How to Fix Error Code 90 in Wyze

If you are using a Wyze product, one of the few things you need to be aware of is it constant errors that come either while setting it up newly or while using it. If you are using a Wyze product, one of the few things you need to be aware of is it constant errors that come either while setting it up newly or while using it.

Although Wyze produces very affordable smart products for users, when compared to other brands,

If you have a Wyze cam device, among the errors you are likely to come across are error code 90 Wyze, wyze error code 1, and wyze error code 68. 

All these errors are connections based errors that are caused by problems like poor Wi-Fi signal, unstable internet, etc.

However, if you are specifically stuck with the device offline (error code 90) issue, I will be breaking down the things you need to do if you want to get it resolved quickly.

But before we proceed lets, understand the various instances that lead to an error code 90 wyze.

Instances that Causes an Error code 90 WyzeError Code 90 Wyze 55

While you are using your Wyze cam device, you are most likely going to experience an error code 90 wyze while doing any of these

  • During a live stream on your Wyze cam device 
  • Just after setting up a Wyze cam device on your Wyze app
  • While you are using the camera on your phone just after setting it up.
  • As soon as you’ve carried out simple troubleshooting.

Now that we are aware of the instances that usually lead to an error code 90 wyze issue, here’s how we are going to fix it.

How to Fix Error Code 90 Wyze

Since you’ve tried a handful of steps before getting to this website and you are asking your “how do I fix error code 90” maybe you are a bit frustrated and you feel you’ve tried quite a lot of things out there below I will be exposing you to virtually all the steps you can take to troubleshoot your error code 90 wyze issues.

Moving on, let me break down all the possible steps to fix the Wyze error code 90.

Check the Internet Connection

If the internet connection is unstable, it could also cause an error code 90 wyze issues

Now, to confirm if your internet is good to go here are a few things you need to do.

Ensure that your wifi router in use isn’t too distant from your Wyze cam device 

If the distance is the issue due to the way you’ve decided to set it up you can get a Wi-Fi Extender to extend your wireless connection across a longer distance, you can learn how to set it up here.

If not bring it closer, and then, power off your router then waits for 2-3 minutes before you power it on.

After doing that connect your Wyze camera to your Wyze app.

Now, ensure the camera LED light displays a solid blue light, if it does the internet connection is Okay.

What the lights mean based on their colors

  • Solid Yellow – The camera is powered and initiating
  • Flashing yellow – the camera is ready to connect
  • Flashing Yellow/Blue – Connection is in progress
  • Flashing blue – The camera is connected and ending the setup
  • Solid blue – the camera is working perfectly

Moving on.

Check your Router’s Frequency

Error Code 90 Wyze 55

You have to ensure that you are connected to a 2.4GH frequency on your router.

In a scenario where you don’t know your router frequency, you can always get the info by visiting your router IP address (which is usually on the body of the router)

Moving on, if the error code 90 Wyze issue persists try the next step.

Check the Firewall Settings

The connection between your Wyze Cam and the router can be blocked by your router firewall, if you are faced with this or you want to confirm if this isn’t the issue, log in to your Wi-Fi utility site and confirm the firewall settings and see if any rules will get it activated

In addition to those other issues that could cause wyze error code 90 is:

Interference of the Wi-Fi signal

A 2.4GHz frequency is prone to interference, and your Wyze cam device only works s with that frequency. To resolve this issue you can move your router to another occasion with little to no interference with your Wyze cam in addition to that you can adjust the wireless channel router setting to manual.

But, you need to see which one works for you

However, if the issues persist, then you should try the next step

Update and Re-Install the Wyze cam Firmware

In some scenarios, you might have to reinstall the Wyze cam firmware.

But before you do that you want to ensure that you are using the latest version of the Wyze app. if not simply update it via the play store here if you are using an Android device or App Store if you are using an iOS device here.

Once you are using the latest version, go over to update the device firmware by following the steps below

  • Launch the app
  • Next, go to Update firmware, you should see that under the Device Details page 
  • Now, confirm if the camera is up to date. If not update it.

