Android Hotspot Not Working: Here is How to Fix It [Updated]

I don’t want to believe I’m currently the only person that needs a solution to Android HotSpot not working with other devices like Laptops, Desktops, other mobile phones and other wireless-enabled devices. In the first place, I was of the opinion that Android Hotspot or wireless not working is common to Inifinix devices but that’s not true.

At present, my Infinix Hote Note 4, and Infinix Hot 3 Hotspot are not currently connecting to other devices. Although, when they both see Wi-Fi, they connect to it very fast when it comes to using them as Hotspot for other wireless-enabled devices to connect to them, the Hotspot will power on and switch off instantly. The funniest part is that soon or later the Hotspot issue will possibly start affecting my Infinix Note 3.

If you haven’t had a taste of Infinix Note 3, you need to check out our smart review about the 2GB Ram, 16GB ROM, and fingerprint scanner device.

Less I forget, while I was research on how to resolve this issues of HotSpot not working on Android phones, most especially on Infinix devices I found out that the problem isn’t peculiar to Infinix mobile alone. In general, Android hotspot not working has been recorded to be a rampant issue on devices like HTC, Samsung, and some other great smartphone in the market.

If you are using Samsung Galaxy device and you are having issues with your device hotspot you may want to read this solution from the first word to the last and implement it properly. For HTC users, this is the exact article you should read to put an end to the long search on Hotspot not working on your device. Although the article is about HTC One X it works for almost HTC phones. Just make sure you follow the guideline in the post and you should be able to resolve Hotspot turning on and off on your device.

The solution to tethering problem on your Android phone that is about to be shared in this post is tested on Infinix phone and it started working.

So, if after reading this post you still cannot revamp your Android hotspot to working state then you need to forget about revamping the Hotspot and concentrate on using the device other basic feature.

Check out this video on how to troubleshoot Hotspot on your Android phone

Why Android Hotspot is Not Working

Your Android hotspot may stop working for so many reasons. Some of these reasons will be discussed.

The following are the possible cause of your Android phone hotspot not working…

1. Outdated Android OS

2. Third-party app interfering with your phone hotspot

3. Android phone is not rooted

However, if all these are positive about your Android phone you should be able to have your device hotspot working perfectly.

Consider how to fix your Android phone hotspot below…

Android Hotspot Not Working: Here is How to Fix It

The technical know-how of this post is for you to know what you are doing. At first, you don’t need to visit a repair shop. I don’t really like wasting money unnecessarily. Trying some steps to see whether they will be a way out isn’t bad at all. So, when you are experiencing this, just take your time to do what I did and you will be good and your smartphone will be back to normal.

Upgrade your Android OS

Don’t be too fast to conclude that your device has spoiled. The only thing you may have to do maybe, upgrading your device Android OS. And you are good. Android has rolled out over 5 updates. Starting from Android 2.1, and currently on Android 8.0 (Android O).

Now, you need to note that upgrading your Android to the latest OS requires a fast internet connection. As a matter of fact, it is of advice for you to use Wi-Fi because you are going to download a huge file.

When I tried to upgrade my Infinix hot 3 OS, I wasted over 1GB worth of data, yet I was unable to download the complete file.

Android Hotspot not working

So, if you ever think of the best way to solve Android hotspot not working on any Android devices, think of your current Android OS. Whether it’s the latest version or not. And or if there is an upgraded version for your device.

Actually, at this point my device Hotspot became normal. But there are still some other valuable means to resolve Hotspot not tethering on your smartphone.

Just after now we will both rock mind together on how to make sure your device Hotspot opens and that, it doesn’t close or off when you try to connect it to your computer (PC or Desktop).

How do you upgrade your OS

To upgrade your Android OS, you may want to go to settings, scroll down the page and click on about phone. After which you will have to click on system update. If there is an update available for your current OS you will be asked to upgrade.

And if you are running the current OS you will as well be told which means that it’s not your OS that is currently causing your inability to use your hotspot as Wi-Fi for wirelessly enabled devices.

Clear your Android Partition Cache

The above procedure is easy and direct. But this, there is a level of technical know how that is really needed. Please if you cannot follow simple instruction don’t use this method so that you will not complicate things all in the name of try to solve your Android phone hotspot not working when you try to connect it with another Wi-Fi enabled device (s).

In a nutshell, the process below requires wiping your phone cache to see whether it will help solve the problem. Sometimes, too much of caches on your device may start making your device malfunctioning. And some of the common problems include Hotspot not working, a device running slow, a device running out of storage. So, when you clear your device cache, you do not only solve Android hotspot not working problem you also provide free more space on your device.

To do this you need to move your phone to the recovery mode. Following the steps below you will be able to move your device to recovery mode and at the same time be able to solve Hotspot or Wireless not working itch on your Android phone.

1. Power OFF your Android phone by pressing the power off button

2. Press and hold the Power OFF button and volume up/down depending on your phone configuration. In most cases, it is power off and volume key up. This combination will take you to your phone recovery mode.

