How to Delete a Facebook Fan Page

What is the essence of keeping a Facebook fan page that is inactive when you can hit the delete button and find it no more? The general procedure to delete a Facebook fan page is to delete your Facebook account.

Within 14 days if you failed to login to your account all your Facebook data will be deleted including your Facebook pages, Facebook groups, photos and videos, and all your Facebook update.

Meanwhile, instead of deleting your Facebook account permanently you can deactivate it to reopen it when you feel the social hit. So, think twice before you delete anything on your Facebook account.

And if you must delete them you can always download your Facebook data and import them when you need them. Meanwhile, I have had some Facebook pages I want to delete which constitute nuisances to my Facebook profile from hackers messages.

So, here in this article today, I will teach you what you can do to delete Facebook fan pages that are constituting nuisances to your timeline. If you don’t want to delete it you can change the page name to something better and dedicate more time to it to boosts its engagement with your page fans.

How to Delete a Facebook Fan Page

To delete Facebook fan pages with millions of likes or no likes at all login to your “Facebook” account, click on the “page name” to the left of your Facebook page and click on “Settings” at the top of the page you want to delete.

Delete a Facebook Fan Page

In the new page click on “General”, click “Remove Page” under “Merge Page

Delete a Facebook Fan PageClick on “delete page name” E.g, delete Gadgets Wright

Delete a Facebook Fan Page

 From the popup click “Delete” and “OK”.

Delete a Facebook Fan Page

Note that your Facebook fan page is yet to be deleted at this point. You still have the grace of 14 days to withdraw delete request from Facebook. However, a better alternative is to unpublish your page instead of delete request.

When you want to leave Facebook for a while, you don’t need to delete either your Facebook account or delete your Facebook fan pages rather make a request for account deactivate and unpublish your pages. For more information about unpublishing Facebook pages read this Facebook complete guide.

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