How to Send Birthday Greeting Cards on Facebook

With hundreds of friends celebrating Birthday on Facebook daily, how do you wish them a happy birthday? How do you put a smile on their faces on this wonderful day of their lives? Do even send a physical greetings cards or a voice message or do you even care to play a music in your room and dedicate it to them for their birthday wishes? Well, before you post your mind to answer these question, let me ask you again whether you have heard of “Facebook Birthday Cards” as the warmest way to wish Facebook friends a happy birthday by sending a greeting cards to them wishing them a happy birthday directly on Facebook and to their private email address in case you can get to their specific location.

Birthday is just ones in a year, and it really worth more to some why so doesn’t see anything spectacular about the birthday celebration. Some prefer to celebrate a holiday and have fun, get-together-party, relationships, and the likes. However, the “Facebook birthday cards” make it very easy to send birthday greeting cards from Facebook to the celebrant as a message, to the celebrant timeline, and to the celebrant email address.

Facebook birthday cards

How to Send Facebook Birthday Cards to a Celebrant

To send Facebook birthday cards from your profile to the celebrant kindly follow the procedure below to make a history in their birthday date celebration.

1. Log into your Facebook account and access your Facebook profile

2. In the Facebook search box in your profile type “Facebook birthday cards” or ” Birthday & Greeting Cards”

3. Select the category that describes birthday cards from the drop menu or scrolls through the page and selects a thumbnail that best describes birthday  & greeting cards

4. Click on the greeting cards thumbnail to preview all the available cards under it and to be able to read the message written on each of the cards

5. Accept the birthday cards privacy and accept the pop-up from the birthday app to access your profile but you can edit the app option in access your profile and other related information after which you then click on Continue.

6. Search and select the name of the friend celebrating birthday that you want to send birthday cards

7. Enter your own personal birthday message if you have one in mind in the field provided by the Facebook birthday app

8. Preview the card and read through the birthday greetings in the message section to check everything is OK

9. Click “send via Facebook” to send the Birthday Cards you created to the celebrant

The Facebook greeting cards app is the best way to send Facebook Birthday cards to a celebrant otherwise, a Chrome extension does a perfect job as to send a birthday wishes to Facebook friends and make them feel elated and proud of on their birthday.

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