How to Download WhatsApp APK for Android Phone

Download WhatsApp APK for Android phone. Do you want to download WhatsApp APK installer and install it on your Android phone? Do you know how to install APK WhatsApp on Android phone when you don’t want to use official WhatsApp beta? This post will provide the full details on how to install APK WhatsApp such as GBWhatsApp.

The APK WhatsApp is a mod WhatsApp app with more and unique function compared to the WhatsApp beta. A good example of the APK WhatsApp app is the GBWhatsApp will tons of feature such as save WhatsApp status, PIN WhatsApp user to the top of your WhatsApp account, lock WhatsApp call record, use a different picture as your WhatsApp wallpaper on different users on your WhatsApp account.

The fun with the WhatsApp APK is that you can install WhatsApp official beta and still download the WhatsApp APK. Without parallel space app, you can use WhatsApp APK on your Android phone with official WhatsApp beta app.

There are two different ways to install APK app on Android phone. The two approaches will be used to download and Install WhatsApp APK on your Android phone in this post. I’ll advise you bookmark this post so that you can also visit this page to learn more about how to install WhatsApp APK on your Android phone with WhatsApp beta installed.

Enable Installed From Unknown Sources

Google does not allow direct install of APK apps on Android phones. Google requires that users should know what they are doing when they intend to install apps from unknown sources such as installing APK app. However, to download and Install WhatsApp APK you must acknowledge that you know what you are doing by telling Android OS to let you install apps that are not from Play Store. Meanwhile, you do not need to enable the unknown source to install from Google store.

For the novice, here is how to authorize Android phone to install apps that are not downloaded from Google play store.

1. Go to your “Android phone settings” and click on “Security”

Download WhatsApp APK

2. Scroll down to “Devices Administrator” and enable “Unknown sources

Download WhatsApp APK

3. Click OK to accept the warning from the popup

Download WhatsApp APK

Once you have successfully allowed your device to install apps from unknown sources then we can go ahead to download WhatsApp APK and start to install it.

How to Download WhatsApp APK for Android Phone

To download and Install WhatsApp APK you must first enable install from unknown source as explained above.

1. Download the latest WhatsApp APK from “APK Mirror

2. Click on the downloaded “WhatsApp APK”

3. Click “Install” from the popup.

4. Enter a new “Mobile Number” different from “WhatsApp Beta” number

5. Follow the onscreen instruction to set up your WhatsApp account.

The best WhatsApp APK to download is GBWhatsApp with a lot of features. Here is a complete guide to downloading a GBWhatsApp.

How to Download WhatsApp APK for Android Phone with APK Installer

APK installer is an Android app to download and manage APK apps on Android phone. With APK installer you can upgrade APK app to the latest version, clear APK app caches, send APK apps, remove APK apps and download and install new APK app directly on your Android phone.

Meanwhile, with the APK installer, you don’t need to allow installation from unknown source, the installer takes care of the unknown source and does the needful to make sure you are able to download and Install WhatsApp APK app on your Android phone without interfering with official WhatsApp beta.

Links to Download WhatsApp APK apps

Here are the available links to all WhatsApp APK files in 2018…

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WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.118 beta

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.117 beta

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.116 beta

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.115 beta

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.114 beta

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