How to Go Live on Facebook with Your Fans

Do you find the Facebook live streaming on your Facebook app fun or appalling? If you are building an audience network, Facebook is the right place to start, using the platform live stream feature where your fans and subscribers will follow your discussion from start to the end.

Lice streaming on Facebook is more like SnapChat or Skype live chat. However, the platform live streaming offers a more befitting algorithm to have a conversation with as many as possible number of fans at the same times sharing tips and tricks with them on a particular topic. When going live on Facebook, all your subscribers will be seeing you live all over the world.

So, if you have a brand to market on Facebook without running Facebook ads you can use the Facebook live stream and talk to your audience. Meanwhile, you have to build a very strong audience and great marketing strategy to talk to your client else you will possibly lose the largest audience your business deserves if you are unable to convince them at the first encounter.

However, before you go live on Facebook let take a look at some tips to have the best out of your Facebook live chat with your audience.

How to Get the Best from Facebook Live Streaming

This depends on the purpose of your live chat. But, you will want to get the best out of it and get the best possible audience to listen to you and ask you some great questions relating to your conversation, however, before you audience starts watching your Facebook live streaming here are some expert tips you should put it place.

1. Notify your Fans about your Live Broadcast

When you notify your fans ahead of time that you will be broadcasting at a particular time you will have a high possibility to prepare more than enough fan to watch your live video. It’s more appropriate to give at least a day notice to your followers.

2. Go Live With Strong Internet Connection

This is the only way to keep your fans with you while you go live with them. Because, without strong internet connection your followers and viewers will not be able to enjoy the conversation, otherwise, you will lose most of your listener with time. If you can’t get 4G to go live make sure you have a 4G network or at least 3.75H network.

3. Catchy Description Tittle still Works

You need a catchy description that will attract a lot of audience to your live video otherwise only a limited people of fans who are so keen about the discussion that will stick with you. But, with a catchy description title, you will attract more audience.

4. Aks Viewers Favour by Subscribing to Notification

You only need to do this once. Once you are able to convince your viewers and they followed you they will be notified automatically when next you go live on Facebook.

5. Address Commenter Formally

To keep your viewers you need to learn to address them formally. If a viewer commented on your video, endeavor to reply to the comment formally by mentioning the commenter’s name. This may mean nothing to you but it looks formal and the commenter will feel recognized.

6. The Longer the Better

If you want to capture a large audience you have to talk for a longer time. It cost nothing it only cost your time to stay for a while so that more people will join your live video. If you are not a celebrity, to attract thousands of viewers will amount to spending more time than expected. Since you can go live on Facebook for a maximum of 4 hours, staying live on Facebook video streaming for at least 10-15 minutes is not bad to pull a larger audience.

7. Close your Live Video like an Expert

A good closing remark worth your time as this is the last thing your listener will listen to this at last and that will linger in their memory. Show a kind of gesture that you appreciate their time and you will love to have them with you next time you go live.

How to Watch Facebook Live Streaming Online

There are various ways to watch live video on Facebook. You can watch a live stream video on Facebook on a desktop computer, on Android using Facebook Android app and on iOS devices. So, irrespective of your gadget, you will still have direct access to Facebook live video streaming.

Nevertheless, here in this article, we will share with you how to watch live videos on Facebook on a desktop as well as on Android phone.

How to Go Live on Facebook Live Streaming

For non-Android phone users and non-iOS users, here is the simple step you need to take to go live on Facebook sharing video, information, tips, tutorial, and tricks.

1. Open any browser and log in to your Facebook account or create a new Facebook account

2. Open another tab and visit “” and click on “Go Live”

How to Go Live on Facebook Live Streaming

3. With a strong internet connection, you will go live from the wherever you are in the whole-wide-world. Meanwhile, you need a webcam and microphone [computer mic will do] to go live on Facebook.

4. Set your computer webcam and microphone and then click on “connect” once you have previewed the video and see that it look cool and your network isn’t breaking.

How to Go Live on Android and iOS Devices

It’s very easy to go live on the Facebook app without visiting the Facebook [] live streaming page on your phone. However, you can use the Facebook live streaming feature on your smartphone when you load the Facebook full site on Android or iOS device using mobile browsers.

1. Launch the Facebook mobile app on your Android or iOS devices and click on “What’s on your mind”?

2. Select “Go Live” from the popup

Facebook Live Streaming

3. If this is your first time of going live on Facebook you will be prompted to allow camera and microphone on your phone by clicking on “Allow” button to accept the option.

Facebook Live Streaming

4. Click on “Allow” to allow Facebook to record audio

5. Click on “Start Live Video”

Facebook Live Streaming

Here you go, you will be live with your subscribers and viewer on Facebook

Where you able to go live on Facebook using the Facebook live streaming feature? Kindly leave a comment below. Next, I’ll show you how to create Facebook stream key if you were unable to create one when you try to go live reading this post.

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