How to Search for People on Facebook

Facebook is more than just a platform where you meet new and old friends, exchange phone number, and become intimate friends or otherwise. For business tycoon, Facebook is a platform to reach their targets audience to boost sales. Also, for law enforcement agency, you can track Facebook users and for internet guru, you can use the Facebook search to do unimaginable things.

Most especially, when you want to find people online, social media should be your targets as people use social media every day. You can use Instagram search to find people you know that are on the platform.

Twitter search is also another means of searching for people and other information around the world. However, Instagram seems to be the next target after TikTok which is a leading company in China.

This is not to say that Facebook on its own is losing relevancy to meet people’s demand on a daily basis.

What is Facebook Search?

When you log into your Facebook account whether on the Facebook app or Facebook lite app or on a desktop or tap. You will notice a search button on top of your profile which serves a purpose you probably don’t really know much about.

However, the Facebook search serves as a means to find people, co-workers, classmates, company’s name, Facebook pages, videos, company names, email, users phone number, etc on Facebook.

When you search for any information using the search option on your Facebook account you will be presented with a search result that best matches the information you searched for and an option to further expand your search in an advanced form.

If you have been using this search option before you’d probably know there is more to learn about the Facebook search features and how best to explore this Facebook option.

Use Facebook Search to Find People

The most important feature of this option is to find people you have long lost contact with and you are willing to reunite yourself with again. For this, we present to you amazing ways to use Facebook to find people.

1. Find Facebook User’s Profile

Facebook is very much aware that people’s profile is very important and as such, the network has a page designated for users profile where you can easily search for your friends and family using their name, email, nickname, phone number, and other information you know about them that they have provided to Facebook filling their account profile form.

2. Friend’s Friend

Another option to jump at on Facebook is the Facebook feature that says People you may Know which brings up friends suggestion from your friends who are friends with those you are not friends with.

When Facebook bring this friend suggestion box you can simply click on it and start searching for your friend list of friends to see if the person you are possibly searching for is a friend to some of your friends.

This provides quick access to see whether your friends have in their list the person you are searching for on Facebook.

3. Link your Phone Contact to Facebook

If you are not using this feature on FB app or FB lite app to sync your Facebook contact to your Facebook account you are probably missing out a good chance to contact your old friends.

If you have not done that It’s high time you do that. Don’t forget to disable SMS option so that Facebook won’t take charge of your SMS whenever you receive an SMS from a phone number stored on your phone or not.

4. Find your Classmate on Facebook

Facebook Search

I quickly jumped into this when I saw that I can reunite with my old classmate using the Facebook search once again to bring back the good old days.

However, to use this feature you should be able to still have some information about your old classmate such as name, hometown, current city, high school, college or university, employer, and probably the graduate school.

Once the form is filled correctly, Facebook will bring up information that best matches your query and you can from there reunite with people you have lost contact with again by sending a friend request to them.

5. Find Co-worker on Facebook

You can also use “Facebook find your friends'” option to find your co-worker on Facebook using the Facebook option to search for friends, family, colleagues at work, etc.

If any of your colleague at work ever put his or her information on company’s page on Facebook and by virtue of fate both of you lose contact, you can go back to the company’s page to grab a handful of information about the friend and reconnect with him or her once again.

6. Friend’s page on Facebook

Facebook has a page called “Find Friends” Here you can find your friend using the basic information you know about them. This information could be their name, the email address they are probably using when you guys are still together, a phone number is also a good way to go, etc.

Make sure you provide accurate information as much as you can so as to get the exact match information you are looking for.

7. Explore your Friends information

This is more like a piggyback on your friends’ friends to see whether the person you are searching for is actually one of your friends’ friends.

The new Facebook algorithm makes it easy to see the total number of friends you have in common, and friends’ friends who are on your list as well.

To this end, you can explore the opportunity to search through your friends’ list carefully for the friend or family or old classmate you are searching for.

8. Use Facebook Typeahead

Search for friends on FB

The Facebook Typeahead is another regular Facebook search option you probably don’t pay more attention to. It really worth the whole of your time and save you from the stress of going through the entire process above to find friends on Facebook.

When you are using this Facebook Typeahead feature on Facebook, Facebook usees the feature to search the entire Facebook feature such as video, pages, event, places, groups, apps, etc to gather information about your search.

This could be what you need to find that friend you are searching for the moment you start typing his name into the search box and Facebook brings up information from diverse angles making sure the information provided is reached.

You can use sell all to take a look at the entire information in a roll as FB opens as you scroll down.

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