Best Bluetooth Home Speakers

Are you a Music lover who enjoys listening to high-quality audio when at home? Then, getting one of the best Bluetooth home speakers will provide all you need as regards enjoying your best playlist or podcasts just the way you want it from the comfort of your home. 

Fortunately, most Bluetooth speakers in the market are designed sleek, smart, and very easy to use. Its compact design makes it blend in with the existing interior home decoration without taking up unnecessary space with lots of cords and wires. 

Most of these best Bluetooth home speakers have built-in voice assistants that assist with your day-to-day tasks while some support multi-room features that make you enjoy your music better from one room to another. Peradventure, you love listening to music where there’s water in your home like in the bathroom or the kitchen, then you can get the speaker with waterproof designs. 

Read on as we unveil the features of the best Bluetooth home speakers you can look out for to help you choose the best indeed.

Best Bluetooth home speakers

Features of Best Bluetooth Home Speakers

In case you are planning on getting a Bluetooth speaker that can serve the entire part of your home and you are not so sure of which brand to buy or the features to look out for. Well, below are the trademarks you should always check to get the best Bluetooth home speakers:


Ensure that you get a smart, portable, and easy-to-use Bluetooth speaker that’s suitable for listeners searching for small speakers. The portable design of your speaker allows you to take it along with you to listen to audio outdoors and even indoors from one room to another.

Excellent Battery Life

Your selected best Bluetooth home speakers must have an awesome battery life that has a minimum of 10 hours of playtime without any break in transmission. This feature offers long hours of playtime of high-quality audio of your choice. 

Quality Sound 

Your home speaker must have a full, clear, robust sound to serve everyone in your home equally. The speaker should produce powerful bass and sound that’s robust enough to get a dozen of people on the dance floor. 

Waterproof Design

If you are a bathroom star who loves to listen and sing to your favourite playlists while in the shower, then getting a waterproof home speaker is your best bet. If you love listening to music while cooking in the kitchen, then this is your best bet. It will save you money from repairs against water damage because if your speaker has a certain IP rating that supports submerging, then your speaker can fall into a bucket of water and you still take it out without any damage. Isn’t that amazing?

Multi-room Feature Compatibility

In case you want to create a speaker system that covers more than one room, then you can go with the Wi-Fi–based speakers that also include Bluetooth. The advantage of these Wi-Fi-based speakers include multiroom operation and voice-command functions but these features come with little or no extra cost, compared to having a Bluetooth-only speaker.

However, if you don’t want the Wi-Fi setup, you can easily use the models as just Bluetooth speakers and ignore the Wi-Fi functions.

Built-in Voice Assistants

Getting a portable smart speaker that is versatile with built-in support for built-in voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant can save you a whole lot of stress. This built-in voice assistant feature on your home speakers will surely make life easy for you.

Best Bluetooth Home Speakers

Here, we have collated the 7 best Bluetooth home speakers that have most of the features aforementioned which makes them the best choices that you can choose from. Check them out below:

Amazon Echo Gen 4

best Bluetooth home speakers

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth home speakers, you can check out the Amazon Echo Gen 4. The cheap stereo smart speaker offers great values such as Alexa built-in which easily registers your voice from far and even in noisy rooms.

You can as well mute the mic when you don’t want it to listen to you again. Amazon Echo Gen 4 also has a Zigbee hub built-in, which can be used to control compatible smart home devices such as thermostats and lightbulbs across your home.

The default sound profile of the Amazon Echo Gen 4 is a bit robust with a balanced mid-range, that enables vocals and lead instruments to sound clear and present in the mix. In its associated app, there are bass and treble adjustments that can be used to customize its sound to your liking.

This app can also be used to connect numerous compatible speakers in case you need to boost your audio across a large space or listen to the different audio content in your home in different rooms all at once. Although this home speaker does not have a waterproof rating it’s one of the best Bluetooth home speakers you can invest your money on. It costs $99.99.

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Denon Home 350

best Bluetooth home speakers

If you like your audio with heavy bass, then you can check out one of the best Bluetooth home speakers known as the Denon Home 350. This Bluetooth home speaker has a bit of boomy default sound profile that is capable of producing the deep thump and rumble in low-bass that is enjoyed by lovers of bass-heavy music.

Its mid-range is also balanced, making the vocals and lead instruments reproduce audibly and with detail in the mix. You can also adjust its sound profile to your liking, all thanks to the bass and treble adjustments found in its companion app.

Denon home 350 also provides excellent voice assistant support with Alexa built-in and it can easily hear you even if you are far from the speaker or while in a noisy room. You can easily activate Alexa with your voice and also mute its mic once you don’t want it to hear you.

This speaker can be connected to compatible Denon soundbars to create a home setup. However, before this speaker can work, it needs to remain wired to a power source, which prevents you from moving it from room to room. In case you don’t mind moving the speaker and you want to enjoy your favourite music at home, then, it’s a great choice. It costs $699.00.

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IKEA Sonos SYMFONISK Bookshelf

best Bluetooth home speakers

The IKEA SYMFONISK Bookshelf speaker is one of the best Bluetooth home speakers that is tested and trusted. This speaker is a joint design between IKEA and Sonos put together to ideally blend in with your home decoration.