Moving on, remove and re-add the camera again by following these steps:

  • Launch the Wyze app 
  • On the Wyze app locate and tap on the “gear ” icon
  • Once you see the device and settings, select “Delete Camera” which you can see at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, tap “yes”
  • Next, the camera LED light will blink which indicates that the camera isn’t connected.

Now, to get it connected, press the reset button at the camera side while holding it down till you hear “ready to connect” – takes less than 30 seconds of pressing

  • Moving on, go ahead to add a camera, by going to New Device > Wyze cam on your Wyze app
  • Now, enter your Wi-Fi Credentials.
  • Next, scan the QR code on your Wyze camera using simply using your smartphone.

Once you’ve done that, you should see the live picture on the screen.

However, if this error persists Power cycle the Camera.

Power cycle Wyze camera 

If you want to power cycle the Wyze camera device. Follow these steps below.

  • Get the Wyze cam Plug out from its power source
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then connect it back
  • Now, insert the Wyze cam plug into the power source.
  • Check, if the error code 90 Wyze issue is now fixed

Note: Power cycle also works if you have a Wyze error code 1 issue.

Let’s proceed.

Moving forward, if you’ve tried everything above, with no success this option should work out for you.

Flash the Firmware

Your Wyze cam comes with a particular firmware, but as time goes on maybe after performing a certain update, you start noticing this particular error, which might be caused by the current firmware bugs, etc. you can flash it to a stable version by following the steps below.

To Reflash your Wyze Cam with your micro SD card:

since your Wyze cam is giving you an error code 90 wyze issue the only way you can flash firmware into it is by doing it manually using your memory card

To flash it:

  • First and foremost, your SD card has to be formatted as FAT or FAT32. Else, it won’t work.
  • Moving on, get a Card reader and put your SD card into it.
  • Now, insert the card reader into your PC/Laptop. (it’s more preferred to do it on a PC device than a phone)
  • After doing that visits the Wyze cam firmware site here to download another firmware version (choose the right product for your Wyze cam)
  • Now rename the downloaded file as “demo.bin” strictly using that name.
  • Get the file you just renamed and copy it to your Micro SD card.
  • Now, ensure your camera is turned OFF as you insert the Micro SD card in the Wyze Cam slot
  • Now, turn on your Wyze cam device.
  • Long press the reset button on the camera until you hear the word “Read to connect” now releases the reset button (it could take 30 seconds)
  • Now, a yellow would start blinking on the Wyze camera’s LED light 
  • Finally, add the camera to the Wyze app.

Once you’ve been able to successfully do this, the error code 90 Wyze issues should be resolved.

Note: if you are stuck with a Wyze error code 68, updating your firmware helps to resolve it.

Related Questions

How do I resolve a Wyze error code 1?

If you are stuck with a Wyze error code 1 a quick fix to it is to Force close the Wyze app and then power cycle the Wyze camera

Other Wyze error codes: Quick Troubleshoot

Error CodesQuick Trouble shoot
Wyze error code 42
Connection failed (error code 42)
Kindly connect your mobile device to a different network or try again.
Wyze error code  20011
Connection has timed out (error code 20011)
Try it again 
Wyze error code  60
Server not responding (error code 60)
Ensure you have stable internet. 
Wyze error code  41
Network is unreachable (error code 41)
Check your network settings.
Wyze error code  10003.7
Authentication failed (error code 10003.7)
Try it again 
Wyze error code  10003
Authentication failed (error code 10003)
Try it again Wyne
Wyze error code  20002
Connection failed (error code 20002)
Kindly force close app the Wyze app and try again 
Wyze error code  27 (iOS only)
Connection has timed out (error code 27)
Change Connect your mobile device to a different network or try again. 
Wyze error code  0 (iOS only)
Connection failed (error code 0)
Change the network of your mobile device or try again.
Wyze error code  2
Connection failed (error code 2)
Check your network connection. 
Wyze error code 1/68 and any other codes
Connection failed
If you are stuck with a Wyze error code 1 a quick fix to it is to Force close the Wyze app and then power cycle the Wyze camera


After going through this article, you should have discovered, more ways to troubleshoot this, issue. If you haven’t tried it and let’s know which of them worked for you?

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