Express VPN Review 2022

ExpressVPN review. I am compelled to write a review on ExpressVPN having spent days using the VPN service and was wondering why the 30 days money-back guarantee?

It’s common to want to get your money back when the service you pay for isn’t worth it but, also, it is normal not to return back money on a product purchased when you discover that the service you render is the best of its kind.

Wehn you talk about VPN, ExpressVPN is just one of them. However, I have chosen ExpressVPN with the fact that they offer a 30 days money back but the service beat my imagination when I got more than what I paid for even within the 30 days money-back period. However, this ExpressVPN review.

This is not about 30 days in Atlanta with Mercy Johnson, Desmond Elliot, Ayo Makun, Ramsey Nouah, and other. It’s a verdict on 30 days journey using ExpressVPN with the unbelievable VPN service in the area of VPN speed, reliability, privacy, and customer service.

Having spent some good number of days using ExpressVPN to maintain my online privacy, unblock websites that are blocked and with unbelievable experience, you will learn every nooks and cranny of the reason why ExpressVPN has no comparison with other VPNs in this article.

The only downside you may notice about this VPN is the fact that the price is not for budget users who need the best VPN service provider. You have to pay for what you want if you really want it.

ExpressVPN was initially launched in 2009 and within a decade the company has risen to the best VPN in the area of the combination of speed, reliability, privacy, and customer service. The fact that ExpressVPN is not the cheapest service you will see out there, you will enjoy every minute of your money using the service.

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With the VPN service currently extended to 148 locations in 94 countries with unlimited streaming, unblocking websites, hiding IP, kill switch, split tunneling, VPN protocols, zero-knowledge DNS, and best-in-class Encryption, then, this revealed that the VPN provider is growing exponentially.

Within the 30 days money back period, ExpressVPN is one of the few reliable VPN service providers to bypass websites that are blocked in countries like China and the UAE.

ExpressVPN Review

For a journey of 30 days with ExpressVPN to be so convincing that it’s the best VPN we ever spent our money on and never think of the 30-days-money-back guarantee feature, below is the explicit reason why ExpressVPN is the best VPN service provider.

Featuring and Pricing

Like I said earlier, users on a budget will find this intimidating and perhaps, not been able to use the best VPN ever. If you are going for a monthly subscription, the monthly charge is as high as $12.95 per month.

This means that you will be charged $12.95 every month. However, for a bulk subscription for a minimum of 1 year, you can get a monthly plan subsidize to  $8.32 per month.

ExpressVPN review

When compared with other VPN service providers you discover that ExpressVPN is more expensive. However, if you need the best VPN and don’t think of price, ExpressVPN is always the best in the hood with different payment methods which include credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and several third-party payment gateways.

Meanwhile, ExpressVPN automatically chooses the best protocol on the user’s behalf which is OpenVPN over UDP. But for a guru, once you know what you want from ExpressVPN you can go ahead.

However, the latest update on ExpressVPN added a new feature called “network lock” which will eventually lock all internet service and protect your privacy when you lost connection with the VPN. This implies that with ExpressVPN network lock you will still maintain the same privacy until you get yourself back online. Here is Express VPN latest coupon code on a friendship deal.

ExpressVPN Setup

This feature set ExpressVPN aside and different from others. The number of devices you can use ExpressVPN on depends on your subscription. However, for a year subscription, you can use the VPN on three devices at the same time.

To setup Express VPN, you first need to download and install the installer package for the devices and enter the activation code which you will see when you log into your ExpressVPN account.

ExpressVPN review activation code

However, once the VPN is activated, then you are good to go. For a more convenient setup, a user can tweak the service settings like sharing your data anonymously to help improve the service.

Now, launch the VPN after full installation and connect to your desired location. For instance, if you are blocked from watching Afdah movies you can check through the country IP that’s blocked in your region and connect to a country where the movie’s site is not blocked and continue streaming with ExpressVPN.

The activation process for all devices is the same. You will be required to activate each device using the custom activate code you can get on your ExpressVPN dashboard.

Unblock Netflix With ExpressVPN

This is where ExpressVPN got it right. While I was preparing for this ExpressVPN review, I read a lot about ExpressVPN and Netflix, whether ExpressVPN can unblock Netflix and stream in HD.

Yes! ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix with ease but only on some selected server. This not by default like other websites where you just need to connect with your Express VPN, choose your prefer location and navigate back to the website to connect.

However, to protect users interest and to divert Netflix attention from ExpressVPN that you can easily watch blocked movies on Netflix using ExpressVPN, ExpressVPN makes it in such as way that users are to contact ExpressVPN custom service via live chat for the list of servers that currently work with Netflix for free stream.

ExpressVPN Server Performance

ExpressVPN currently supports over 94 countries with over 1,500 active service with an incredible performance so to say. To better the whole scenario, ExpressVPNbandwidthh and server switches are unlimited.

While I was using the VPN with Netflix I stream with 1080p video without wasting time for buffering and the VPN play the fastest games online without a single lag. In fact, you can’t record a leak of lag whatsoever.

However, while the only issue I have using Netflix streaming online in terms of performance is after a couple of hours, like 8-9 hours without a break there used to be a short time drop in connection due to heavy usage but this doesn’t affect my bandwidth.

While this is not a problem for a user who spent less than 9 hours at a stretch, you need to take not so that when it almost happens you will know that it’s not an unusual problem.

ExpressVPN Security Encryption

Before we choose to go for ExpressVPN and even write the ExpressVPN review, the security encryption was a priority and we were not disappointed with what we know about the service. However, the Express VPN in incorporated in the British Virgin Islands which place the VPN provider not to be liable to any legal jurisdiction of law enforcement agencies like the NSA and GCHQ.

All OpenVPN traffic–the default protocol–is encrypted with a 256-bit AES algorithm, which is as good as it gets for consumer-level transfer security. This implies that if you are using the ExpressVPN app then the security settings cannot be altered if you are good with the connection rate. The only way this can be altered is when you try to seek a faster connection.

The good thing about ExpressVPN security is that the VPN doesn’t keep activity logs or monitor user activity like my Activity in Google search feature which even after clearing browsing history and caches my activity isn’t touched.

While the user’s log and activity are not monitored users may choose to save a copy to a local computer and share it if the need arises but ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs or monitor user activity.

There is no need to backdate or use a different date when using ExpressVPN. The VPN doesn’t track the date you connect to the server, the server you use, the location you connected from or the time you connect to the server, and even the amount of data transferred.

ExpressVPN Customer Service

A company with poor customer service provider doesn’t worth a penny from your hard earned money, sorry to say. With the user-friendly interface and none-interfering with users logs and activity, you will bearly contact ExpressVPN customer service despite offering a 24 hours customer service every day.

However, the customer service via live chat or email is not meant for customers alone. In fact, you don’t have to be a customer to use the VPN customer service for questions and inquiry.

From research, according to BestVPN, it was recorded that the average customer service response was a mere 15 seconds. ExpressVPN deserver some accolade.

The only thing that is missing when you want to contact ExpressVPN customers support is phone number. However, with live chat and email contact, you can easily get in touch with the space-time of 15 seconds.

Our ExpressVPN Review Verdict

When you want to buy a VPN service always put into consideration what is important like customer support, your logs and activity monitor, P2P, and others. However, over the last few weeks, ExpressVPN has proved to be the best VPN in the market with no single competitor.

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