How To Cancel Xbox Live Subscription [A Step-By-Step-Guide]

Cancel Xbox Live Subscription

It is very easy to cancel Xbox Live subscription, and in this article, we would be showing you how to go about it. No doubt, Xbox has a lot of great benefits such as the free games every month, but it is okay to cancel the subscription if you are tired of the service. Whether you just want to take a break from their service or you are done with the service for life, we would show you how to quickly cancel your subscription so that you don’t get charged again.

How to Cancel Xbox Live Subscription

Asides talking to a customer service rep, the easiest way to cancel Xbox Live subscription is by going through the Xbox Live website. With the site, you can cancel your subscription instantly or turn off recurring subscriptions. You can as well use the site to get a refund for a subscription that you have not used yet. To manage your subscription using their official website, follow our guide below.

  • First, go to the Xbox Live official website here, then you would have to log into your Microsoft account, which is associated with that particular Xbox Live Account.
  • Then select your profile icon, which you would see at the upper right corner of the page.
  • From there, click on Subscriptions.
  • Then, navigate to the Xbox Live Gold section, which is on the Services & Subscription page. However, note that if you are currently subscribed to numerous Microsoft services, then you would have to scroll down. cancel Xbox Live subscription
  • From the Xbox Live Gold section, click on Manage.
  • Then navigate to your Payment settings section and select Cancel.
  • Then you would have the option to choose if you want to end the subscription immediately or not. Once you select the appropriate option, click Next.
  • Note that you might be entitled to a partial refund if you chose immediately in the step above. Also, you would immediately lose all your access to the Xbox Live Gold benefits once you choose the option.
  • Then select Confirm Cancellation.

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Turn off Xbox Live Auto-Renewal

This is recommended if you are currently enjoying the Xbox Live subscription, but you are scared you might forget to cancel when you stop using it eventually. You can proceed to turn off your automatic renewals to prevent that from happening.

Once you do so, you would still be able to enjoy the benefits of the free games that come with your Xbox Live subscription, but you can be rest assured that you would not mistakenly lose money to the subscription when you are no longer interested in the service. Usually, turning off the auto-renewal feature is similar to cancel your subscription. This is because while trying to cancel your subscription, you would be presented with the option to cancel all future payments.

Hence, immediately you turn off the auto-renewal feature, you would still have access to your Xbox Live benefits up until your current subscription ends. In case you are interested in the service after your current subscription ends, you can subscribe again manually. To turn off the auto-renewal feature, follow our guide below.

  • Start by going to the Xbox Live official website here. Then you would log into your Microsoft account, which is associated with that particular Xbox Live Account.
  • Click on your profile on the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Then select Subscriptions.
  • Afterward, navigate to the Payment settings section and select Change.
  • From there, click on Turn off recurring billing. However, you can decide to change your plan to either a monthly or yearly subscription. To do this, select the Switch Plan option instead. cancel Xbox Live subscription
  • Finally, click Confirm cancellation.

What Happens When You Cancel Your Xbox Live Subscription?

Well, once you cancel your subscription, one of these two things happen:

  • If you turned off the auto-renewal, then nothing would be changed on your account immediately. You would still be able to enjoy all the features that come with your Xbox Live account until your current subscription expires.
  • If you cancel your subscription out rightly, then you are likely to receive a partial refund, and then, you would immediately lose access to all the Xbox Live features. This includes the online play feature, the voice chat as well as the Games With Gold feature.

However, you should note that canceling your Xbox Live subscription does not mean that your Xbox account has been canceled. You would still be able to keep a lot of things like your Gamertag, saved game files, achievements, as well as the digital games and downloadable content (DLC) you purchased while using the service.

You should also read on how to set up parental control on Xbox here.


Now, you can easily cancel your Xbox Live subscription outrightly or just turn off the auto-renewal feature. Meanwhile, if you have any challenges following the guide above, let us know in the comments section below.

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