Download Max VPN Pro for Android

Max VPN Pro is a popular VPN for Android users to protect online privacy and hide IP addresses on Android phones such as Samsung, to remain anonymous online in all activities. Although, Max VPN APK Pro isn’t for free. But it does worth every of your penny if you do not want to be restricted from any of the Max VPN features. Max VPN’s free version comes with limited features. The features cannot be compared to the Pro version.

Max VPN Pro for Android is available for download in the Google play store to start with the VPN free trial. There is no payment involved to using the VPNMax pro version and you will not be charged if you have added a payment method to your Google play store. It’s advisable to buy apps directly from the Google play store because you will be guaranteed that the app is virus-free and doesn’t contain any forms of suspicious code that can steal your credit card details.

However, instead of paying to use the VPN Pro version, I will share with you how to download Max VPN Pro in this guide and install it on your Android phone.

The feature of the VPN Pro for Android is similar to other VPN apps for Android you have used in the past and still have installed on your smartphone.

In other to remain anonymous online and free from VPN services that keep logs of your activities online and leave a trace of you surfing the internet, here is a guide to download VPN pro for your Android smartphone.

Max VPN Pro

Download MaxVPN Pro from Play Store

To download MaxVPN Pro for Android is via the Google play store. Kindly follow the procedures below.

  • Launch the Google play store app.
  • Type “MaxVPN Pro”.
  • Click on the “Search/Enter” button.
  • Click on the “Install” button.
  • Now, you have to wait while the app is downloading.
  • Once the downloading is done the app will be installed automatically on your phone.

Download Max VPN APK Pro

MAx VPN APK is a modified version of the VPN. It’s different from the official VPN that’s available in the Google play store. So, to download the VPN, you will need to visit APK download sites such as APKMirror, APKhere, etc.

However, to download Max VPN APK and install it on your Android (Samsung) phone following the procedures below. So, to start with, enable install from unknown sources.

Enable Install from Unknown Source

We are going to show you how to download the Max VPN pro (APK) version in this guide. With the Max VPN APK, you can download both the Pro and free version. However, you cannot install an APK file directly on your Android phone since it’s a 3rd party app.

To prepare your Android phone for this task you first need to enable install from unknown sources. The procedures to access the “install from unknown sources” vary from device to device depending on the smartphone configuration.

  1. Go to your Android phone settings
  2. Scroll down to security and tap on it
  3. Find unknown sources and click on it
  4. Accept the pop by clicking on OK to toggle the option on

Now, with this feature active you will be able to install the Max VPN APK successfully without the APK file that might contain unsafe content.

Download Max VPN Pro

Here is a link to download Max VPN APK pro for Android from a 3rd-party website. Just download the VPN to your phone. I’ll walk you through how to install it.

Max VPN APK Pro Download

Install MaxVPN Pro

Now, the MaxVPN pro will be downloaded to your smartphone download file and you can now go-ahead to install the APK app.

  1. Go to you download folder or file depending on your Android
  2. Find and click on “Max_Vpn_Pro.apk file”
  3. Tap on the “install” button to the bottom leftMax VPN Pro
  4. Follow the instruction on the screen to install
  5. The VPN will be successfully installed on your Android

Now, after the VPN has been installed successfully, there is no need to create an account to use the Max VPN on your Android.

How to Connect Max VPN APK Pro

After you have successfully installed the MaxVPN on your Android here is how to connect to your desired region.

  1.  Launch the Max VPN APK from your app menu
  2. Select your country by clicking on the country.Country Selection
  3. Select the country you want to country to connect to. If you want to connect to the United State click on the United State.Max VPN Pro
  4. The VPN will try to connect to the select IP address by requesting a connection from the selected country IP address

Max VPN Pro

5. Once the VPN connects to the selected country it’ll show connected as shown below.

Connect to the US

It may take a while for the first time to connect. However, once it’s connected successfully the VPN will indicate a key on your phone notification tray and show a successful message.

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