This speaker can be placed horizontally, vertically, or mounted to your wall which also functions as a bookshelf. It is designed with a room correction feature known as ‘Trueplay’ that is presently only available on iOS devices. This feature uses the speaker’s sound according to the acoustics of the room it’s placed in.

Once Trueplay is enabled, the speaker has a robust sound profile with a balanced mid-range that ensures vocals and lead instruments sound clear and audible in the mix, though higher-pitched vocals and instruments sound harsh at times.

The Sonos S2 app can use the bass and treble sliders to adjust its sound to your liking. Just like most speakers of its size, it doesn’t get so loud to fill a large crowded space and it brawls to reproduce the deep thump and rumble present in bass-heavy music such as EDM or hip-hop.

Although, it doesn’t have built-in voice assistants like other Sonos speakers you can use Alexa and Google Assistant to control the speaker once it has been connected to a compatible voice-enabled Amazon or Google Home device. It costs $129.99.

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Klipsch’s The One IIbest Bluetooth home speakers

The Klipsch’s The One II is one of the best Bluetooth home speakers that is designed in a small and simple size, that sounds better than its contenders, and its classy design is top-notch.

In its small and stylish package, you get an excellent sound that is clearer, and more natural-sounding vocals than the other similar Bluetooth speakers, and it offers plenty of basses, too. The One II’s retro structure is beautiful and classy, and it suits almost any decor.

The Bluetooth pairing process is very simple. It has an on/off switch, a volume control, and an input selector, making it one of the simplest audio systems you can invest your money on. The One II is a great option if you want to get good sound in your home without the complications that Wi-Fi speakers bring. This speaker costs about $179.95.

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Marshall Woburn II best Bluetooth home speakers

Marshall Woburn II is an amazing Bluetooth home speaker with dual woofers that produce powerful bass and a sound that’s sturdy enough to get a dozen people on the dancing floor. It also has easy, top-mounted volume, bass, and treble controls that enable you to it easily tweak the sound to your liking.

The Woburn II is more expensive and about thrice the size of Klipsch’s The One II. However, if you are looking for a speaker sound that’s powerful enough to fill a whole loft space, then this is the best Bluetooth home speaker to get. It costs $549.99

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Sonos Move

best Bluetooth home speakers

The Sonos Move is a versatile home speaker that provides great built-in voice assistant support, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. It is an affordable multi-room wireless music system that offers great sounds.

It’s capable of understanding your commands from a distance and even in very noisy settings. Its lustrous design helps it to easily blend in with most home decor, and it’s battery-powered with a built-in carrying handle that makes it quite easy to move your favourite music or podcasts between different rooms.

It also has an IP56 rating for dust and water resistance, which implies that it’s been verified to be protected against direct contact with water for up to 3 minutes and dust for about 2 to 8 hours, which enables you can to take it along with you outside to your balcony or garden.

It also has the room correction feature known as “Trueplay” by Sonos that helps to adjust the speaker’s sound according to the particular sound properties of the room it’s placed in.

Once this feature has been enabled, then you will enjoy a well-balanced sound profile, suitable for listening to numerous audio content. Its balanced mid-range makes vocals and lead instruments sound clear and present in the mix.

The bass and treble adjustments are featured in its companion app to adjust its sound to your liking. However, ‘Trueplay’ is presently only available on iOS devices. This speaker also needs two units to play stereo audio and downmixes stereo content to mono while using it on its own.

In case you have a smart speaker that can produce stereo content without downmixing it to mono, then it’s more important, it not that portable and it doesn’t produce an extended low bass. It costs $464.00.

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Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

best Bluetooth home speakers

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is one of the best home speakers for music lovers. This large stereo speaker also has the room correction feature that enables you to adjust its sound according to sound properties in the room it’s placed in, known as ‘Adaptive EQ’, which is available with iOS and Android devices.

Once this feature is enabled, its sound profile will become well-balanced, making it suitable to listen to several music genres. There’s also a graphic EQ and presets in the companion app that enables you to have more control over its sound profile to customize to your taste.

However, it doesn’t have some low bass, so you can’t feel the deep rumble usually present in bass-heavy music like EDM or hip-hop. This speaker can get loud enough to fill bigger rooms with sound with little or no compression present at maximum volume. Therefore, the quality of your audio remains pure and clear once the volume is maxed out. 

It’s also battery-powered and it comes with a built-in carrying strap that enables you to easily move it from one room to another. It also has an IPX4 rating for water resistance, which indicates that it has been certified to withstand small splashes of water, and you can take it outside on your balcony without worrying about getting wet from rain showers. 

However, the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom doesn’t support voice assistants. In case you are looking to blast your favourite songs at home and you don’t mind that it doesn’t have the voice assistants feature, then it’s the best choice. It costs $578.99.

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I hope this list of best Bluetooth Home speakers has opened your eyes as to which of the speakers you can get for your home that will deliver optimum sound and functionalities. Well, if you have made your final choice, feel free to drop our best bet in the comment section below, and remember to state the reason why you chose that option. 

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