Download Rufus for All OS (All Versions)

You can download Rufus all versions in this post. In this post, we have compiled a link to download Rufus small to create bootable USB with ISO image for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Rufus is a small tool to create a bootable USB flash or CD to format and recover lost Windows password. Rufus for Windows creates a bootable on USB flash and CD conveniently without corrupting your flash drive.

Rufus is a good alternative to UNetbootin to create a bootable USB flash. It can also be used to reset Windows 10 password if you can remember it again. All you just have to do is create a bootable program on your USB flash drive using the small tool and use it to recover the forgotten password.

Apart from using Rufus software which is for Mac and Windows OS to create bootable on external drives like USB, external hard drive, disk, and a lot more detachable, the Rufus tool also supports Windows ISO files larger than 4GB on FAT32 drive.

What is the Use of Rufus Tool?

The main usefulness of Rufus tool that the tool is popularly used for is to format and create bootable USB flash drive from USB keys/pen-drives, memory sticks and a lot more. The small tool is useful when you need to create a bootable ISO for Windows, Linux, and Mac using a USB or an external disk.

How to Install Rufus Tool?

You do not need to install Rufus on either your Windows or Mac or Linux before you can use it to create a bootable on your drives. Once you have downloaded the small tool, you do not need to install it on your Windows or Mac or Linux computer.

The tool is a light program that won’t slow down your computer performance. There is also no special requirement to download Rufus tool on your PC.

Download Rufus for Windows

Here is a link to all Rufus download for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Rufus all VersionDownload
Rufus 3.1 – Latest VersionDownload
Rufus 3.0Download
Rufus 2.18Download
Rufus 2.17Download
Rufus 2.16Download
Rufus 2.15Download
Rufus 2.14Download
Rufus 2.13Download
Rufus 2.12Download
Rufus 2.11Download
Rufus 2.10Download
Rufus 2.9Download
Rufus 2.8Download
Rufus 2.7Download
Rufus 2.6Download
Rufus 2.5Download
Rufus 2.4Download
Rufus 2.3Download
Rufus 2.2Download
Rufus 2.1Download
Rufus 2.0Download
Rufus 1.4.12Download
Rufus 1.4.11Download
Rufus 1.4.10Download
Rufus 1.4.9Download
Rufus 1.4.8Download
Rufus 1.4.7Download
Rufus 1.4.6Download
Rufus 1.4.5Download
Rufus 1.4.4Download
Rufus 1.4.3Download
Rufus 1.4.2Download
Rufus 1.4.1Download
Rufus 1.4.0Download
Rufus 1.3.4Download
Rufus 1.3.3Download
Rufus 1.3.2Download
Rufus 1.3.0Download
Rufus 1.2.0Download
Rufus 1.1.7Download
Rufus 1.1.6Download
Rufus 1.1.5Download
Rufus 1.1.4Download
Rufus 1.1.3Download
Rufus 1.1.2Download
Rufus 1.1.1Download
Rufus 1.1.0Download
Rufus 1.0.7Download
Rufus 1.0.6Download
Rufus 1.0.5Download
Rufus 1.0.4Download
Rufus 1.0.3Download

Check out all the Rufus download links here

Create Bootable With Rufus Tool

Download Rufus (latest version) from the link provided above. Just download it. Do not open it or install it. It’s an executable file though but it’s not to be installed.

Note: Before you proceed to create bootable on USB using the Rufus tool make sure you backup your flash to your computer. This procedure will erase all data on your computer. So, it’s important you have a backup if you have an important information you are not ready to let go.

  • Download Rufus from the link above
  • Double click on the Rufus program from your download folder (This option will not install it, it will only open the executable file as if it has been installed)
  • Go to device option and select the USB you want to create bootable
  • Find and select the ISO image from your computer
  • Tick create bootable and click on start

Download Rufus

  • Wait for Rufus to complete creating the bootable. Once done, you will see a success message that you have created a bootable ISO image successfully.

However, it’s possible to get an error message when burning the ISO image on your flash using Rufus tool if the ISO image is more than 4GB.

Note: When you want to create bootable USB always download Rufus that is currently updated. Older versions are not recommended.

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  1. Is there a Rufus version usable with Windows 98? Or Millenium Edition or Windows 2000?

    If exist, what is the latest version of Rufus should I download for each Windows operating system?

    Thank you very much!


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