Find my Samsung (Track Lost Device)

I know I’m not alone here, but apart from temporarily losing a child in the supermarket, I’ve never been as scared lately as when I thought I lost my phone. You may think this is an exaggeration or a ridiculous comment about modern times but think about everything on our cell phones these days: family photos, business information, credit card, and bank information, and more. 

Luckily, big players like Google and Samsung have built-in features that let you locate, ping, and even wipe your data when needed. I will show you how you can use Find My Mobile from Samsung and Find My Device from Google to control and control your devices, even if they are not in your power.

Find my Samsung

Find your Samsung with Find My Mobile

Google has the same platform for Android devices, called “Google find my phone,” and there’s nothing wrong with that, but Samsung’s service for its own devices offers more functionality. Note: Not all network operators support Find My Mobile.

If you can’t find Find My Mobile on your Galaxy device, your provider may offer its own version, or you can download the Find My Device app from Google from the Play Store. It can even be installed.

To prepare

If you signed in to your Samsung account during the initial setup as mentioned, Find My Mobile is probably already activated.

Check your device by searching for Find my phone in the Settings app. You can also go to Settings> Lock and security screen> Find my phone. When prompted, sign in to your Samsung account to activate the feature.

I also recommend activating all the options associated with the feature. For example, remote controls can be used to force remote backups, get call and message logs, enable battery savers, etc.

Google’s location service provides more accurate location information that is essential for tracking a lost device. Sending the last location will monitor your device’s battery and send the last known location just before the power goes out.

Track the phone

Samsung doesn’t have an app to track a lost device on another phone. Alternatively, you can visit with any mobile or desktop browser. Log in to your account there and select the device you are looking for.

When it is on, you can see the current location and battery percentage of the phone. A pop-up window also offers a number of actions you can execute on the lost device, which include:

  • Ring
  • Lock
  • Erase data
  • Back up
  • Retrieve calls and messages
  • Unlock
  • Extend battery life
  • Set guardian

Most of them are self-explanatory. There are a few that deserve a little more explanation. Call and message retrieval, for example, is synchronized with your phone and shows you the last 50 calls and messages as well as phone numbers.

The “Extend battery” option provides the option that you can track longer. Finally, with the “Set Guardian” option, you can designate a friend or family member as someone who can log in to Find My Mobile on your behalf to track or control your device.

How do I Activate Find My Mobile?

Getting started is as easy as a few clicks. Open Settings and click on the “Biometrics and Security” menu.

From there, press the “Find my phone” option and activate it. You need to enter your Samsung account information, or you can easily create one if you don’t already have one.

You then have the option of selecting various functions, in particular, “Remote Unlock” and “Send the last position”.

Please note that some mobile operators may offer the Google Find My Device service instead of Samsung Find My Mobile in the settings menu. With Find My Device, you simply log in to your Google account. Many of the same features are available in both services

How to Find your Samsung Using Find my Mobile

How to use Samsung Find My Mobile on the Internet to find your Galaxy Phone

  • Enter into your computer’s web browser.
  • Log in to your account. A list of your Samsung devices should appear here, which you can click to see where they are currently located.
  • If you lost your device, you could click on various actions on the right (call, block, track location, delete data, save, restore calls/messages, unlock, extend battery life or define guardians).

Map and location

  • In the navigation on the left, click the Settings link to download or delete personal data.

Find my Samsung

  • Click the 3-dot located to the right of your device name to change the device name or remove it from your account.

Find my Samsung

Remember to bookmark and use a secure, unique, and secure password. The last thing you want if your device is missing is that someone else can access this portal.

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