How to Delete Hotmail Account If You No Longer Need it

Hotmail is a popular web mail just like Yahoo, Gmail, Yandex, to mention a few. It’s free to create and it’s your choice to delete. No one will definitely harass you, not even Hotmail itself. So, if you need a tutorial on how to delete Hotmail account with password and login detail readily available, here is a post for you.

This post we not only discuss Hotmail (outlook) account it will also tell you why you need to delete your outlook account. And for the sake of those that are new to Hotmail, here is a complete guide on how to open a new Hotmail account, if you care for a Gmail account, here is a post on how to open a Gmail account for dummies and also, we have published a cornerstone content on how to create Yahoo Mail account.

Before we move to how to delete your outlook account, popularly called Hotmail you may check out how to change and protect your Facebook account and password from online hackers, it is a complete episode.

Please it worth noting that we compiled this post on how to delete outlook account in 2017 for educational purpose. And in that wise, Gadgetswright and its staff are not in anyway responsible for any attempt to use it in an unlawful way or to harm your colleague or neighbor.

How to Delete Hotmail Account…. Please Why Do I Have to?

The reason why you are reading this post is possibly you want to delete your outlook account or someone very close to you need an idea on how to delete his or her Outlook account. Nevertheless, I will use my own case as an example. In fact I’m practically going to delete one of my Hotmail account I created long ago, possible 2009 when we were still creating cheats for free browsing. However, below are the reason why I choose delete the Hotmail account which may also be peculiar to you as well.

1. Having multiple Hotmail account

2. The username looks awkward (non-professional)

3. You have probably forgotten the username or password

4. The Hotmail account has been hacked due to carelessness or it has other admin which you don’t know

5. You need a fresh Hotmail account to start afresh with.

The reasons why you may want to delete your Hotmail account is almost countless and it varies. So, whatsoever reasons why you want to delete your account you will find this post interesting and helpful.

How to Delete Hotmail Account Permanently

Welcome to the phase where the whole idea is properly cooked. And we are ready to serve you well with step by step procedure to delete your Hotmail account. However, before you can delete your Hotmail account please get the follow ready.

  1. Hotmail username
  2. Hotmail password

However, if you can’t find access to your Hotmail account again it’ll be a bit difficult to delete your Hotmail account. But that does not means it’s impossible.

Following the steps below you will be able to delete your Hotmail account permanently.

Note: You need either a valid Hotmail or Windows Live or Outlook account before you can execute the tutorial in this post. Else this post is probably not for you.

1. Open your browser and login to your Hotmail account using the above password and username and you will be redirected to new interface.

2. Open a new tab on the same browser and visit and you will be redirected to your Hotmail account settings.

 Delete Hotmail Account

3. Navigate to the middle of the page and click on security option

 Delete Hotmail Account

4. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on more security options to open a new page containing options to delete your account.

 Delete Hotmail Account

5. Help Hotmail to verify your account that you are the prime owner of the account. Enter your recovery email account and click on send code. Hotmail will forward a verification code to the email for your account verification.

 Delete Hotmail Account

6. Enter the security codes Hotmail sent to your recovery email and click on submit to continue

 Delete Hotmail Account

7. Forget about the security issue on the next page and click on “No Thanks” to move to the next stage.

 Delete Hotmail Account

8. Hotmail will redirect you back to the security page you previously opened. Meanwhile, you will have a lot of options such as manage sign in options, set up two-step verification, set up identity verification app, recovery code, remove all trusted device and close account.

Click on close account in the security option to move from the page to the next step.

 Delete Hotmail Account

9. Scroll down the page and click on next. Meanwhile Hotmail will tell you; Just in case you change your mind, we wait 60 days before permanently closing an account. During the waiting period, this account is marked for closure but it still exists. To reopen, you’ll need to prove you’re you using your current account security info.

 Delete Hotmail Account

10. On the next page accept terms and condition that you really want to delete your Hotmail account and select reason from the drop menu. After which you then need to mark account for closure.

 Delete Hotmail Account

11. Next Hotmail will be notify of your account closure and it will lasted for 60 days before the Hotmail account will be deleted permanently from Microsoft database. If you however follow the exact steps above you will be taken to the page below. Kindly click on done to finalized the whole process.

 Delete Hotmail Account

Congratulations…. This is the exact method on how to delete Hotmail account permanently but you still have to wait for 60 days.

How to Know if My Hotmail Account Has Been Deleted

Hotmail does not offer instant account deletion when you requested for one. Rather, they’d place your account closure on hold for 60 days but you will be told that your account will deleted in a specific time. Meanwhile you can still reopen your Hotmail account if you request for your account reopening within the time frame. However, to know whether you have successfully place your Hotmail account order for delete has been carried out, do the following.

Login to your Hotmail account and you will told when your account will be closed permanently. In my own case, I got  will be closed on 7/2/2017. To reopen your account click reopen or better still cancel to leave the page.

 Delete Hotmail Account

How to delete Hotmail account permanently in 2017 is extremely easy but you still have to wait for 60 days after account closure for Microsoft to permanently delete your account.

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