Sites Like WPThemeDetector to Detect Wordpress Theme

WPthemedetector (Wordpress Theme Detector) is an online tool to detect particular theme name any wordpress sites is using.

If you fall in love with any particular wordpress theme and would love to use it on your own site, you first need to detect the name of the theme and the theme store where you can get it.

Wordpress Theme detector support copy and paste of a site URL to detect site plugins and site theme without using plugin.

After using Wpthemedetector to detect a wordpress site theme or plugin used to support the site full funtion then you can go ahead to download the theme.

Without using Wordpress theme checker or Wordpress theme plugin checker you will be able to use these online tools to detect both Wordpress theme and plugin a particular site is using.

These sets of CMS theme detectors also show link to download respective themes and plugin even if they are premium theme and plugins.


Sites Like WPThemeDetector to Detect Wordpress Theme

Here will share 10 similar sites like WP Theme Detector  online tool to detect a particular theme a wordpress theme and plugin is using. Meanwhile, most of these themes detector can’t detect Drupal theme. These sites of online themes detector to detect themes only works for CMS sites.

1. TheSEOTools

TheSeoTools is a site like WPThemedetector to detect Wordpress site theme automatically without accessing the site source code. The SEO Tools also help to detect set of plugins a particular site used and with this online tool you won’t waste much time finding out a particular set of plugins and theme a wordpress site is running on.

The SEO Tools works exactly like Wordpress Theme Detector with just copy and paste site URL to the seo tools scan search box to detect theme a site is using.

2. WordPress Theme Detector Plugin

Wordpress theme detector plugin is a Google Chrome plugin to detect Wordpress theme and plugin a particular site is using. This plugin is similar to WPThemeDetector to detect CMS themes and plugins  for free. This particular theme detector needs not plugins or additional tool to detect any Wordpress Theme.

3. ScanWP

ScanWP is another popular Wordpress theme detector site like WPThemedetector to detect theme and plugins a particular site is using. ScanWP helps to check the entire back information of a Wordpress theme that cannot be checked manually.

Just like Wordpress Theme detector tools. ScanWP supports copy and paste of site’s URL and click search to search for site WP theme and plugins for the particular site. ScanWP is a free wordpress tool to check CMS site details but couldn’t detect drupal themes.

4. WhatWPThemeisThat

What WP Theme is that is another notable Wordpress theme detector online tool to detect Wordpress site theme and plugins. Whatwpthemeisthat detect the entire information of a particular site such as Theme name, theme developer, theme price, theme features, theme popularity, and the likes.

What WP theme is this detect both parent and child theme of a particular site and plugins if the site developer forgot to hides the theme name or remove the theme name.

5. WhatTheme

What Theme is another site like WPThemedetector to detect Wordpress blog/site theme and plugins for free and without registration. What theme Wordpress theme detector currently works with currently working with WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Shopify, Ghost, Blogger, Tumblr, Big Cartel and Magento to detect the themes and plugin with link to the theme source for download or purchase.

6. ThemeSniffer

Wordpress theme sniffer is a Google Chrome plugin that works like WPThemedetector to detect wordpress theme and plugin. Theme sniffer is Chrome extension that easily detect sites information such as Theme, and plugin details. Once installed on your Chrome browse it is very easy to use and check for theme details such as theme name, theme developer, theme price, and them link.

7. SpyBar

Spy Bar is another popular tool like WPThemeDetector (Wordpress theme detector) that goes for just $12.95 life term registration. For premium service to access the entire information of a wordpress site SpyBar is a popular browser extension to spy Wordpress theme and theme. SpyBar theme detector plugin support  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, PC and Mac computer!

8. PageXray

PageXray is a Chrome browser plugin that works like WPThemeDetector stie to search for CMS, Drupal and other blogging platform theme information. Page Xray theme detector works like Theme sniffer to detect wordpress site theme and plugins and a link to theme source for download.

9. WorldWP

WorldWP is another Chrome plugin to detect Wordpress site theme information and plugins detail. WorldWP as well provide link to theme developer’s page and entire information related to WorldWP theme detector extension.

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