How To Cancel Hulu Subscription: The Quick & Easy Way

It is very easy to cancel Hulu subscription, and we would walk you through the process in this article. You should note that the steps to cancel your Hulu subscription would vary depending on the type of device you use. The way you also signed up for Hulu is also a factor that will determine how it is canceled.

If you had added subscriptions to other services using your Hulu account, then you might have to cancel each of these subscriptions individually. However, in this article, we would be giving you instructions on how to cancel the Hulu streaming service for your Smart TV’s, video game consoles, on your web browser as well as your mobile device. Stick around with us, and we would show you.

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How to Cancel Hulu Subscription

From our experience, below are various methods to follow to end your Hulu subscription.

Cancel Hulu on the Web

Generally, going through your web browser is the easiest way you can cancel your Hulu subscription. Follow the steps below to do this.

  • Begin by going to the Hulu official website on your web browser then select the Log in ion at the top right corner of the page.
  • Once you are logged into your Account, just select your name, which you would see at the top right corner of the window.
  • Then select Account, and this will open a Menu. Hulu
  • On the account menu that pops up, just scroll towards the bottom of the screen and select Cancel.  cancel hulu subscription
  • Then select Continue to Cancel. You should note that Hulu would offer you the option of suspending your subscription without being charged.
  • Hulu might give you additional offers trying to convince you not to cancel but if you still want to proceed to cancel your subscription, just select No then select Cancel Subscription. This will then end your Hulu subscription. Disney Bundle
  • However, you should note that you would still have access to Hulu services until the end of your last paid billing period.

Cancel with your Mobile Device

You should note that you cannot cancel your Hulu subscription on your iPhone despite the fact that they allow you to create an account using an iPhone. The Hulu application for iPhones would direct you to their website to be able to manage your subscription. Luckily, the Hulu app for Android allows you to manage your subscription. Check out the guide below to cancel your Hulu subscription using the Android app.

  • Start by launching the Hulu app then select Account which you would see at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Then enter your password once you get the prompt. cancel Hulu subscription
  • Afterwards, you can select Cancel. Pause or Can your Subscription

Cancel Hulu in iTunes

It is also possible to cancel your Hulu subscription from iTunes with your Apple ID. This works if you linked your Hulu subscription to your Apple ID. This allows you to manage your Hulu account using your iTunes. Follow the steps below to do this.

  • Start by launching your iTunes application and navigating to the Account Menu.
  • Then select the View My account option and log in with your Apple ID when prompted.iTunes approach
  • Navigate to the Settings section and select Manage which you’ll see next to Subscriptions. cancel hulu subscription
  • Then select Edit and you would be taken to a new page where you would be able to cancel your Hulu subscription. Subscriptions

Cancel Hulu on Playstation 4

In case you subscribed to Hulu on your Playstation 4, follow the gude below to cancel the subscription.

  • Go to your Settings on your Playstation home screen.
  • Then select the Account Management option. cancel hulu subscription
  • Afterwards, select Account Information. PlayStation 4
  • Then select the PlayStation Subscriptions where you would be able to manage your Hulu subscription. cancel hulu subscription

Cancel Hulu with Your Cable Company

Luckily, some phone providers would allow you to subscribe to Hulu as an add-on to their normal services. So, if this is the way you subscribed to Hulu, you can cancel the subscription from your Account with your phone providers. To do this, just log into your online Account or you can contact your provider to cancel the service for you.

Cancel HBO, Showtime, or Other Hulu Add-Ons

As an addition to the regular Hulu services, you can also subscribe to the likes of HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax as a part of your normal Hulu monthly bill. In case you want to cancel any of these add-on services without canceling your Hulu subscription, follow the guide below.

  • Start by going to the Hulu official website where you can select your name at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then select Account and scroll to the Subscription section where you can select Manage Add-ons. cancel hulu subscription
  • Finally, click on the add-ons you would like to cancel.

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Now, you can easily cancel your Hulu subscription across various devices. If you have any challenges following this guide, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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