How to Lock WhatsApp Chats

A reader request for how to lock WhatsApp chats with and without apps. So, in this article today, I’ll share with you different methods to lock WhatsApp chats with a PIN.

WhatsApp introduced message end-to-end-encryption for all users a few months ago. We can now boost that our WhatsApp chats are fully secured.

However, with normal phones lock screens like patterns, fingerprint, a face scanner, and other forms of protecting our smartphones from unwanted access is not enough to secure you WhatsApp chat from unauthorized access.

However, the WhatsApp startup lock feature is not enough to password protect your WhatsApp, it only does protect your WhatsApp when you restart your phone like the normal password to start up phone request we normally encounter in most of our phones.

But, they are few other security measures to lock WhatsApp chats and log out all intruders even when they know your phone password and can draw your phone pattern correctly.

Why You Should Lock WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp is currently the fastest means of communication. The app is taking over the entire universal and traditional means of sending SMS is derailing. And as such, a few secrets are being sent across WhatsApp chat every day. In other not to get your secret information on WhatsApp to a wrong hand you definitely need to password protect the app.

When you password protects WhatsApp you control everything on the app, both secret conversation, and public conversation. The more reason to lock your WhatsApp chats is to upgrade your WhatsApp chat security. Here today, I will share with you how to lock WhatsApp account with a PIN so that no one will be able to unlock your WhatsApp account except the delete the app.

How Can I Secure WhatsApp Chat?

The question how can I secure WhatsApp chat is trivia enough but it’s impossible without a password to specially lock your WhatsApp account and WhatsApp chats.

My favorite way to lock WhatsApp chats is not without apps. When you try to lock your WhatsApp chats without using apps it is vulnerable to divulging which won’t help the situation. The goal is to fully secure my WhatsApp and not to let other people have access to it without my consent.

How to Lock WhatsApp Chats

They are few apps in Google play store for Android phones, a few apps in Apple store as well for iOS devices, and for Windows phone, you have a lot of apps to lock conversations on WhatsApp. However, my favorite app for Android is AppLock.

1. Download and Install AppLock for Android from Google Play Store [Do not download APK files you don’t trust]

Lock WhatsApp Chats

2. Launch the AppLock app and enter a valid email address for password recovery in case you forget your WhatsApp lock PIN.

Lock WhatsApp Chats

3. Scroll down n AppLock home screen and select WhatsApp App with an unlocked key and click permit on the pop-up interface.

Lock WhatsApp Chats

4. A new window will pop to permit AppLock to work with your WhatsApp and require passwords when next you try to launch the app. The click to toggle AppLock and enable the app.

Lock WhatsApp Chats

You have successfully locked your WhatsApp app. And henceforth you will be required to draw your pattern or to enter PIN to unlock your WhatsApp.

However, some people love to use mobile anti-virus to lock their WhatsApp. It also works well. If you already have an anti-virus on your phone and you don’t know how to use it to lock WhatsApp chats kindly drop the name of the anti-virus in the comment section and I’ll share with you how to use it to lock WhatsApp chats without apps different from your anti-virus.

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