How to Download WhatsApp for Samsung Devices

WhatsApp download for Samsung phones. A complete guide to download WhatsApp for Samsung devices. If you are reading this post you probably have a Samsung device and will love to download WhatsApp for it. Then, if yes, let go for it and teach you how to download WhatsApp for Samsung without installing WhatsApp APK file.

Well, let me first tell you that not being able to use WhatsApp on Samsung devices is a general problem for Samsung lovers, most especially once the fast-growing mobile messenger is not pre-installed on your device. It means that you have to download and install the Messenger yourself. However, in this post today we will share with you how to download WhatsApp for Samsung devices and start chatting up your friends and family on Samsung mobile.

As at the time of writing this post on Samsung device and WhatsApp app, you can only use WhatsApp on a smartphone running Android 2.1 or Android Eclair and above. Meaning that WhatsApp still supports some devices other than Samsung such as Nokia Asha, Symbian phones, Blackberry, iPhone, and the likes.

The very best way to install WhatsApp on Samsung devices when you have an issue installing the app is not by contacting Samsung customer care, it’s simply by contacting the app developer. To contact app developer when you have problem installing apps on your Samsung devices, go to the app store and you will see the app developer contact.

Fill the contact form and send a message to the developer concerning the problem you are facing installing their app. In no time, the app developer may take a look at it and see whether the inability to install the app is as a result of bugs.

So, rather than contacting WhatsApp that you weren’t able to install WhatsApp on your Samsung devices just make sure you follow this procedure first to see whether it will help solve the problem.

How to Download WhatsApp for Samsung Devices

Note that this procedure works on all Samsung devices. For those of you wanting to roll back to WhatsApp 2016, you may want to read this post why you should not bother downloading WhatsApp 2016 version. Below is the exact procedure I followed to download WhatsApp for my phone and it really rocks.

Right from your Samsung device home screen. Find the app button and click on it as shown in the image below

Download WhatsApp for Samsung Devices

A list of app your device apps will be displayed. Note that this section contains both pre-installed apps and the one you installed yourself. However, for this tutorial, we need to find means to installing WhatsApp Messenger directly from parent website or from play store. So, click on Play store app as also shown below

Download WhatsApp for Samsung Devices

While on play store homepage, click on the search column and search for either WhatsApp or  WhatsApp Messenger and then click on search icon or go button on your Samsung device. Most times, play store will pop up WhatsApp messenger using the auto-suggestion feature.

Download WhatsApp for Samsung Devices

Once the messenger has populated, click on it and you will be moved to a new where you will be asked to install the Messenger. Now, you ain’t downloading WhatsApp Messenger before installing rather you are installing the messenger app directly. Then click on Install button on your Samsung device to start downloading.

Note: If you have been using play store on your Samsung device before now you may not be prompted to accept WhatsApp condition for your device. Sometimes, it starts to download straight instead of popping up accept terms. If it, however, pops that click on accept to continue.

This is how to download WhatsApp for Samsung devices but we are not done yet… Since we are half done, take some chill water and let’s begin the second half.

Swipe down your Samsung device from the home screen and to click on the downloaded WhatsApp app Messenger, you will find out that it has successfully installed on your Samsung device.

Download WhatsApp for Samsung Devices

So, go back to your Samsung app menu and find the downloaded WhatsApp app Messenger. Follow the on-screen instruction to set up WhatsApp on your Samsung mobile.

Download WhatsApp for Samsung Devices

With this post, you should be able to download WhatsApp for Samsung devices on any brand now. Even Samsung Galaxy phones and other versions of Samsung phone.

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