of the things you ought to consider when selecting the best cheapest hearing aid, we will be delving into the top 5 best cheapest hearing aid you should go for that offers a decent amount of features without you having to break the bank

1. MD Hearing Aid Air

MD Hearing Aid Air Best Cheapest Hearing Aid Under $500

Rank: best cheap hearing aids 2022

One of the things that make this hearing Aid standout in the list of the best cheapest Hearing aid is the fact that While it is regarded as a BTE hearing Aids, its pretty compact and less conspicuous than other BTEs

Most BTEs are known to have more features while making them a bit expensive.

But not all of them come with some impressive nice-to-haves such as the MD hearing Aid.

This Hearing Aid boasts of quite a several well-thought features such as the Slim tube style outlook making it almost free of clogging and the long standby battery time which makes it last for over a week after a full charge.

Coupled with that, It’s is also easy to use especially for baby boomers as it comes preprogrammed with four settings corresponding to the most common hearing losses.

While all these might sound good enough for hearing aids priced under $500 that are also FDA-registered, they also release some fear off you by giving you a 45-day risk-free trial and a 100-day warranty period.

Usually, FDA-registered hearing Aids are on the high side but the MD hearing aids come at a very competitive price costing below $500

Although it is not very ideal for extreme hearing loss issues


2. Autiphon Rechargeable Hearing Aids AT108

Autiphon Rechargeable Hearing Aids AT108 Best Cheapest Hearing Aid Under $500

“I consider this to be my little piece of Heaven here on earth. Not only do they look like ear buds that stay in place and don’t fall out. They are the best ITE that I have worn. They hear everything that I had missed for years.”

When you compare the standby time between BTE hearing aids and ITE hearing Aids the difference is usually far apart since there is only so much space an ITE can allow for a large battery.

However, most of them come with a pretty decent battery such as the Autiphon hearing aid which comes with a standby time of 45 hours.

While the battery might not seem to last that long, it is a pretty impressive hearing time for an ITE hearing aid since it has a small size

Besides that, you also get to benefit from tinnitus masking when you get this hearing aid.

And, in addition to that, it does a great job of filtering out an environment to enhance your hearing experience since it comes with two modes “regular” and “noisy environment” modes.

Although, ease of use might not be soo great for first-time users as the tap controls could be difficult for some people to use. Aside from that, changing the volume requires taps of different lengths and this can seem confusing for some but then, you only need to get used to it.


3. Earup Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aids 

Earup Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aids Best Cheapest Hearing Aid Under $500

While this might be placed in the category of ITE, it is still conspicuous but it could be hard to figure out that you are wearing a hearing aid since it looks like an Earbud

But then, some great features make this hearing aids impressive.

Firstly, you can customize the settings of the sounds by adjusting the treble and bass while also changing hearing enhancement programs which are made up of three modes — general, noise reduction, and noise reduction plus.

Aside from all these, the Earup hearing aids can listen to music, take phone calls and activate Siri. 

But, one of the things that might be less pleasing is the short 8 hours of battery life and the pairing issues you might encounter while using.

But then, it is priced cheaply 


4. Nano CIC Invisible Hearing Aids

Nano CIC Invisible Hearing Aids

“This is a well-made good quality in the ear canal, Hearing Aid. Extremely easy to operate compared to others of this style, as seen throughout the internet. Sound is good”

This is one of the best ITE hearing aid on this list that comes with a very competitive pricing

Firstly, one of the things that surprise me about this hearing aid, is the battery life. 

Higher battery standby time is usually synonymous with a BTE hearing aid, but this one comes with 3-7 days of listening time.

You can rarely see someone using this hearing aid since it looks invisible due to its small size.

If you are looking to enhance your one-on-one conversation or watch TV or even talk on phones, then this is one of the best cheapest hearing aids you should get if your budget is under $300

Although, you might not be able to use this to stream media files or to tackle extreme hearing loss issues as it is not suitable for that


5. Tumin Rechargeable Hearing Aids For Seniors 

Tumin Rechargeable Hearing Aids For Seniors 

“They sound good and make it easier to hear things like the TV. Outside it makes it easier to see things like birds singing.”

This is another decent ITE hearing aid if you are under a budget. But it might not be as impressive as the Nana CIC hearing aid.

One of the things that make it stand out is its naked design and compact look.

You also get to experience no discomfort after wearing it for a long time. This is not usually common with cheap hearing aids

Another impressive feature of the Tumin hearing aids is the 35-hour listening time which sounds decent for an ITE hearing aid.

However, listing all these would be incomplete if I don’t specifically mention the 12+6 month hassle-free warranty it comes with to take care of any issues you might come across

Besides, their technical support is always ready to help you resolve any issue you might be facing.

Although, this hearing aid is not suitable for extreme hearing loss issues.


Are cheap hearing aids worth buying?

Cheap hearing aids are worth the price, however, when you talk of cheap the price is a huge determinant.

If you want a hearing aid that won’t give you issues you should up your budget to at least $300

Aside from that, cheap hearing aids are not usually suitable for extreme hearing loss as you might have to go for the expensive one

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aids can go as low as $20 while they can go as high as $7000. It all depends on certain features such as the level of hearing loss you are trying to correct and what style you want.

Do inexpensive hearing aids really work?

Yes, they do work, and some cheap ones perform a great job in clearing issues such as background noise while also making you comfortable wearing them for a long period.

But, most the cheap hearing aid are not suited ng aid for extreme hearing loss

How long do hearing aids last?

There are a series of factors that affect the life span of a hearing aid. Usually, it can last for 2-3 years. But it depends on certain variables such as the length of time they’re worn each day and the conditions that they’re worn in

Different in-the-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aids?

BTE, which is referred to as behind-the-ear usually comes packed with more features such as higher battery life, better amplifier etc. However, it is not usually discreet as others can easily figure out that you are using hearing aids.

But the ITE in-the-ear hearing aids seem to have a less conspicuous outlook as others might struggle to figure out that you have hearing issues. 

But then, it usually comes with lessers features due to its small size.

However, they do a great job in correcting hearing loss so it falls back on your personality and what you want. 


After going through this article, you should have been well informed on the best cheapest hearing aid out there and what you should look out for when next you are looking to purchase a hearing aid. If you have any other suggestions aside from the ones mentioned here feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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