How to Fake GPS Location on Android Phone

Fake GPS joystick, Mock GPS, Fly GPS, and Tutt App are popular apps to fake locations on Android. These apps leave no trace of your actual location to show the location you faked using the app. When you don’t want to use the Android feature to create a fake GPS location on your phone you can simply use any of these apps, they work very fine.

Android OS has a lot of features and it works depends on individual settings. However, a handy way to make the OS multi-functional is with apps, countless number of apps. This OS is like a WordPress platform where no knowledge of code is required to operate like blogger’s platform.

Everything is done with drag and drop using plugins and already customize themes and plugins. No need to take a coding class to use WordPress as an open source. That is exactly the way the Android OS is. With apps, you can make life better using the open source OS.

So, if you want to fake your GPS location, there are a lot of apps to do that. Yet, there is a simple approach for all Android devices to fake GPS location without apps.

How to Fake GPS Location on Android

The Android location mock feature is not something so hidden. It’s only that, you cannot find the feature to fake your location on GPS when you are not in a developer mode in your device even when you are not a developer. However, to start with, first enable a developer mode in your device.

How to Enable Developer Mode

The procedure to enable developer mode is the same in all Android phones. The procedure is the same on all OS version you are using. In this regard, I am using Android Marshmallow, while the procedure is the same in Android Lollipop, Android Nougat, Android Oero, and Android P.

To enable developer mode >> Settings >> About Phone >> Build Number >> Tap it like 10 times. 

Fake GPS Location

Once this is done, you will see a popup saying you are now a developer. Navigate back to your settings page, and you will see a developer option above about phone option.

Fake GPS Location

The option to fake your location is hidden in the developer mode. That is why it’s necessary to enable the developer’s mode.

To fake GPS location without an app,

  • Go to phone settings
  • Click on developer options
  •  Enable developer’s option
  • Allow permission
  • Select mock location app
  • Select favorite app to mock location 

This procedure will mock your current location to the selected option.

Fake GPS Location

Fake Location’s Destination

After you have selected an app from the pop-up, the mock location will open your phone map for you to pick a location to start showing when you enabled location feature on your device. Now, choose a location for yourself and go to “Set Location” and disable your WiFi so that it’ll not reveal your real location when you ate connected.

Fake GSP LOcation with a ZIP code

You can fake a GPS location with the location’s zip code. Here, you need a spoofing app or apps like Joystick, mock location etc.

Firstly, download and install a spoofing app and launch the app, enter the location you want to display that you are currently and save it. The spoofing app with automatically lock in the location ZIP code and make it your new location.

The reason to want to fake your location with GPS varies for an individual. However, with this trick to fake your location using your phone GPS feature or joystick app to fake your location, it also has its own disadvantage.

While you want to have fun and deceive your friends of the current location you are at a particular time, the entity to fake GPS location makes it extremely difficult to find your phone when you misplaced it even with Google find my phone.

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