How To Make Chrome Default Browser on Android

The best way to enjoy your Android phone is to play around with the phone settings. If you can’t try things with your phone you will be stalked with someone else idea. Like how to make Chrome default browser on Android is an idea you need to intensify yourself.

Most Android phone manufacturing companies have their own browsers which they will pre-installed on your phone and set as your default browser. To change the default browser you need to know your way around your phone.

Nothing is wrong with using a manufacturing browser as your Android default browser though but the moment the browser failed to meet your browsing demand then it worth removing and install a viable browser of your choice. Here is how to remove pre-installed apps on Android phones

To save more space on your Android phone endeavor to remove unwanted pre-installed apps like pre-installed browser since you already have another browser of your choice installed on your phone already. Meanwhile, if you don’t know which browser to download and make default on your Android phone here I considered listing all popular browsers for Android in 2018 just check it out.

Meanwhile, before you start installing browsers for Android phone checkmate your phone memory using Google Datally. Our Google Datally review will surprise you!

How To Make Chrome Default Browser on Android

The process to make Chrome default browser on Android phone differs from phone to phone. If you are using Xiaomi you will likely see installed before apps or combination of the two words depending on how your phone manufacturer configure your phone settings. For this article, I’ll use an Infinix Mobile as a you can follow the same approach on your Android phone.

1. Swipe down your phone screen and click on the Settings Gear Icon

2. Scroll down your phone settings’ page and click on Apps under device

How To Make Chrome Default Browser on Android

3. Click on the gear icon to the upper right of the list of installed apps on your phone

How To Make Chrome Default Browser on Android


4. Under Advanced click on Default Apps

5. Under Default App select Browser app and select Chrome from the pop-up

Congratulations you have changed your phone default browser to Chrome. Meanwhile, if you already have a pre-set default browser on your Android phone the new settings will override it and make Google Chrome your default browser.

This post depicts how to make Chrome default browser on Android phones, please if you know other approaches to set Chrome as default browser on Android phone endeavor to share it with us via the comment section.

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