3. From the list of options, use volume up and volume down button to navigate the page and scroll to wipe partition cache and then click on power button to select it.

4. Do not press the power button until you see Cache wipe complete otherwise, your device may run into a problem. The press the power button to restart your device.

With this techniques, you should be able to restore Android hotspot not working to its working state. After that try to switch on your hotspot and see whether it’ll restore to normal settings and begin to function well.

Note: Clearing partition caches on your phone does not affect your phone settings. The only thing it does it to free some spaces on your device and help reset some of the malfunctioning features on your phone.

Note: This option doesn’t work on most Infinix phones. As a matter of fact when I tried to boot into my Infinix Hote Note 3 below is what I saw.

Android hotspot not working

No command! This means that I couldn’t find my way to the phone recovery mode option and as a such, no way to clear phone partition cache.

This actually works on other phone but on Infinix models I have at my disposal, it doesn’t work at all. So, consider the first option or try the next option to see whether the Android hotspot not working on your mobile phone will be rectified.

Load Your Phone From Safe Mode

Accessing your phone from safe mode is another method you want to try. At first, this doesn’t provide a solution to hotspot problem on your Android phone rather it reveals whether it’s a third party app problem or not. When you boot your phone into a safe mode option and discovered that your phone hotspot is working effectively, then the Android hotspot not working as expected may be as a result ofthe third-party app causing conflict on your device.

The way to safe mode on your phone may differ from the phone I’m currently using. But all you need to do is find your way into your phone safe mode and try your hotspot whether it’ll stop auto off. But conventionally, when you want to boot your phone into safe mode you press and hold the power button until the power off option pops up, and then asked whether you boot your device into a safe mode.

Here is a post compiled by XDA forum on how to boot the most Android phone into a safe mode. Please kindly check it out for your phone procedure.

Uninstall Suspicious Apps (Third party apps)

With lots of handy Android apps outside there you may want to rock your Android device to the fullest. And of course, you may fall prey to malware when installing all sorts of an app that comes your way and proved to be the best app you could ever use on your smartphone.

If you are fond of installing apps from unknown sources, such as apk app you are likely going to fall victim of Android hotspot not working if your device mistakenly caught in cold hand of malware. In most cases, the best way to control malware access your device is using Android anti-virus. But once you device contacted any form of a virus, the only way out is to wipe off your device and rest it to factory settings.

But before we get to reset your smartphone to help resolve Android hotspot stopped working you may have to check through your list of apps and uninstall all suspicious apps.

This step alone can save you from the havoc of exposing your files, documents, logins etc to hackers via malware. So, the next thing you want to do is go into your app menu and check whether there is something you need to remove unconditionally.

In some cases, you will have to force stop some third-party apps before they can stop. And also, we have encountered a situation whereby the only way out is to boot your Android phone into a safe mode before we can uninstall the specific app.

Following the procedure, you should be able to boot your smartphone into a safe mode and from there uninstall any stubborn app from your phone.

Now, to force stop Android apps on your phone softly click on settings and click on apps. Navigate to the page and click on the app you want to uninstall and then click on force stop. Accept the pops up to force stop the app and it will remove the app from your apps list and you are done.

While this is not a guaranteed method that your Android hotspot will continue working yet it really worth tries since there is no harm in trying.

Edit Wi-Fi Settings

This is another way to fix hotspot problem on your Android phone. Technically, your phone hotspot should come back to live and start working effectively. If this problem persists, consider editing your phone Wi-Fi.

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > uncheck Avoid poor connection (option available on some devices).

Also clear phone hotspot caches

Go to Settings > Manage Apps > Hotspot Shield. In the App info screen, tap Clear data.

Format Your Smartphone

We all know when Android hotspot not working pop up, you can no longer use the mobile phone as a Wi-Fi for other devices. While this is the last solution to help fix your Android hotspot problems and other related problems to your phone, including virus issue this is also not recommended if you don’t know what you are doing.

When you factory reset or wipe off your phone it means that you are clearing everything on your phone and you are bringing it back to its default state. This action will delete everything on your phone including your phone contact stored on phone, all installed apps if not moved to SDcard, photos, movies, music, logins, and above all reset your phone configuration.

Although this procedure work perfect for the issue at hand “Android hotspot not working” but you have to think twice before you embark on it.

Also, before you even decide whether you will format your phone or not, please back up your device to your memory card.

There are two ways to format your smartphone. You can do that via cmd and of course via the phone settings. While formatting via cmd is preferred to phone settings you may still want to try both to see whether you are good with what you want to achieve formatting your phone.

Note: This method instantly restored my device hotspot back to normal but start malfunctioning again after a couple of months. For Samsung users here is how to move your files from phone to your SDcard when the need arises.

With all these methods, one should work for your phone and you should be able to resolve “Android hotspot not working” on your device afterward.

The first method works for me when I needed it the most but you may also what to try others if what works for me doesn’t work for you.

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