How to Buy a Scooter Guide: My Full Experience

My passion for scooter suddenly hike and I started to use every opportunity I have with a scooter to learn how to ride a scooter. Since I know it takes a short lesson to learn how to ride a scooter in a country that allows a citizen to use a scooter for a walk.

I spent weeks before I can effectively control scooter on my own without holding a colleague to start riding it since it’s not a three foot’s scooter. Those that have experience with scooter prefer to use scooter with just two tires and a controller attached to the scooter handle.

Before I started to use scooter controller effectively I spent up to a month because I have other things I do alongside and I have a phobia of falling down. I wasn’t too anxious before, but when I started to see a 13 years old kid riding a scooter without any difficulty I choose to show interest to get own scooter.

Online Guide to buy a scooter

It’s good to read reviews about your favorite scooters online before you buy one or before you choose of the scooters should you choose to learn. Whether you should learn electric scooter or gas scooter. But in my own case, I don’t have a preference.

Like I said earlier that my passion for riding a scooter whether my own or not rose from 0 to almost 65 within 48 hours when I saw a 7-year-old on it in the street and waving hands at his colleague.

So, as an adult, I should learn to ride a scooter whether electric or gas scooter before buying one. What worsens the condition was my inability to ride bicycle freely. But in the long-run, I learned how to ride a scooter without thinking whether I will fall down or not.

Now as an adult, it’s time to buy my own scooter. Which adult scooter should open my wallet to buy that will save me some extra cash and still meet up with my scooter requirement.

If you were like me, you will see that it’s necessary to have some list of scooter for adult and choose from it but you have to be ready to spend some few bulks.

Gas Scooters Vs. Electric Scooters

This was the first question that was popped into my mind when I want to get a scooter as an adult. Should I buy a gas scooter or an electric scooter?

Some of my colleagues suggested electric scooter while some have a passion for a gas scooter due to the fact that it can easily be refilled when you run out of gas. While some make a suggestion for an electric scooter because I can easily re-charge it. However, I was left with my own decision and conclusion to choose from a gas scooter and an electric scooter.

For an Advance country, an electric scooter is some worth recommended over a gas scooter because there is always a 24/7 hours power to re-charge your scooter when it runs out of power. But in a developing country, a gas scooter is recommended.

For my own case, I choose both a gas scooter and an electric scooter. This means that when I ordered my own scooter I bought two different scooters with different specs. I bought a gas scooter and an electric scooter to satisfy the curiosities of my friends with a gas scooter and the one with an electric scooter.

You don’t need to order both gas and electric scooter if you can’t afford it. But you can choose the right scooter depending on your location.

In developing countries like USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA  you can choose an electric scooter but in most African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and the likes you can choose a gas scooter due to irregularity in the power supply.

Best Gas Scooters Vs. Electric Scooter Price?

This is one of the criteria to consider when you want to buy a scooter. For a kid or toddler, it’s very to get an affordable scooter less than a $300 worth spending your money on.

But for an adult, who has a taste for scooters you need to be well built in terms of your financial statement. Although, no price of a gas scooter or an electric scooter can cost you a fortune but you must know what you want to buy and how much it cost.

When I wanted to buy my own scooter, I budgeted $1200 for both the electric scooter and the gas scooter. Hoping they’d go for $600 each but I ended up spending $1450 on the two scooters.

Not that the price was inflated rather my taste and the specs I saw when I was about to other made me added some cash so as to get the best one.

For an adult, I’ll recommend you buy a scooter that will be able to service its purpose. The irony of the whole scenario is that once you have tasted one you will always want a better one in terms of specifications and speed.

If this is your first time to want to buy a scooter reading through this article, I’ll recommend you to buy a scooter with averages specs for an adult.

Also, I won’t advise an adult to buy a tri-scooter. That is a scooter with three tires. But for a kid under the age of 5, you can get a tri-scooter for a start for him or her before you then change it to a dual-tyre scooter.

Finally, know what you want on a scooter before you buy it. While it’s fun to add at least one scooter to your garage you should avoid a wasteful spending on a scooter and buy a scooter with good specs and good user rating based on what users shared.

Be smart enough to buy a scooter you will enjoy and leave to buy another. Once your first scooter gave you a bad impression about scooter it’ll be very difficult to revamp your passion for scooters.

This is my take: Buy either an electric scooter or a gas scooter or both only when you need it. And make sure it’s allowed in your country to ride a scooter in the street.

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